Why You Spend So Much Money At Apple

8-Dek, 2020
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Apple has revolutionized technology as we know it, from its sleek, high-quality designs to friendly retail employees and hyped up launch events. The tactics are paying off. Despite the pandemic, revenue rose 6% year over year in fiscal 2020. Here's how Apple uses its ecosystem of hardware and software to keep customers hooked.
Since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at a MacWorld event in 2007, Apple has released more than 20 iPhone models. Over 80% of Americans had a smartphone in January 2019, and the same year, there were 900 million active iPhones in the world, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Yet when Apple announced the iPhone 12 on Oct. 13, an estimated 2 million people preordered the device in the first 24 hours alone.
So why, when iPhones are already ubiquitous, do fans hype and covet every new iPhone release? Here are the psychological reasons it’s hard to resist the new iPhone.
We’re attracted to ‘what’s next’
Each new iteration of the iPhone has new features: For example, the iPhone 4 in 2011 brought the first front-facing “selfie” camera, while the iPhone 5S in 2013 introduced Touch ID fingerprint scanning. The iPhone 12 boasts a larger screen, faster 5G network connection and more advanced cameras.
But even if your current iPhone functions fine without all the new bells and whistles, “people are attracted to those improvements in quality and capability,” says Kelly Goldsmith, associate professor of marketing at Vanderbilt University in the Ellen Graduate School of Management.
Each new phone, and also Apple as a brand, represent innovation and “tomorrow,” which consumers tend to hold to a high regard, says marketing consultant Katie Martell. “We really do live in a world where what’s new and what’s next is considered most valuable.”
It’s part of your identity
In 2011, Apple’s competitor Samsung debuted a commercial that parodied people in line outside of what resembles an Apple store, waiting for a new smartphone release. “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” asks one customer in line.
Having the latest and greatest phone is a status symbol, Goldsmith says. “It’s something that you carry with you all the time, so it conveys information about you to other people,” she says.
Your phone is also a strong mechanism for something called “self-signaling,” a concept in behavioral economics that has to do with how your actions influence your beliefs about yourself.
In this case, having the newest iPhone can boost your self-esteem and remind you that you’re not outdated. “Every time you look at that phone it tells you something about who you are, and it reinforces certain aspects of your own identity,” Goldsmith says.
Apple in particular tends to empower consumers with messaging about what they can do with their new iPhone, Martell says. For example, Apple encourages people to share their photos shot on the iPhone with the hashtag “ShotoniPhone,” to be included in Apple billboards and ad campaigns. This signals to consumers that, “you’ve got that power in your hands.”
There’s perceived scarcity
When a new iPhone becomes available, it’s customary to see lines snaked around Apple stores hours before they open. Apple fans want to be the first to have and use a device, and avoid having to wait for shipping delays. (Even this year amid the pandemic, people waited for the iPhone 12 outside Apple stores around the globe.)
To consumers, a line outside of a storefront signals that whatever is inside is valuable. There are two behavioral economics concepts at play here: social proof (convincing people that other people want the product) and scarcity (the fear that there may not be enough), Goldsmith says.
Research has shown that when you think an item is scarce, it heightens your arousal and makes you feel panicked to make a decision quickly. The perception of scarcity makes you less discerning and more likely to go with your favorite item, rather than research other options.
“That just makes you want to click ‘buy,’ makes you want to get the line and makes you not want to miss the boat,” she says.
“Consumers respond, almost too strongly, to these scarcity marketing tactics,” says Goldsmith.
Apple declined to comment on this story.
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Why You Spend So Much Money At Apple

  • What brands have you hooked? Let us know in the comments below:

    CNBC Make ItCNBC Make It2 oy oldin
    • Samsung

      Tumelo KlaasTumelo Klaas15 kun oldin
    • Apple apple and only APPLE

      Suman rajeshSuman rajesh25 kun oldin
    • Apple

      Suman rajeshSuman rajesh25 kun oldin
    • Apple, Hugo Boss and DJI

      Mehmet AlexandruMehmet Alexandru26 kun oldin
    • Camel Crush Menthol Silver 😍

      Cesar LopezCesar Lopez29 kun oldin
  • I dunno what type of “religious ceremonies or mass” that guy attends, but we don’t cheer at mass!

