Making $55K A Year As An Aircraft Mechanic in Charlotte, NC | On The Job

3-Apr, 2021
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Erin Haas Martin, 24, is looking forward to making $55K this year as an aircraft mechanic in Charlotte, NC for PSA Airlines. Before becoming a licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, Erin was in the Marine Corps for 5 years where she worked as a helicopter mechanic on CH-53 aircrafts. Now, Erin works the overnight shift 4 days a week, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Erin Martin remembers the first time she spoke with her military recruiter. She was 16 years old, she drove a 2007 Chevy Cobalt she repaired herself and she already felt burnt out by school.
"I took AP classes and honors classes in high school. My recruiter actually came into my AP calculus class," she recalls. "In high school, I was pretty much a nerd. I was very heavy on the books. I graduated really high in my class and my plans were to go to college. But after high school, I was pretty burnt out. So I decided to join the Marine Corps."
She enlisted in December 2014.
"I got to choose my job and I chose to be a helicopter mechanic," she says, describing servicing massive C-53 helicopters. "I was always into mechanics growing up, but I didn't know much. Like I know how to work on cars and fix things around the house, but I really wanted to learn a trade."
In the military, Martin earned roughly $800 per week - about $41,600 per year.
In December 2019, Martin left the Marines, moved back into her parents' home outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and began looking for work. She wound up becoming an airplane mechanic making more than $25 per hour and expects to earn roughly $55,000 this year.
At 24 years old, Martin is planning for a long career and has her eye on advanced airplane mechanic positions, or team "lead" positions, that can pay over $100,000.
"Long-term goal, possibly at a different airline, I hope to be making about six figures. I know that won't happen any time soon, but that's my goal," she says.
Martin says military service "is like a rollercoaster" and transitioning into civilian life is no different.
"I got out in December of 2019, and it was not as planned. I didn't think I was going to be moving back to Charlotte. I thought I was going to be staying in Jacksonville, North Carolina, working as a contractor on my old helicopter," she says. "But plans didn't work out, so I moved back home and then I found out about PSA."
In 2019, PSA Airlines, a regional affiliate of American Airlines, invested in a recruiting program for veterans. Martin applied and was able to place out of the initial mechanic training because of her military experience.
PSA paid for her to travel to Ohio to earn her Airframe and Powerplant license.
"A lot of companies don't really try to help veterans transition to the civilian side of things," says Martin. "[PSA] offered to pay for my license, which I did not have at the time. And then there were relocation stipends, sign-on bonuses, experience bonuses to box bonuses - like so much stuff that I couldn't really pass up."
Those bonuses included a $2,500 experience bonus and a professional toolbox worth roughly $5,000.
Currently, Martin works the night shift, which begins at 9 p.m. and ends around 7 a.m., Sunday through Wednesday.
While she says is used to being a "vampire" after working the night shift for three years during her time in the Marine Corps, Martin admits working at night has its challenges.
"On a typical day, I'll wake up around 4:00 p.m. drag myself out of bed, go make some coffee, and then I'll try to work out before work," she says. "Then I'll eat breakfast, but it's typically dinner food because it's dinner time."
Her commute takes roughly 30 minutes and her workday begins with a team meeting where tasks are assigned. Tasks range from checking aircraft lights and tire pressure to fixing more serious concerns.
For each task, Martin uses a digital manual to diagnose and address each task - a comforting format she has grown to appreciate.
"You should never have a question about anything that you're doing in the manual. If you do have questions, there's plenty of people here to help you," she says, mentioning "leads" who serve as shift managers. "But usually, the manuals are like Barney-style super simple to understand."
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Making $55K A Year As An Aircraft Mechanic in Charlotte, NC | On The Job

  • If she does not do anything to self destruct, then she will be running the organization before she's 40. Hard work really does payoff.

    David ChaseDavid Chase14 soat oldin
  • Not enough, not nearly enough. She should be making twice that - MINIMUM!

    Danny FernandezDanny FernandezKun oldin
  • This sjw entitlement starts at 5:00 if you wanna end right there

    Nathan Vs EverythingNathan Vs EverythingKun oldin
  • Experienced Aircraft mechanic pay is $120,000 with overtime close to $150,000.

    Dave MackDave MackKun oldin
  • She will be well over 100k in 5 years. It’s a great start.

  • Anyone else think 55k is too low?

    Christian GooomanChristian GooomanKun oldin
  • 55k isn't good money now adays.

