Will Your Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven?

6-Apr, 2021
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Roughly 45 million Americans collectively owe $1.7 trillion in student debt. Many are hoping for student debt relief because the student debt crisis has gotten out of control.
In the past, the US subsidized higher education giving students a chance to work their way through school. But today, a college student working 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job would bring in a total of $15,080 per year - and during the 2019-2020 academic year, college cost $30,017, on average.
In the past 10 years, college costs increased by more than 16% and student debt increased by 99%, which means roughly 70% of college students take out loans to pay for their education.
Approximately $165 billion worth of federal-managed student loans are currently considered in default (typically defined as having gone at least 270 days without making a payment)- and this total may increase once the pause on federal student loan payments expires. Default impacts the financial freedom of borrowers and many may never be able to pay back what they owe.
Now, legislators appear to be seriously considering student debt forgiveness, but what is being proposed and why is it student debt forgiveness so controversial?
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Will Your Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven?

  • Student debt, should be cancelled.!

    Carmen romanCarmen roman8 soat oldin
  • What about all the people who chose not to go to college to get the job of there dreams but instead took out a loan to start a business of their dreams ? Lots of them are in debt to so should we forgive that to ?

    Zodiac SaintZodiac Saint22 soat oldin
  • Deadbeats need to pay their debt

    John MakovJohn Makov2 kun oldin
  • Dropped out of school to take care of sick parents they passed away during the same time I even have papers and death certificates but school loans don't care no bereavement for student loans cant get back in...

    Not StingyNot Stingy2 kun oldin
  • The day Republicans elected a President (trump) who has defaulted on hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, is the day they lost the right to ask us to repay our student loans.

    Traveling ManTraveling Man2 kun oldin
  • The elites know what they are doing with the college system. The first why they get you into the debt slave mentally is to go to college. The purposely make student loans non bankrupt-able so that you are stuck with that debt fir the rest of your life. It is a game that people need to understand. If you are going to go to college it has to be a field that is in demand and that pays well. It’s not about your “pAsSoN” because your passion most likely won’t get you a job or a job that pays well.

    Chioma IfezueChioma Ifezue3 kun oldin
  • Don’t compare the GI bill to the free handouts you’re advocating for, the veterans paid for it with their sacrifice. You want free college? Sign your name sack up and join.

    ManuelManuel4 kun oldin
  • A decent presentation on student debt issue. All of the speakers provided reasons for why the debt should be cancelled but there was no one to discuss why the debts should not be forgiven. The presentation claims that 66% of those in default owe $10,000 or less and would be free and clear. I think CNBC should have good speakers that could present both sides this issue. When the federal government started to issue loans directly and not through banks, many individuals were loaned money without strong review. A increase in capital then flooded college systems and the price went up as would any system. Finally, these individuals asked for the loans and pledged that they would return what they spent. Maybe the government should make it easier to pay it back but it most be paid back. Student debt is not a natural disaster or tragedy but an individual choice. Government must stop loaning money and let banks do that. If the issue is fairness, then there can be no cancellation of debt in light of those who saved or paid their loans back or who choose not to go to college.

    J VukovicsJ Vukovics4 kun oldin
  • Biden Can fix the student loan debt by paying directly to institutions and forgiving student debt. Give students a fresh start similar to those who file bankruptcy. Without it, things will be worst because the new economy Biden is creating which doesn't require degrees means that all the students that went to school to get a degree can be by passed in the hiring process by individuals who never went to school. This is unfair to students who believed what the government said that education was necessary to make Americans competitive with the world and to get quality jobs. What do all the students do now that a new economy does not require 4-8 years of education? It is only the right thing to do. So forgive all student debt. because now, degrees will no longer be an advantage. Covid-19 impacted everyone including students! $10,000 is not enough. Most students spend over 50-100,000

    Jacquetta CarrJacquetta Carr5 kun oldin
  • Ok. Breaking the ice. Get out of character. Why are people in debt??

    Angela KournikovaAngela Kournikova6 kun oldin
  • “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” -John F. Kennedy I’m proud to have served in the Army for 8 years. I was injured and i’m now in collage using my GI Bill. I sometimes would feel bad that I received these benefits, but not so much anymore...

    JEDJED6 kun oldin
  • I paid off 38k, do I get that back?

