The Points Guy Reacts: Living On $100K A Year In Fairfax, VA | Millennial Money

14-Yan, 2021
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Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, reacts to Kristina Truong, a 24-year-old who lives in Fairfax, VA, and earns $100,000 a year as a project manager for a tech firm. She also started a cupcake business, District Cupcake, with her mom and sister. Kristina moved back home after graduation to save money and help pay for her sister’s college tuition.
Just a few years out of college, Kristina Truong has built a strong financial foundation for herself. Truong earns around $100,000 a year as a project manager at a digital consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. area, and helps pay for her parents’ household bills and younger sister’s education.
As she has learned more about personal finance over the past few years, she, like many other millennials, has become increasingly interested in gaming rewards credit cards to help her reach her financial goals.
CNBC Make It asked Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, to offer Truong advice on using her credit card points. Overall, Kelly is impressed with how she manages her money and looks for deals.
“We’ve got a points girl,” Kelly jokes.
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The Points Guy Reacts: Living On $100K A Year In Fairfax, VA | Millennial Money

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    • Such an amazing video!

      Kam KarterKam KarterOy oldin
    • I just paid off my primary home this year through major saving habits. It feels like a large weight has been lifted from my shoulders by eliminating my biggest living expense! WooHoo!

      Jump for Joy with MichaelJump for Joy with MichaelOy oldin
  • "Spread the word of God to children in need..." Essentially she is donating to Christian missionaries who are attempting to transform African countries into ,more, regressive shitholes. I hate these missionaries who bribe Africans into joining a world wide cult.

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  • Oh man Graham is gonna be excited!

    Emily BrowningEmily BrowningOy oldin
  • PLEASE feature budget girl on the millennial money series!! her name is Sarah Wilson!

    Orla FennellyOrla FennellyOy oldin
  • "Kristina, are you looking for another brother" lmao

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  • Where is the monetization loop of Graham Stephan??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Ramsey would be thrilled to have that!

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      Donald MichealDonald MichealOy oldin
    • Can you help me with Mr Andy’s contact?

      James WalterJames WalterOy oldin
    • Money is never satisfactory because you keep looking out for more and more. I've alway learned that wealth Is created in the mind and that has helped me sites profitable opportunities when I see one.

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  • She is a wonderful woman I want to marry her hehe

    Joe KingJoe KingOy oldin
  • im so emotional watching this video 😭❤️

    MedianaDheaMedianaDheaOy oldin
  • This guy didn't even say anything constructive. What's the point of getting him to watch it?

    JasonJasonOy oldin
  • Let's go 🎆✨🌠

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  • Aww... we did not get to see him react to her monthly spending

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  • Nice Video.

    Unai EtxeberriaUnai EtxeberriaOy oldin
  • I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Venture into Investing some, if you really want financial freedom.

    anselem riceanselem riceOy oldin
    • Thank you so much for sharing.

      Alexa Bill'sAlexa Bill'sOy oldin
    • I have been researching all this while for a digital asset Investment and i found bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all, I'm definitely bouncing on the opportunity, thank you so much.

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    • You can easily reach her on WhatsApp...

      anselem riceanselem riceOy oldin
    • +1 9 0 8 3 6 7 7 4 6 3

      anselem riceanselem riceOy oldin
    • @anselem rice I checked her on the google now, i actually reached her through the mail on there, thanks for sharing this, i need this and i she gets back to me.

      Angela LopezAngela LopezOy oldin
  • No way the points guy is here?! As a fellow credit card churner this dude is a legend!!

    Todd Baldwin - Millennial MillionaireTodd Baldwin - Millennial MillionaireOy oldin
  • What a bright and smart girl, very admirable. It definitely resonates to my situation as well.

    Edska1Edska1Oy oldin
  • How does she expect a 20k salary increase within a year or so?! I’m an engineer too how can i get that 😂😭

    FitTiffFitTiffOy oldin
    • She’s a consultant promotions between levels can be huge

      VaroVaroOy oldin
  • 24 making 100k with zero debt. She's doing really well!

    Lil YashyLil YashyOy oldin
  • “I was so stupid and got a credit card and got into debt in college which was like quicksand.” Truer words have never been spoke.