    Xcraig12tera-popsXcraig12tera-popsKun oldin
  • $55,000 isn't a lot for most of you. It's $55,000 without debt. No college, lives with her parents. That's mostly going straight to the bank. $55,000 to her is probably more than 4 year students earning $80,000, and dumping half of that into loans and other expenses.

    LucasLucas2 kun oldin
  • Great job!

    Alex Flowers, REALTORAlex Flowers, REALTOR2 kun oldin
  • I hate it when people who don't even make 20K complaining that she makes way too less.

    ric perezric perez2 kun oldin
  • She isn't doing bad, however, I feel that she should be earning $30k+ more a year.

    Life YangLife Yang3 kun oldin
  • Way underpaid.

    Miles MillerMiles Miller4 kun oldin
  • I make more money as a truck driver for walmart

    Bryan MaxBryan Max5 kun oldin
  • Mad respect for jobs like these, she's on her stuff and keeping people safe! She should be making more! :(

    AlmostAuroraAlmostAurora6 kun oldin
  • That's nothing for such a demanding job

    Sorn KeadsiriSorn Keadsiri6 kun oldin
  • I bet she had lots of trains ran on her

    Ziggy SobatkaZiggy Sobatka7 kun oldin
  • i was avionics in the Marines working on Hueys and Cobras. you can easily make 100k plus now working overseas as a civilian contractor. I went from 40k to110k after getting out the Marines working overseas. But if your at home with family i would stick to that.

    tim285401tim2854017 kun oldin
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    Pat DerrickPat Derrick7 kun oldin
    • It's never too late to start trading thanks for the info

      Philip ChrisPhilip Chris6 kun oldin
    • Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and believe

      Philip ChrisPhilip Chris6 kun oldin
    • All nice recommendations I have already contacted her and she attended to me nicely

      Valley WinnerValley Winner6 kun oldin
    • Tell her I referred you please

      Patrick SaviorPatrick Savior6 kun oldin
    • *+° 1° (3° 0° 2°)2° 0° 6° - 8° 5° 0° 4*

      Patrick SaviorPatrick Savior6 kun oldin
  • This girl goin places. Other girls her age have only fans, but that’s not sustainable. She’ll have work till she dies. This is REAL independence.

    Joaquin RodriguezJoaquin Rodriguez7 kun oldin
  • Wait til reality hits in about 10 yrs, you'll wish u never chose this field

    Eddie ArevaloEddie Arevalo7 kun oldin
  • Oh boy here we go with the "I'm a women" and "girl" card.....

    Mike AndersonMike Anderson7 kun oldin
  • 9pm-7am Thats 10hrs

    Ralph Beneton TrinidadRalph Beneton Trinidad7 kun oldin
  • Erin is amazing...not only financially level headed but also an inspiration for young women. She seems to have broken boundaries in her time in the military and is doing it on the home front as well. Go Erin!

    sindu17sindu178 kun oldin
  • How to become an aircraft mechanic?

    put dinaput dina9 kun oldin
  • Wait whaaat??? Aircraft mechanics only get 55k?? I always thought they were paid way more

    RyanRyan9 kun oldin
  • Jesus christ that's low pay. That needs to be double at minimum.

    AdamAdam9 kun oldin
  • 401k matching but how about Roth IRA?

    Baby OhanaBaby Ohana9 kun oldin
  • Not to mention the fact she has to do the graveyard shift doesn’t make her pay sound attractive at all given her skill sets.

    Baby OhanaBaby Ohana9 kun oldin
  • That’s very low pay for an airline mechanic. Even an automechanic makes more

    Baby OhanaBaby Ohana9 kun oldin
  • $55k?? I made $58k as a waiter serving pizza!🤣

    FMR NVY CLFMR NVY CL9 kun oldin
  • She makes that because she didn’t have A&P they paid for that which can be about 3,000 for a crash course..they gave her a 2,500 bonus to sign up for the job. Plus they gave her a tool box and aircraft tools are expensive.. most places make you bring your own tools, that can be upwards of 5k..she will probably get raises to with all the bonuses and stuff and benefits she is at about 70k starting in the civilian sector..

    The1NonlySaviorThe1NonlySavior10 kun oldin
  • She sounds very honest and thankful. Happy for her 👊

    everyday adventureseveryday adventures10 kun oldin
  • She’s a keeper! 😍

    B BB B10 kun oldin
  • Poor girl. She looks pretty rough for 24 :(

    BOMBON187BOMBON18711 kun oldin
  • As a fellow A&P mechanic I feel the struggle as well. Become an aircraft mechanic they said, you'll love it they said, you'll make alot of money they said.