    Shawn BerthiaumeShawn Berthiaume6 kun oldin
  • Get rid of student loans all together. It will force colleges to lower tuition rates to a reasonable amount. Introducing credit into the equation artificially inflates prices, which is why colleges are able to charge disgustingly high prices. Not many people can afford to pay $50K or more per year upfront in cash. Very few people would apply and that would force colleges to lower tuition rates to more accessible numbers. Everyone talks about how cheap college used to me. It’s no coincidence that back then they didn’t have the option to take out student loans.

    Nainoa J. WatsonNainoa J. Watson7 kun oldin
  • I guarantee you most of the dislikes didn't even watch the video all the way through. They just said "Education bad debt good" and kept it moving. People are so selfish and shortsighted they don't see what the normalization of this debt does: it make you a slave to the state. No one-democrat or republican- should want that.

    jazz bjazz b7 kun oldin
  • Please i hope they pass this 🙏

    nismo armadanismo armada8 kun oldin
  • This is crazy they all took out these loans now they're crying about paying it back..insane I have loans I took them out willingly so now I must pay them back plain and simple..

    Reginald CharlesReginald Charles8 kun oldin
  • This is what I would do with the student loan debt: All interests paid will be added to the principal balance. Also, cancel all accumulated interest and leave it at 0. So one still has to pay it back, but with 0 interest. Many people have paid thousand just on interests. I’m sure adding that to principal would help a bunch.

    Tomas GomezTomas Gomez9 kun oldin
  • Students who took debt know what will be... Why government should forgive them their debt? Let’s forgive small business debts...

    Alex AlexAlex Alex9 kun oldin
  • Let’s cancel mortgages while we’re at it. Has all the same benefits and more

    hdynationhdynation10 kun oldin
  • If Biden forgives student loans, he should also forgive $50,000 mortgages. I need a bigger house. It’s only fair. And a $50,000 car loan because I need a Porsche. It’s only fair. And you bankers that gave the loans, you just work longer hours to pick up the slack.

    Guitar OverkillGuitar Overkill10 kun oldin
  • I need 10,000 forgiven and I will pay off the remaining 3,820.

    Leeny PLeeny P14 kun oldin
  • As a black female I had to take out a substantial amount of loans to pay for my college degree to compete with my counterparts for a shot at a good career given my educational background! I still owe more than 95% of my balance even after graduating in 2013! The interest rates are ridiculous! The cost of a degree is insane! And the setback I have in terms of financial opportunities or the chance to own property and start a family is unfair compared to the generation before us!

    Sabrina LatoyaSabrina Latoya16 kun oldin
  • they need to forgive 50k of everyone's student debt !

    FranklinProductions57FranklinProductions5717 kun oldin
  • 0:00 you’re not far from a loan at all

    Crispy ConchCrispy Conch17 kun oldin
  • Most people don't pay their student loans off anyway. I know 50 year olds who've been getting deferments all these years and barely paid a dime. They will die with that debt, but still have okay credit because the deferment stops late payment reporting. Forgiveness isn't going to hurt anything because the loan was never going to get paid off anyway.

    Katrina MillingsKatrina Millings17 kun oldin
  • I went to a community college and got a Associates. I make nearly 100k a year. I have and have had absolutely zero student debt. If you take thousands of dollars in loans to get a degree that will make you less than what I make a year, then pay it back yourself.

    curtis dosscurtis doss18 kun oldin
  • So liberals think, we who too poor to go to collage, should now pay for the ones, that were rich enough to go collage ... that sucks !

    Warren OutleyWarren Outley19 kun oldin
  • Never borrow money for college. If you do you will go broke. Pay cash or don't bother.

    John DyerJohn Dyer20 kun oldin
  • Look towards Scotland in terms of this problem or even England.

    Mateusz SosnowiczMateusz Sosnowicz20 kun oldin
  • More young students need to focus on better real-world paying jobs that offer $50k+. Far too many just want to jump into College without researching what that exact major offers. It’s crazy. Wake up youngsters.

    eastcoastbreteastcoastbret21 kun oldin
  • Do not listen. Conjectures, conjectures. You have not provided any information as to how I can demand my loan forgiveness.

    sorel456sorel45621 kun oldin
  • I am being forced to take a student loan and to go to university. I wanted to take a gap year but got abused for considering it. I dont know what to do and I will be the one facing the punishment of not finding a good job at the end of jt

    Bissii MKBissii MK22 kun oldin
  • No

    Thunder SpenceThunder Spence22 kun oldin
  • Why does the Federal Govt continue to give out student loans? Students aren't stupid (ok, there may be an argument there) so they are just going to continue borrowing and hoping someone else will pay it off. And guess what? The student loan money DOESN'T HAVE TO GO ONLY TOWARD TUITION! It can go for buying a car, taking a much needed spring break to Cancun, buying a designer purse, buying designer cloths, shall I go on? Why should my wife and I have to pay for some other cnotty brats education when we fully paid for our two daughters education? And we both have Masters and never took a dime of student loan money.

