Which Is Better? $75 Nutribullet Vs. $450 Vitamix

21-Apr, 2021
21 189 Ko‘rishlar soni

I've had my Nutribullet 900 Pro blender for about 4 years and it has worked really well. It's compact, powerful, and only cost $75 on Amazon. But I recently learned from chef Rick Martinez that the Vitamix is the industry standard for culinary professionals and kitchens. However, the Vitamix can range from $350-$600. So I wanted to test the strength of the Vitamix against my Nutribullet to see which could handle a tough recipe, a mole sencillo by chef Rick Martinez.
Check Martinez's mole sencillo here: food52.com/recipes/84225-mole-sencillo-recipe
*Warning: Nutribullet warns against blending warm or hot ingredients. The unit is also meant to run for a maximum of one minute. Blending warm or hot items could result in physical injury. Precautions were taken during the filming of this video.
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Which Is Better? $75 Nutribullet VS. $450 Vitamix

  • I’m saving up for a VitaMix!

    Cj SmartCj Smart5 kun oldin
  • Neither… my clearance rack Walmart $10 blender is good enough

    applejmapplejm6 kun oldin
  • Personally as someone who makes smoothies everyday, the ninja and nutribullet never blended everything and I’d have to chew my smoothies. It was terrible. (But I use kale, spinach and almonds along with a frozen banana). Vitamix has BLUNT blades which smash the food instead of slicing it. (Think mashed potatoes- if you just kept chopping them, they’d never be smooth, you need to smash them). But with blunt blades, you need the RPMs and power to really smash stuff. Vitamix is absolutely worth it for me

    Paul LeachPaul Leach9 kun oldin
  • Imagine buying food you have to grind down to be able to eat. We are not cattle

    Atanas KatsarovAtanas Katsarov13 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Temeka 42Temeka 429 kun oldin
  • I just use my blender to make salsa. I got a freebie from my neighbor. Just a tiny blender. It was hardly used. It's awesome. Before that, I was using a stick blender.

    SpunkymunkySpunkymunky13 kun oldin
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    Micah BamaiyiMicah Bamaiyi17 kun oldin
  • Animal crackers in mole sauce.. who knew

    Antoine NguyenAntoine Nguyen17 kun oldin
  • Vitamix is king

    Henry LiuHenry Liu18 kun oldin
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    JAT ArgaoJAT Argao18 kun oldin
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      Peter MaryPeter Mary18 kun oldin
  • Finally a comparison video! Been eyeing both the NB and Vitamix for so long.

    Wandering Winona 🪐Wandering Winona 🪐19 kun oldin
  • Sorry for this. I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. 💔 Have a spare $1? Savin' to get a laptop (homejob). No opportunities outside due to constant lockdown. 😷 I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like US. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 💔 Peace be with you. ❤ GOD bless. 🙏 And to anyone who's also struggling, let's hold on tight. All will soon be well. 🙏❤

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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
  • Blenders normally cost about $20-$30 dollars, I can't imagine any reason for someone who is not a professional chef to buy either other than to look flossy.

    10 O'Swords10 O'Swords19 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
  • 1:47 You're welcome

    husyourdady69husyourdady6919 kun oldin
  • Nice work 🎆

    Ebay AddictsEbay Addicts19 kun oldin
  • i have tried both. the Vitamix is the best overall and extremely durable. and interestingly, if you need to sell it used it does have resale value because of its quality of construction. And if you buy a used one, that is in good condition, you can save money.

    M A#npM A#np20 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
  • this video seems like a tax write-off

    seesee20 kun oldin
  • Love my vitamix!

    Alexandra HodovanuAlexandra Hodovanu20 kun oldin
  • I had a ninja and it lasted a couple years. It started lagging. Bought a vitamix and never looked back

    Tod MasTod Mas20 kun oldin
  • I just use the ninja. Kind of a mix between the two. About 150$

    Brandon SteelBrandon Steel20 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
  • In short the Vitamix is for executive chefs and the Nutribullet is for the people.

    Anton SlizzardhandsAnton Slizzardhands20 kun oldin
  • But how does it compare to the ninja 👀 idk man I’ve broke my bullet haha

    nicole janinenicole janine20 kun oldin
    • I have tried the bullet the ninja and the Vitamix. I also tried the blendec. My fav and the one I liked best overall was the Vitamix.

      M A#npM A#np20 kun oldin
  • Don't forget the 100$ NINJA 🔥🔥

    Josh FernandezJosh Fernandez20 kun oldin
  • What kind of "review" was this? You just blend it longer in the nutrilullet. Vitamix seems not worth it for the price. Seemed more like an ad than anything.