    Dami AkosileDami Akosile15 soat oldin
  • I love apple products but I HATE the apple store!

    Jayson EastwoodJayson EastwoodKun oldin
  • Never saw this competitor waway. Is it good one?

    Stelios KapetStelios Kapet2 kun oldin
  • Man, where did you get these customers cause it's never that deep lol

    Jesus BustamanteJesus Bustamante3 kun oldin
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • Will you buy a $1000 gucci bag or iPhone?? So dont say apple is too pricey

    VinezVinez4 kun oldin
  • For me it’s pretty simple actually. I’ve had a bunch of mid-range Android phones over the last 10 years. Each one lasted 1-2 years. After that, they were (and are, mostly) still functioning, no worries, but they’re just so slow that they’re not really functional anymore. I got my first iPhone 3 years ago, iPhone 8, 256Gb. It’s still going great. Simply put, it just works, period. It’s fallen a couple of times, nothing. Everything functions. Same with my computers. I’ve only ever had Apple computers, from my first PowerMac in 1997. They’ve always lasted a long time. And the only reason I upgraded them, was they just started being too slow, after 5-6-7 years. But hardly any hardware trouble, ever. I used to be an Apple fanboi, I’ll admit to that. Now, I’m just satisfied with their products. So yeah, they’re all more expensive. But in my experience at least, you get what you pay for.

    hexistenzhexistenz4 kun oldin
  • Apple makes a better product than any other plus it’s has a cleaner look and now Specially with the ecosystem. iMessage can’t be compared to SMS. For me hells no it isn’t about status it all. It’s about what works better. Yes the iPhone 10 manufacture cost was about $360 but that doesn’t included all the research and development done for it and the cost of the employees at the stores.

    Juan YepezJuan Yepez5 kun oldin
  • Only reason I Love iPhones is just because they are smooth and just work in as little steps as possible. Love from Africa

    Jude GabrielJude Gabriel5 kun oldin
  • Nobody likes a Bijan. Don’t be a Bijan. Sent from my iPad Pro

    Sahil BawaSahil Bawa5 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate *Ariscodes* On īnstāgrām he permanently unlocked my MacBook Pro he’s the best✔️✔️

    Milly WillisMilly Willis8 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate *Ariscodes* On īnstāgrām he permanently unlocked my MacBook Pro he’s the best✔️✔️

    Milly WillisMilly Willis8 kun oldin
  • 13:33 Don't think anybody ever will? Too bad she has to put a limit on this.

    Rafique HolaRafique Hola8 kun oldin
  • Aww thx was nice I loved it

    DENZEL PLUS AMBER Lynn VelasquezDENZEL PLUS AMBER Lynn Velasquez9 kun oldin
  • I went to Apple and never went back lol

    Quilla JohnsonQuilla Johnson9 kun oldin
  • Everyone talking about how great Steve Jobs is, but Tim Cook created air pods and the Apple Watch

    Electrify 501Electrify 50110 kun oldin
  • 1000th comment

    My StoryMy Story10 kun oldin
  • A

    MarcusMarcus10 kun oldin
  • I have an ipod nano, an ipad, a macbook but never owned an iPhone. Loving my Samsung phone!

    Jack_MinionJack_Minion11 kun oldin
  • Nice.

    Charles GrantCharles Grant11 kun oldin
  • IOS thats it. None of you would use apple if not for their operating system on any of their devices. Samsung makes much better hardware that even Apple uses in their iPhone however andriod sucks. If you believe Andriod is better its because u either hate Apple, or you have never really given IOS a chance. I would love a Samsung phone again but not with gaydriod. I mean how hard is it to make an mobile OS on par with IOS?

    Jim DennisJim Dennis13 kun oldin
  • The wealthy february focally reproduce because suede relatedly scribble till a daily existence. simple, pretty good-bye

    don darkdon dark14 kun oldin
  • Once used used a 5s ,then went to android and like it or not am going to switch back becasue I love its user interface, software support .