    Gary WilsonGary Wilson23 kun oldin
  • I feel like I learned something but at the same time, didn't learn anything at all.

    Beau TepleyBeau Tepley23 kun oldin
  • College is a scam

    Chewy ErnestoChewy Ernesto23 kun oldin
  • Any money they think should be directed to forgiving student loan debt should be directed to forgiving property taxes the government still expects from a business the government forced to shut down.

    Terra812Terra81223 kun oldin
  • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ People in US complaining that college is to expensive but after they finish, they receive salarys from 65 to 100k Try to live in Europe with college almost free but only gives a 20k salary. And yes the prices in supermarket are the same or even higher here and the price of houses are insane for the salarys. Or a person eat or pay the house thats why a lot of young people live with their friends to share expenses even after college.

    Bruno SilvaBruno Silva23 kun oldin
  • College is an absolute grift. If you haven't realized this by now, in 2021, I have no sympathy for you.

    Gold SkullGold Skull23 kun oldin
  • If I were American, I would have debt up to my eyeballs right about now. As a Canadian, I was able to graduate from college debt free from a design major and worked a couple years while supporting myself just fine. I've now gone back to college to pursue nursing which I'll only owe about 10-15K once I've completed my bachelors degree. If I had made the same choices while being in the U.S., I would be so screwed. There is something really evil about the education system in America.

    ✩ Ceci Vanessa ✩✩ Ceci Vanessa ✩24 kun oldin
  • There is already a program to have 50,000 in student loans forgiven. It's called the military. Canceling student also makes college free from now on. They don't mention that part.

    Joe DirtJoe Dirt24 kun oldin
  • Just raise it to 20k and to people who make less than 60k a year

    Junior DíazJunior Díaz26 kun oldin
  • I think that the underlying problem needs to be addressed in tandem with debt forgiveness. Federal backed student loans allow schools to raise tuition each year, which has helped balloon prices so egregiously. I took out about $31k in student loan debt in 2010 and have repaid half. I was also told by parents, teachers, guidance counselors that college was a good investment and that I’d need a degree to be successful. I don’t regret college, and Im one of the lucky ones able to find employment to pay back my loans. But I’d love to see debt forgiveness across the board, as well as a revamp of the loan allocation process. Honestly would love if my taxes helped pay for university education for everyone. Why we wouldn’t (specifically Americans) want to prioritize education is beyond me but I know that not everyone feels this way.

    Sam MitchellSam Mitchell26 kun oldin
  • As someone who went to community college and as a tax payer ... I am against this because those of US who are financially more responsible are Paying for those who are NOT.

    ZetaZeta26 kun oldin
  • Just dont go. With digital era u have every ebook at your hands but reality is that no one is ready for self development. So if you want tuition u have to pay. Everybody pays even in Europe.

    B BasB Bas27 kun oldin
  • I worked 30 hours a week to pay for living expenses while going to college, because of that I was forced to take out loans to pay for college. When I didn't work one summer, I got free money to pay for school. Something is wrong with that. I came out of school with $70k in debt for a computer engineering and electrical engineering degree. The first time I saw my loans actually go down was when I kept paying during the recent no-interest loan stint. I've been out of college for about 8 years now and been paying on them for maybe 6? Also, all the interest you pay on student loans doesn't help you on your taxes if you make above $80k. Found that out early on. Kind of a second kick in the gut. That being said, that piece of paper gets you a lot more opportunities that not going to college.

    Zaza SorianoZaza Soriano27 kun oldin
  • My wife and i paid off 80,000 in 14 months .... And im not good at anything. It's not impossible. Clearly we are capable of doing it. We do need to stop allowing people to take out loans for college. It would be the only way to force prices down

    Zackary StewartZackary Stewart27 kun oldin
  • If they're going to be lenient about forgiving the debt then we need to be less lenient on what it's used for. I personally know too many students who use their loans to buy Teslas and go on spring break vacation. THAT is not the burden of the American taxpayer. Instead of forgiving the loans, we should just expand the Pell Grant program, which is regulated and has restrictions regarding what it's used for.