    This is YamsThis is YamsOy oldin
    • @inconnu Exactly, not only that, you think after college you would land a high paying income but expenses and income taxes kick in and then reality kicks in.... Not everyone who goes to college and get 2 higher degrees will land a high income salary. It was a huge reality check for me and I had credit cards, the competition of the job market sunk in, along with the economic depression downfall. Thank God all that struggle is over now, an more than capable to pay off debts, wish it happened earlier. But counting my blessings.

      adepoju22adepoju22Oy oldin
    • @DomTheBomb I hope you’re able to get rid of the debt as soon as possible! Good luck!

      This is YamsThis is YamsOy oldin
    • Yeah my account is about to get charged off😬😬😬big 18y.o. mistake

      DomTheBombDomTheBombOy oldin
    • That is so true!!! I did the same. Never ever get credit card debt while in college. You always think once you gratuate it will be easy to pay but not always. Expenses creep up on you.

      inconnuinconnuOy oldin
  • Such a strong tight-knit family! I am amazed.

    accidentsafeaccidentsafeOy oldin
  • Totally possible. My cousin is a PA, 24 years old making over 100k. Problem is, she has mountains of debt left to pay back. 💸

    Ashton FlowersAshton FlowersOy oldin
    • @Jessy Soulman Scofield physicians assistant. 18 months of grad school after college no time for part time job so either husband family or student loans cover you. Salaries range from 50k to 100k depending on focus and location. 100k is kind of max for this position but 14 12 hour shifts a month allow for extra work at quick clinics and other jobs provided schedules work out.

      Corey ParksCorey ParksOy oldin
    • What does PA mean ?

      Jessy Soulman ScofieldJessy Soulman ScofieldOy oldin
  • *clicks on the video* OH WAIT THAT'S ME

    Kristina TruongKristina TruongOy oldin
    • Forget a credit card - you should have a LLC and make sure you are writing off everything you spend for the company

      Diego PDiego POy oldin
    • All these youtuber milking views out of your video :). Ask for your cut :p.

      aimlesfezaimlesfezOy oldin
    • you're so amazing this video made me cry😭❤️

      MedianaDheaMedianaDheaOy oldin
    • I want to taste your cupcakes.

      InceptaconInceptaconOy oldin
    • You're crushing it and you have admirable values. Great job!

      Francis EcleviaFrancis EcleviaOy oldin
  • 24 and 100k? Well done! Keep going! 😉😎💸

    MAGRI - A Real Estate JourneyMAGRI - A Real Estate JourneyOy oldin
  • One of my favorite Millennial Money. Such good vibes and good family values.

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    • @Meet Kevin fake bot

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  • Wow if Graham Stephan Reacts To This, Then Jack Reacts To This, Then Grahams Girlfriends Reacts To This, this video should hit the world record for most reactions 😂

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  • 24 making 100k with zero debt. She's doing really well!

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  • ❤️🤝

    Ujjal BuragohainUjjal BuragohainOy oldin
  • dont put this points guy fellow on a video to review something. he's known to treat his own employees like crap and has many allegations against him. such a bad guy smh

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  • I don't know her whatsoever but I feel proud of her

    Sabrina KimSabrina KimOy oldin
  • I love this series so much

    MuskanMuskanOy oldin
  • Interesting video about an interesting person. She seems to have balanced financial health with happiness, so good for her! She is lucky that she still has a place to stay even in her mid 20's. Thanks for these types of videos, keep them coming! I'll be following!

    Rich Beyond Our MeansRich Beyond Our MeansOy oldin
  • Very Smart move, everyone else is doing reactions to your videos(myself included) you might as well do the same..

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  • That's fiiiiine. You will get there no matter what age 🚀

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    • I earn 50 dollar a month

      Harshit BasandHarshit BasandOy oldin
  • Women that make entrepreneurship interesting. Seeing parents struggle is certainly a drive to become better. Luckily for us in Nigeria, you can’t even take student loan. Either you pay your fees or you owe and not graduate. She’s pretty smart. 24 with a 34 year old sense

    BlecynBlecynOy oldin
  • She’s 24 and already making 100k. Me: got laid off and struggling to find my way out

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    • @C M I earn 50 dollar a month

      Harshit BasandHarshit BasandOy oldin
    • @Lydia A I earn 50

      Harshit BasandHarshit BasandOy oldin
    • @BBXioful I earn 50 dollar a month

      Harshit BasandHarshit BasandOy oldin
    • Me too girl im 24 i got laid of in April 2020 and its hard to get a job now staying with my parents and its January 2021😔

      C MC MOy oldin
    • Life is so unfair.

      Lydia ALydia AOy oldin
  • First

    Portia OPortia OOy oldin