    Isaac LwangaIsaac Lwanga15 kun oldin
  • When I see an iphone I know I'm dealing with a moron.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'Nilbud15 kun oldin
  • Makes me want to buy a Mac

    iSaliSal15 kun oldin
  • Iphone with google service 😙

    ꜱᴛꜰꜰ'ꜱꜱᴛꜰꜰ'ꜱ16 kun oldin
  • "I'm too old to be retreined" and she's like 32. Dude, the mind jujitsu people do just to justify their purchases.

    Leslie GuzmánLeslie Guzmán16 kun oldin
  • the android source is a typical android fans

    cikopimocikopimo16 kun oldin
  • The Android user is just mad he is broke 🙄

    Angel CabreraAngel Cabrera18 kun oldin
  • What I am getting a Samsung reclame on the begin of this vid😂😅

    Ferdi GamerFerdi Gamer18 kun oldin
  • I just watched a 13:41 add on my addfree UZworld premium

    Sagar BajwaSagar Bajwa20 kun oldin
    • You chose to watch it in the first place😂

      enesjeienesjei18 kun oldin
  • Apple is the best technology company in the world

  • Everyone knows that iphones are not the best phones but people are just suade because its made by apple. Where r the apple 🐑

    Br3ntBr3nt20 kun oldin
  • In a world where you pay for almost every (internet or technology based) product with your data, it’s refreshing to pay with money instead. Btw, u paid for watching this video and reading this comment, just not with money...

    Dan ZafrirDan Zafrir21 kun oldin
  • Not in a country peasant like India

    EUGENEEUGENE21 kun oldin
  • How is spending more money on a phone, with a super limited lifespan, an INVESTMENT???!!!! What profits do you get from it?!!! People are crazy

    Adriano MuroAdriano Muro21 kun oldin
  • For me, it’s the security of the product. I no doubt know the product will be pretty good. (I just got the IPad Air 4.)

    Sammy SlushySammy Slushy24 kun oldin
  • If Apple iphones cost only 2-3 months’ salary, that is ok price. But at 6 months’ salary for a phone, we have to think deep.

    Kelzang WangchukKelzang Wangchuk24 kun oldin
  • It’s the ecosystem for me. I daily use iPhone, iPad Pro (use it as a laptop with keyboard), AirPods, Apple Watch 3, and Apple TV 4K. Even have HomePod. I maintain a Windows PC, because I like PC gaming. Really I mainly game on Playstation and Nintendo. But I’m pretty firmly into the Apple ecosystem. I don’t upgrade every year, but I do upgrade a device after 3-5 years.

    Adam BAdam B24 kun oldin
  • Great vdo like apple company

    Suman rajeshSuman rajesh25 kun oldin
  • Apple was not paying factory workers in India due to the pandemic for the work already done. Only when workers had a strike and damaged the factory then only they paid them. These are minimum wage workers for 300$ pm.

    GenericUser 9GenericUser 925 kun oldin
  • Lot of electronics consumers with no tech knowledge too lazy to use any that they have

    Will S.Will S.26 kun oldin
  • “...from Oprah, to Billie Eilish, to... your dad.” Lol jokes on you my Dad uses android! Im on an IPhone SE 2020 rn though lol

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi26 kun oldin
  • I have never owned an apple product

    Willian SerranoWillian Serrano26 kun oldin
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    Ker LozKer Loz26 kun oldin
  • Many things in life are overpriced one way or the other. From the phone u use, the car u drive, the coffee u drink and until the underwear. It’s ok as long as u get a good quality for the money u spend, and as long as the money is yours

    Mehmet AlexandruMehmet Alexandru26 kun oldin
    • Thank you for saying this

      user 5.0user 5.06 kun oldin
  • Since im switchin from a note 10+ im really impressed from my 11 Pro Max more worth than Samsung

    37 er37 er26 kun oldin
  • I tried by best not to buy any Apple products anymore but I always go back. Tried samsung and huawei, but it was a hassle to transfer files to my Mac so I had to go back to iphone. I also tried not to buy a macbook, but I always had a bad experience with desktop pc and laptops running windows. I was not a heavy pc user but it always ended up broken, with viruses, and all other issues which I can’t bear any longer so I bought my first macbook 6 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Never had any problem, unlike my old pc’s that didn’t even last for 2 years. And with the latest OS, everything was seamless between my mac, iphone, and ipad. I guess, if you will only buy one Apple product, you will not really appreciate how convenient it is. I hate complicated apps, and too many steps, so I just really love how easy to use apple products together especially with the new updates. But yeah, I also hate the price.