    Saul GoodmanSaul Goodman20 kun oldin
  • Good to see Rick after his BA stint

    Rene BanzueloRene Banzuelo20 kun oldin
  • Funny enough, the reason why my family saw how great the vitamix is is due to mole 😂😂 My mom used to have to buy a new blender every year because it would die on her, then a friend who had to move gifted my mom a used vitamix. That thing looked so dirty and used up, but I cleaned it really well it looked like new. It has been with us for about 7 years now through my mom’s mole and other hefty Mexican recipes to my daily frozen fruit smoothies. My mom, who budgets like Julius from Everybody Hates Chris, says she is willing to spend the money for it. It is such a staple that when my oldest sisters moved out they each asked for their warming gift to be a vitamix. I plan on doing the same. Now, if only Vitamix could sponsor my family to be spoke people that would be great.

    Arely RamirezArely Ramirez20 kun oldin
    • I started making a kind of fruit chocolate vegan smoother with my Vitamix that I can eat with a spoon. mixed frozen fruit (just about anything will work. some raw cacao powder, some oat milk, a dash of cinnamon, a dash of sea salt, a dash of cayenne pepper powder

      M A#npM A#np20 kun oldin
  • CNBC ran out of people so now they compare appliances

    Nathan Ngo - Investing for BeginnersNathan Ngo - Investing for Beginners20 kun oldin
  • A nutribullet still cost quite a bit, I have a blender that is only 40 dollars.

    Utopia LightUtopia Light20 kun oldin
  • Not sponsored by Vitamix.

    A VeeA Vee20 kun oldin
  • Yeah but does it automatically call the emergency room after I drink the sauce?

    Caleb theghostCaleb theghost20 kun oldin
  • I don't think anyone regrets buying a Vitamix.

    C. O.C. O.20 kun oldin
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      the dogethe doge19 kun oldin
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      Anita KarmakarAnita Karmakar20 kun oldin
  • I've had my Vitamix since 2006 and use it several times a week. It's my favorite appliance, worth the investment in my opinion.

    lichi1244evalichi1244eva20 kun oldin
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      Andralyner purewatwersAndralyner purewatwers19 kun oldin
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      Andralyner purewatwersAndralyner purewatwers19 kun oldin
  • How about a Ninja blender

    Jay-TJay-T20 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
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      Perrisson whitestonePerrisson whitestone19 kun oldin
  • Save money by putting food in your mouth and spinning really fast. Works like a charm.

    Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis20 kun oldin
  • My Vitamix was worth every penny! Lol I had the nitribullet for years before switching over and it is no comparison. Vitamix is the Apple of blenders

    Wealthy FirefighterWealthy Firefighter20 kun oldin
  • So this is an ad for nutribullet and vitamix ?

    Vanessa MaloneVanessa Malone20 kun oldin
  • Restaurant supply companies are a great place to find high performing used & refurbished blenders for a fraction of the price of a new high speed blender.

    ֆђคภภ๏ภ Ꮛɭץรรคֆђคภภ๏ภ Ꮛɭץรรค20 kun oldin
    • @M A#np I know of S.T.O.P restaurant supply & Maxum restaurant supply in my area, SW Ontario.

      ֆђคภภ๏ภ Ꮛɭץรรคֆђคภภ๏ภ Ꮛɭץรรค19 kun oldin
    • you have a suggestion on one of these places that have used/refurbished Vitamix blenders?

      M A#npM A#np20 kun oldin
  • I have a vitamix. My family cooks a lot at home. You can get good deals on vitamix and they all work really good. You can get a really good one for $350-$450. And they have great warranties. 7-10 years.

    Luis PatinoLuis Patino20 kun oldin
    • 7-10 years isnt enough. For that atrocious price it should come with a lifetime warranty

      552mustang552mustang2 kun oldin
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      Andralyner purewatwersAndralyner purewatwers19 kun oldin
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      Andralyner purewatwersAndralyner purewatwers19 kun oldin
  • I have a vitamix and hardly use it. :/ I have a lot of appliances and hardly use them. Lol

    J CabreraJ Cabrera20 kun oldin
    • You wanna donate them to me? Lol.

      e Rikae Rika20 kun oldin
  • Bit the “bullet” and bought a vitamix 5 years ago. Use it almost everyday and totally worth the investment.

    tarzan12345tarzan1234520 kun oldin
    • I sometimes use my 2 or 3 times a day. I use the smaller container and mix up single portion size things to eat. I will even eat right out of the container using a silicone spatula.

      M A#npM A#np20 kun oldin
    • Yep. Seven years

      Tod MasTod Mas20 kun oldin
  • I’ve broken my family’s Nutra Bullet TWICE because I like to make my smoothies with frozen fruits and it just can’t hold up. Don’t sleep on the Ninja blender!!