    EE27 kun oldin
  • I wish students would start asking questions like "Why is university so expensive?" Instead of automatically wanting free education. The research is mind-blowing as to why costs are so high. Universities have become corrupt mini-government organizations. More students need to unite and support community colleges, if there is more money going towards community colleges there will get more resources to be able to add additional careers. That would mean you could get a career for half the time.

    Cindy Reyes-CortesCindy Reyes-Cortes27 kun oldin
    • Exactly. The loans are a symptom of a much bigger problem. Let’s solve the problem instead of slapping on a bandaid.

      Jeni JohnsonJeni Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Here's my proposal to this. Give people the option that if they want their entire student loan amount forgiven they will pay an additional 5-7% in taxes from their paycheck their entire working life. If you make under a certain amount ($50,000/year) you don't need to pay that additional tax until you make above that amount. This money goes into a fund that helps pay for future students. Those who don't want this, had little debt, or didn't go to college don't have to pay this. This is similar to the system Australia uses.

    ErikErik27 kun oldin
    • I like that idea, it is fair to those who have paid or are paying their loans.

      Cindy Reyes-CortesCindy Reyes-Cortes27 kun oldin
  • America’s college is the biggest government scam.

    Hang NguyenHang Nguyen27 kun oldin
  • I have $10,700 left in loans. I’m gonna milk this.

    AmandaWithLov3AmandaWithLov327 kun oldin
  • I have private loans, I can't have my loans forgiven. Why should I pay off someone elses' loans if nobody can't help me forgive mine? I already have enough loans to pay off I don't need to pay off anyone elses'. Why not make it so that you can use a 529 account to pay down the loans instead of the school directly? Either way, the schools get paid.

    Jackie RusoJackie Ruso28 kun oldin
  • 1. Allow Bankruptcy to be an option. 2. Stop doling the $$$$ to college

    Darius ThurmanDarius Thurman28 kun oldin
  • I pray for forgiveness too.

    Hola Como estasHola Como estas28 kun oldin
  • Pay your debt people ☝️

    joe gjoe g29 kun oldin
  • I hope they don’t forgive. I paid mine off. Let people declare bankruptcy. There should be a punishment for those who get forgiveness.

    Evan EricksonEvan Erickson29 kun oldin
  • Yet another broad brush stroke of public policy that will punish those who overcame adversity and paid off their debts or never had any or who never went to college and reward those who took unreasonable risks with things about which they knew nothing. Congress and Biden will raise taxes on the rich, resulting in more inflation and higher costs for consumer goods, which will disproportionately affect the poor and minorities. I can hear the Biden/Harris 2024 campaign promises now: "We're going to implement price controls on bread, milk and eggs so the greedy rich don't take more of your money."

    Brace yourselves for truthBrace yourselves for truth29 kun oldin
  • People should be required to go to in state schools or community colleges. That would be the case if people were serious about not going into debt

    Evan DutilEvan Dutil29 kun oldin
  • The only good debt is debt that pays you back: business loans, mortgages on investment properties, etc; everything else is bad debt. Student loans wane in and out of good and bad debt. It all depends on what the degree can do for the student after graduation.

    MrHeavy466MrHeavy46629 kun oldin
  • College degree just shows that your somone that can be taught. Other than that its not worth getting in to generational debt over.

    Simz DrifterSimz Drifter29 kun oldin
  • Nobody paid for my education. Those students made their own decisions now they need to take responsibility. Instead of a community college they wanted to go to a 40k a year college. Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

    Michael PidotoMichael Pidoto29 kun oldin
  • How about get your bachelors outside the US :) even Puerto Rico and come back to us :)

    Francis IsabelFrancis Isabel29 kun oldin
  • "The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work". -Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    Art & Design MattersArt & Design Matters29 kun oldin
  • BS. If you voluntarily decide to go to college, then assume responsibility

    Richard MikeRichard Mike29 kun oldin
  • The media is very good

    Mr. BrooksMr. Brooks29 kun oldin
  • Hopefully President Biden will cancel $50,000 in federal student loan debt. This will help MILLIONS!!! of Americans from every background. If we can bail out the banks and millionaires and always help the rich, let's help the working men and women of America for once. President Biden is off to a great start, keep it going.

    tony84tony8429 kun oldin
  • Universities need to be stopped, those are the ones to blame, their costs are ridiculous, not worth it, and misused. However, it is not other's people's fault for your decision to go to an expensive college and getting into debt, the public should not pay, they have their own expenses.