    Pipay PoPipay Po27 kun oldin
  • The reason apple is 2t dollar company is bcoz they actually deliver and live upto their promise. Whereas other companies can't even afford to just promise coz you know they know they can't deliver it forget about living up to it.. that is why Apple can charge a premium. You can hate Apple but you can't ignore the fact that they are the only Tech leaders. Every tech company wants replicate Apple success but they forget that to replicate that success you need deliver and live upto your promise and thats exactly what other tech companies are struggling with.

    NeXt StepNeXt Step27 kun oldin
  • They ditched Huwawei for blocking its access to Google Playstore. Google and Apple are american brands they worked together. That is why they are number 1 again.

    ART TvART Tv27 kun oldin
  • I don't upgrade every year,but I'm glad to be an Apple product owner 🙏

    Ivan RodriguezIvan Rodriguez27 kun oldin
  • Overhyped

    Deepak RoundalDeepak Roundal27 kun oldin
  • Because of cyber security is the best

    First N 'RankFirst N 'Rank29 kun oldin
  • Apple is great company but what happened that Iphone 12 is terrible ugly.I wanted buy new smartphone and I thought about iPhone 12 pro max but it appliance is terrible like some chunk...we have 21 century.

    Grand BaksGrand BaksOy oldin
  • Reasons i use an iPhone, which aren’t mentioned in this video: 1. Great user experience, both hw and sw 2. Average lifetime of at least 4 years 3. Security updates for over 4 years old phones 4. Great Security and Privacy options 5. Good resale/exchange value

    Mahesh Krishna KumarMahesh Krishna KumarOy oldin
    • Resale value is extremely high compared to samsung phones

      user 5.0user 5.06 kun oldin
    • Yet they get slower purposfully and re-sale just creates e-waste.

      INSECT BITE *-*INSECT BITE *-*6 kun oldin
  • Pay more for less

    M4CH 20M4CH 20Oy oldin
  • I have Samsung xd

    Gabriel SkywGabriel SkywOy oldin
  • Compared to other similar offerings now, the prices really aren't that bad. With carriers, it's also easier to get the phones for cheaper (overall my iPhone 11 will have cost me CAN$650 if I stay with my carrier for 2 years, instead of the CAN$1000 +) I also got my iPad Pro 12.9 1st generation on sale in 2017, and it still works like a charm. My AirPods Pro were on sale as well when I bought them and when I decided to go with the new Macbook Air in early 2020, is was cheaper than the similar Windows options I was interested in. I haven't had a laptop in years at that point, so software-wise I was back to 0. The way to use iPhones is also really easy, and that's why I had convinced my mom to get an iPhone over an Android years ago. I also knew I was the one who would have to help her with it if she needed. The resale value is also great. My first Apple product was the iPhone 5S, but my second was the old iPad Air. I managed to sell it, cracked screen and all, when the iOS12 update came and it got a bit faster again. Then I got the iPad 2018 on sale with a Logitech keyboard, and I sold both less than a year later for maybe 20$ less than I had originally paid.

    Audie M.Audie M.Oy oldin
  • apple product are like north korea on smartphone brands .

    Taufiq Hasan KanonTaufiq Hasan KanonOy oldin
  • im a apple user i have the iphone the ipad the watch but i refuse to ever get a mac i use a pc i used a mac and the thing was so loud with its fans and it over heats so fast and i also dont like how safari is the main web browser the only good thing about the mac is that its app store is way better than a pc tho i have blue stacts on my pc so the app store problem didnt really bug me plus macs are so expensive unless you buy older modles or buy it on a discount and as somone who loves to transfer stuff and uploude videos to my laptop im very mad that apple remove the ports especally the usb one and now u need to buy a seprate dongul for it after buyying a expensive laptop i rather get a crome book for that matther there are a lot of feacthures on the mac i like but there are many things that bug me (sorry for bad gramer its 7:15 am were i live i just woke up )

    Hanako_トイレHanako_トイレOy oldin
  • my dad who is cheap and never bought a iphone: heyyy hi he ....