    Chelsea RexrodeChelsea Rexrode20 kun oldin
    • Thanks for the tip!

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • my bullet is the only appliance i have ever actually cared about

    Damon DominiqueDamon Dominique20 kun oldin
    • Good to know!

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • Another Juicero type scam.

    Alex VarelaAlex Varela20 kun oldin
  • To save even more money, I just put all those raw ingredients in my mouth and chew really fast

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial Shinanigan20 kun oldin
    • You are clearly the epitome of financial freedom

      David OnlineDavid Online20 kun oldin
    • 😂😂 y’all on here are ridiculous

      AbideAbide20 kun oldin
    • “Simplicity at it’s Finest”😂😂😂 #Salute 💯

    • Nice

      Amy GÜRKANAmy GÜRKAN20 kun oldin
  • I finally have a Vitamix and there is no comparison. I think you can do plenty with the bullet but it does not have the power of the Vitamix or the real versatility.

    KT SterlinKT Sterlin20 kun oldin
    • @Yasmin Nathalie awesome! I have an older model and it still runs amazingly. I believe you’ll be happy with the investment and the versatility.

      KT SterlinKT Sterlin19 kun oldin
    • @KT Sterlin the vitamix E310 it’s on sale right now!

      Yasmin NathalieYasmin Nathalie19 kun oldin
    • @Yasmin Nathalie which one lol

      KT SterlinKT Sterlin19 kun oldin
    • This comment got me .... okay buying it right now!😀

      Yasmin NathalieYasmin Nathalie19 kun oldin
    • Depends on the nutribullet. I have the NutriBullet Rx and it makes me soups and smoothies just as good! I don't get grains or chunks like she talked about at all. I have 3 replacement blades in my pantry to boot! But as someone who in general believes you should get what you pay for I'm glad people find some value in the behemoth that is Vitamix. 💪🏾

      Brownie8986Brownie898620 kun oldin
  • I blend the ingredients in my mouth

    ChikipichiChikipichi20 kun oldin
    • Hahah

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • Greg Doucette does not like vitamin mix blender

    Starry50Starry5020 kun oldin
  • I've had my bullet for years...love it

    Simone BrooksSimone Brooks20 kun oldin
    • Thanks for the tip!

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • You’d have to break a lot of nutribullets to equal the cost of the Vitamix

    Casey Burns InvestingCasey Burns Investing20 kun oldin
    • Hahaha fair

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I think they do these reviews so they can get free appliances...

    God HandGod Hand20 kun oldin
    • LOL maybe

      Miriam StraussMiriam Strauss20 kun oldin
  • I can’t afford either one 😃

    Dr Phil thyDr Phil thy20 kun oldin
  • I want a Vitamix so bad 😭. I have a 25% of code and if you buy it refurbished with the 25% discount it ends up be $203.. still very expensive but I’ve heard ppl can use Vitamix for life.

    O LoveO Love20 kun oldin
    • I bought my refurbished vitamix in 2013 and its still going strong. Your're getting a deal for $203. I paid $300 for mine.

      Loc NaturalzLoc Naturalz20 kun oldin
  • This is a great ad for nutri bullet - I am sold

    Jessica Gloria OppermannJessica Gloria Oppermann20 kun oldin
  • I have a Nuti bullet and I love it. I use it for everything.

    Natasha RaisorNatasha Raisor20 kun oldin
  • I have used the nutribullet for 2yrs now, no complaints whatsoever.

    Millionaire Mindset ClubMillionaire Mindset Club20 kun oldin
  • What would you say are the best investments for a young investor?

    Thomas PaplawskyThomas Paplawsky20 kun oldin
    • @Rong Xin Foo Yeah you'll make money in bitcoin but the share price is too high now to make a decent percentage gain now. Unless you're willing to wait decades.

      ScottMuzzaMusclesScottMuzzaMuscles20 kun oldin
    • @O Love Dogecoin is set to hit a new high tomorrow after Elon announces his moon trip. Doge on the moon. Nio is another, they're branching out to sell their cars in Europe.

      ScottMuzzaMusclesScottMuzzaMuscles20 kun oldin
    • Inb4 bitcoin spam

      Rong Xin FooRong Xin Foo20 kun oldin
    • Following

      O LoveO Love20 kun oldin
    • Long term, get into Argo Blockchain. It's gonna do very well come the end of the year, like 5x then 5x again when it hits the NASDAQ.

      ScottMuzzaMusclesScottMuzzaMuscles20 kun oldin
  • Nutri bullet

    ElitepresshdElitepresshd20 kun oldin
  • Been cheap making it in my oyster 😭

    NleNle20 kun oldin
    • Too funny...Me too! 😂🤣 I need to upgrade so bad.

      L. T.L. T.20 kun oldin