    Itzel MontalvoItzel Montalvo29 kun oldin
    • Agree, people need to be more accountable for their finances. Plus, I am positive that the same people complaining about student loans will also complain years from now about how unfair it is to pay back car loans, mortgages, etc...

      Cindy Reyes-CortesCindy Reyes-Cortes27 kun oldin
  • Just attend a community college then transfer to a nearby state college, if you can, do not live on campus. Apply for scholarships and financial aid.

    Itzel MontalvoItzel Montalvo29 kun oldin
    • Yup, I’m a high school junior and that is my plan. I see a lot of people who are seniors going out of state and going to well know schools like penn state, Florida state, ucla, etc. it’s tempting, but you can’t follow the crowd bc the crowd are the ones that will be graduating with a lot of debt in 4 years.

      Chioma IfezueChioma Ifezue3 kun oldin
    • Democraps expect handouts.

      Corn PopCorn Pop6 kun oldin
  • Biden promised a lot of things to get elected. "All talk no action politicians must satisfy there billionaire donors first. He will not forgive any student loan debt as long as his donors wont benefit!

    Michael CMichael C29 kun oldin
  • Our student debt is tied to our US treasury bonds. That is why student debts can't/won't be forgiven.

    Paul CheePaul Chee29 kun oldin

    PSALM FIYAPSALM FIYA29 kun oldin
  • The university I attended has the audacity to send me an annual email asking for me to make a donation. 🤣

    Catherine MuellerCatherine Mueller29 kun oldin
    • @Ryan Chad yup, I've been using Flixzone for since december myself =)

      Briar AnakinBriar Anakin9 kun oldin
    • Pro trick: watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

      Ryan ChadRyan Chad9 kun oldin
    • True, many of it is regarding undergraduates. Those who apply to schools for the name like UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA and etc and come realize they are not cut out for their career and use the name of their school to secure job in another field. There are those in the graduate programs though that know what they want and spend extra years after undergraduate of studying to contribute back to society. These are your doctors, dentists, lawyers, nurse, vets and so much more. They are the ones that carry the biggest amount of school loans and yet their contribution to society is returned to them with higher tuition with failed loan relief programs like the PSLF. It makes these professionals juggle between making enough to pay off their half a million dollar debts and career. Rather make videos of me acting for UZworld or Tik Tok and make millions... hence the downward progression of importance placed on our education.

      M LM L17 kun oldin
    • it's disgusting.

      Billy WBilly W21 kun oldin
    • OMG YES EXACTLYYY 😡😡😤😤🤣🤣😭

      Nia ParrisNia Parris29 kun oldin
  • Another inherent issue is being forced to take classes that you have no interest in and will never use. This exacerbates debt without generating additional ability to repay. The colleges know that they can get funding by having certain courses required that are unnecessary. Overhaul the education system where people take classes that allow them to specialize (aka no fluff classes) and demand a higher salary upon graduation then student debt will fall.

    Macro TraderMacro Trader29 kun oldin
  • If “education” and “housing” is a “right”? Then why won’t they cancel my mortgage loan?

    The YuksterThe YuksterOy oldin
  • You borrow you pay. Plain in simple. It’s called being responsible.

    Travus ETravus EOy oldin
  • If you can't afford it don't go to e university. If you still went that's your fault 🤔 why is the government getting involved. That's not the government job

    MrPortillo11MrPortillo11Oy oldin
  • Cancel my mortgage debt. Cancel my vehicle debt. Cancel my monthly expenses. Give me some free.

    Memory RemainsMemory RemainsOy oldin
  • Let them be able to file for bankruptcy on student loan.

    Incentive Music TMIncentive Music TMOy oldin
  • Spent my 20s paying off 60k. Nothing felt better then sending the last check at 32

    Plex'n BrownPlex'n BrownOy oldin
  • Start looking at the 110 schools that have over 1 Billion worth of Endowments. Why are they just holding onto that money? Why aren't they spending it on their students or lowering prices?