    Hanako_トイレHanako_トイレOy oldin
  • High profit margins? You mean profit? That’s the standard markup on any product how much you think your shoes cost to make about a third of retail just lie every other product? That’s called a business. Cheap android phones are sold below cost because they’re subsidies by Google and Facebook. Jesus what a typical misleading bunch of garbage. On top of that planned obsolescence? how long do you get Android updates versus IOS god spare the me the standard propaganda rubbish.

    Max PowersMax PowersOy oldin
  • What freaks me out is just Apple’s prices 🙄 the rest is like a drug for me ☺️

    GerdarGerdarOy oldin
  • Will definitely like to see how long Apple can mantain their legacy with the current business model.

    Kacang PendekKacang PendekOy oldin
  • The closed font correlatively fold because monday advantageously owe per a courageous footnote. ludicrous, squeamish print

    Hannah CarterHannah CarterOy oldin
  • Apple is classy and Android trashy. If you’re a medical or science person you’re Apple for life.

    octoberboiyoctoberboiyOy oldin
  • Apo?

    K9 GAMINGK9 GAMINGOy oldin
  • Speaking of price gouging, Samsung products are cheaper to make since they source from different factories but they charge the same as Apple. Hmm...🤔

    Katee RoseKatee RoseOy oldin
  • with the rise of hipsters, Karens, SJWs etc....apple has won big time.. 100% percent all of them have apple products..

    EmotionGamingROEmotionGamingROOy oldin
  • Just because you purchased the stocks Instead of the products doesn’t make you any better than the next person. People who invest or have wealth/money don’t have to express it directly. Nor do they have to make themselves sound better than someone else when it comes to their financial decisions and choices. -coming from a person who has several Apple products and investor.

    Aaron JenningsAaron JenningsOy oldin
  • I built my PC, have a Samsung phone, and have a budget iPad. Works for me.

    B RB ROy oldin
  • This is the most boring apple ad ever... 😑

    Renoll Destin FernandesRenoll Destin FernandesOy oldin
  • That « android customer » is salty 😂

    Charles-David BérubéCharles-David BérubéOy oldin
  • I believe that the high prices actually comes from the comfort and convenience. Can you get the same features somewhere else? Sure. But that costs time and effort. However, on the way you will stumble and get hurt. Try replacing AirPlay, AirDrop and HandOff. It seems like no factor. They make life so easy though. If you try to achieve them outside of Apple ecosystem, you’ll get paper cuts. A lot of them.

    Kuba RusinekKuba RusinekOy oldin
  • When it comes to laptops, desktops, smartphones, and smartwatches....maybe another brand will win but for the tablet category, the iPad is the winner!

    Nicolo Don DiegoNicolo Don DiegoOy oldin
  • It’s not just about the brand.... the latest software updates support also on old iPhone models. That’s why I used my iPhone 7 plus for 4 years but it starts now to random shutdown and lagging. I will order iPhone 12 pro max.

    Nicolo Don DiegoNicolo Don DiegoOy oldin
  • Apple Music? Who uses that?

    Rubie BorbonRubie BorbonOy oldin
  • yeah i spent so much

    Kyouma HououinKyouma HououinOy oldin
  • Im using Apple Product because they are practically maintanace free. Espacally the Software and they support their devices about 5 years. I dont buy because there is an Apple Logo on the Product. I really like Android and Windows. Apple is more on privacy and secure. The most important point the consisteny and intuitive UI over all product is impressing. Why other manufacture dont see that important point?

    ExabyteExabyteOy oldin
  • I've never owned any Apple devices - probably never will. I do, however own Apple stock.

    jwd0808jwd0808Oy oldin
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    Gill ChanGill ChanOy oldin
  • Jajajaja, No.

    Shubham AggarwalShubham AggarwalOy oldin
  • Apple sadly because its so expensive, my first was ipad 4, then iphone 5, then switch to android for awhile only to came back to iphone a year later 😅. Now i have iphone 12 and ipad8, and still wanting macbook air m1 It's so hard to surpress the urge 😂😂 It is overpriced, but the longetivity and ecosystem are so great

    Erick JerichoErick JerichoOy oldin
  • for me, it's not a status symbol. but more of a product efficient enough that i don't have to worry about virus or an extremely laggy phone like android. that's why i move to the apple eco system.

    JarnBjornJarnBjornOy oldin
  • That’s all apple is HYPE! Somehow watching this video makes me want to switch back even more to Samsung. It should probably do the opposite but I hate big corporations who don’t ever really make a difference and are just making money selling the same product over and over and over and over and over again

    TheVegetarianChapinTheVegetarianChapinOy oldin
  • Lowkey hate apple but i own sone of their products. I’m most likely going to go back to Samsung

    TheVegetarianChapinTheVegetarianChapinOy oldin
    • @B R I’m gonna have to check them out. Thanks for the information!

      TheVegetarianChapinTheVegetarianChapinOy oldin
    • @TheVegetarianChapin Samsung announced the new S21? And the S20FE is on sale rn

      B RB ROy oldin
    • @B R I’m thinking of switching back once Samsung announces their newest phone. I had the Galaxy S7 Edge for about 4 years. I loved the design and it already had the wireless charging capability that Apple barely installed in their newest phone which I have. They make it seem like their innovating but it’s simply their marketing. Unfortunately people are extremely easy to trick. Apple seems to only care about people with money. I have their product now but probably not for much longer.

      TheVegetarianChapinTheVegetarianChapinOy oldin
    • The s10 is amazing. I still have a headphone jack and SD card slot!

      B RB ROy oldin
  • Someone : iPhone's display is the best Samsung : thanks!!!!

    Leo devanandLeo devanandOy oldin
    • I like Samsung for copying Apple. It makes Samsung Apple except a better version of it.

      INSECT BITE *-*INSECT BITE *-*6 kun oldin
  • 2010 when i started it on ipod 4, then my aunt gift it on my bday on my bday on 2016., an ipod 6 gen....then last 2019 i save it for an 6s plus its the one i used on my vlog ilove it welcome to the apple world i will never go out with this eco System

    Francis RecileFrancis RecileOy oldin
  • As a loyal Blackberry user...

    Paulenstein .wPaulenstein .wOy oldin
  • If you are reading this comment, please go out and buy the iPhone XX and MacBinder Pro. My retirement is depending on YOU!

    tigerrxtigerrxOy oldin
  • I laught at the pathetic people become in regards to apple products. As a tech person, i consider Apple products weak and extremely limited

    Gandalfwiz2007Gandalfwiz2007Oy oldin
  • The only Apple product I have now is the airpods. Even I'll get apple products, I'll still keep windows and Android around

    Owen ChuaOwen ChuaOy oldin
  • In this covid -19 pandemic you’re gonna have to make an appointment just to speak to anyone at the Genius Bar. And don’t even think about touching the new phones, there aren’t any displays anymore. I think I’m on my last iPhone. The blue bubbles are nice but Google’s new phones are catching my eye and their privacy seems just as good.

    BenShutUpBenShutUpOy oldin
  • Apple is the “supreme” of phones. Same thing as other phones but people claim its different. They capitalize off of human stupidity. But who am I to say that, im typing this comment on an ipad.

    Quinn LayaQuinn LayaOy oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Mbakisi SibandaMbakisi SibandaOy oldin
  • I’m down for products and services that serves me well.....Apple will probably forever get my coins. Apple everything

    InvestedFemelleInvestedFemelleOy oldin
  • For me Its the seamless experience and os which got me hooked Its soo easy to use Everything happens on its own I like andorid but i prefer ios or apples easiness even if it comes at cost of losing customisation

    1429 Arnav Kathuria1429 Arnav KathuriaOy oldin
  • I am proud to say that I have had both an IPhone and a Mac and a MacBook before....and I managed to get out and now have a Samsung and a Dell.... Never going to be loyal to any of these companies!! But this was a fantastic video tho! I need to learn how to invest

    Mike UzumakiMike UzumakiOy oldin
  • Man these journalists are PENG

    SGgamesSGgamesOy oldin
  • Well, you forget something very important - apple m1 chip!?

    Bozhidar KasabovBozhidar KasabovOy oldin