    Steezy MacSteezy MacOy oldin
  • Funny how Democrats want to bail out the Elites. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That's what College Graduates turn into, The Elites. So why are we trying to bail out the Elites Again?

    Steezy MacSteezy MacOy oldin
  • So what about the people who paid off their loans, going to just hand us 10K? I mean, If you borrowed the money you should pay it back. Not our fault you got a degree in a useless field with no job outlooks. That was one thing I did when I picked my major of Biology: broad field with lots and lots of job options, plus it was also compatible with chemistry jobs.

    Andrew DragerAndrew DragerOy oldin
  • People can’t pay it back when interest and fees are so high. How about canceling interest and fees so people paying know the money is going toward the principle. Why is the government profiting from American borrowers?

    Photonerds UniversityPhotonerds UniversityOy oldin
  • Even if they don't cancel the debt can they at least cancel the interest and other fees that are added??

    Sophia SmithSophia SmithOy oldin
  • @4:34 In what decade????? Every american now can go to college. Cuny (city) colleges are not bad

    irishwarsirishwarsOy oldin
  • No one's loans should be forgiven; none twisted their arm to get the loan. This is sending a terrible message.

    Vincent OrtegaVincent OrtegaOy oldin
  • If the government can do a bailout for the private sector than they should bailout out American citizens...... The bailout for the private sector during 2007 was far greater the amount of total student loans in the US. Think about it American citizens what message is the government sending to you..... The government is willing to bailout corporations but not it's own citizens. Helping with student loans will help tons of families and individuals, that's what America is really supposed to be about.

    Rowland TolliverRowland TolliverOy oldin
  • They will never be forgiven

    Norma LeeNorma LeeOy oldin
  • Lol school is a scam, glad I figured that out at the age of 17

    InSaniTy ツInSaniTy ツOy oldin
  • This is just not fair for people who were actually responsable and paid their student loans at all or to the people that didn’t go because they couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to get in debt!!! This is absolutely ridiculous everyday I dislike Biden more. IT IS LIKE THEY GIVE YOU A PRICE FOR BEING IRRESPONSIBLE. How about making all the useless college majors disappear and focus on the ones that went, took debt and their degree is pretty much useless but no everybody gets in and we all pay to forgive people that are now making 100 k a year now we are supposed to pay somebody else’s dream with everyone’s taxes when they could afford it themselves with their job . NOT FAIR !

    Maite IbañezMaite IbañezOy oldin
  • student debt is only one part of the equation. they can cancel the current student debt now but that does not stop future students entering into the same crippling debt with the way our education system currently work. cancel student loan debt is like putting a bandage on a gunshot. this has been a growing problem for way too long, and now that they are dangling the low hanging fruit (cancelling student loan debt) people are forgetting what's the real issues is.

    A TA TOy oldin
  • I went to school for a bit for business administation but it taught me nothing about business. Now I own my boutique without any college degree & making money. I will forever have a job as a business owner. I have always thought that the investment for school and return on that investment is low. They just sell you the dream about having a new house and financial security. There is no guranteed. Thats why I have my business. No school for me. Ive been thinking of going to trade school but I don’t know yet. Im paying cash though.

    Isabel CeeIsabel CeeOy oldin
  • that's right, Biden promised this. When is this coming?

    Luis CastilloLuis CastilloOy oldin

    Argonaut ServicesArgonaut ServicesOy oldin
  • What isn't fair...is making People pay for other people's debts or mistakes!

    Wheelie Wonka444Wheelie Wonka444Oy oldin
  • Wow...I have bold..idea! Lets make the people who Borrowed money, pay it back! Instead of the people who Didn't borrow any!

    Wheelie Wonka444Wheelie Wonka444Oy oldin
  • If college grads have it so much better than non-college why are so many in default and too poor to pay back their own loans?

    Anthonyq ColosimoAnthonyq ColosimoOy oldin
  • Low/middle income and black students take on more debt for college, yes. But, I believe the variable of PAY disparity upon graduation and even mid-career among women and minorities especially should DEFINITELY be taken into account. Women and minority college grads will and have been paid LESS than their white, fe/male counterparts--in any field. I also wish the literally old members of government would understand that when THEY went to college it was way cheaper (even though it was expensive at the time) and they now make more as politicians than the average person and have been since able to repay THEIR loans.

    Eiram HEiram HOy oldin
  • I’m not paying for your choices, stupid

    A little trollingA little trollingOy oldin