    Andrew 2150Andrew 215011 kun oldin
  • 55k is low for that job title. Car mechanics make more

    Umar KhanUmar Khan11 kun oldin
  • my literal dream job ! only debating on enlisting :/

    KayKay12 kun oldin
  • Let’s take the time to thank these individuals who work night shifts to make sure the planes we fly in are airworthy!

    Dan LozackDan Lozack13 kun oldin
  • I was expecting at least $80k

    fake Apple Storefake Apple Store13 kun oldin
  • Woman, I can soooo relate. I’m in UAS maintenance now (served in the Air Force for almost 10 yrs.) and I’m one of a hand full of females in this emerging industry nation wide.

    Living L6SLiving L6S13 kun oldin
  • Jesus, how do people live on $55K a year?

    Alex CAlex C13 kun oldin
  • As a person that has worked in the aerospace industry for many years it is not an easy career, to make anything near 100k a year, without scarifying family time (wife & kids) and social life. Many people think aircraft mechanics make lots of money which is FALSE. Most make between 40k - 60k. I DO NOT recommend this career path unless you plan pursuing higher education in the aerospace industry (eg: engineering, etc.) or start at a young age, early 20's.

    SkyDome VIZESkyDome VIZE14 kun oldin
  • In malaysia we are underpaid

    Farid&masitah ChannelFarid&masitah Channel14 kun oldin
  • Mechanic dont make airplanes fly that's is a pilots job mechanics do what 5he paperwork says to do weather it fly again or not

    Adam ShadrickAdam Shadrick14 kun oldin
  • shes geting ripped off 55k a year the bare min is 63 to 75 k a year..

    Brian HershyBrian Hershy14 kun oldin
  • Propaganda

    Guerrilla DGuerrilla D15 kun oldin
  • What a lot of you fail to see is that this is a regional job, which got her started. No one plans to stay at a regional for a career. She'll most likely be able to move up to mainline American making closer to $100k in a few years. Plus, she got her toolbox paid for, plus some other bonuses. Sounds about right for pay to me. New first officers at regional airlines clear $50k if they're lucky... but after a few years, you're at $80k+. That's how the airlines work.

    RobFliesRobFlies16 kun oldin
  • 55k is insulting

    fixed gamefixed game16 kun oldin
  • easy to make 55k doing nothing in a whole bunch of office settings

    Zero One *Zero One *16 kun oldin
  • This awesome. I’m a FSA for AA in Phx..

    Erik MalaveErik Malave16 kun oldin
  • Aircraft mechanics can make over 100k just depending on where you work

    nick Cnick C17 kun oldin
  • If you work for a major airline you will be making 100k with ot i seen people who made 300k

    bravobravo17 kun oldin
  • She deserves to be making way more, especially with the overnight shift.

    Ethan NakaEthan Naka17 kun oldin
    • Nope -ain't gonna happen with puddle jumper ops ------> She needs to go to Freight.

      Mr. HolbrookMr. Holbrook14 kun oldin
  • I make 90k as an aircraft mechanic with full benefits. She’s definitely working on the low end. I also worked as a helicopter mechanic in Marine Corp aviation; did 5 years got out got my A&P and was offered tons of jobs! I was offered and great deal and jumped on it. Seems like she settled for a job close to home

    Jose GutierrezJose Gutierrez18 kun oldin
    • if you dont mind me asking what city/state do you work in? im finishing school to get my A&P license and have a good chance of finding a job here in Orlando.. 90k would be amazing here😅

      ahbidaleahbidale13 kun oldin
  • There's quite a bit to factor in here... I've worked in that industry, not as a mechanic though. What she's making is probably on the low side in the US, although it ain't completely bad as a starting salary for a 24 yo. There is also a lot of agency paid personal in this industry in north America (probably elsewhere too but I couldn't say) I does sucks that agency makes quite a bit of money for recruiting young talents, I feel like those young talents should be hired directly and get the pay they deserve without a 3rd party or a middle man making their cut... but that's the world we live in now. Also big companies makes a TON of savings hiring people trough agencies, and therefore creating a demand for having those agencies in the first place. Once her contract is over (usually 6 months to a year) and she gets employed by the actual company, she should be able to get 60-65K fairly fast within the next 2 to 3 years, and probably 65-75K within 3 to 6 years and achieve around the max salary range for that position around the 6 to 8 years mark (could be anywhere from 75 to 100K I would guess...). Other than that... it's about what the different companies are offering for the same or a similar position, some employers may be more competitive on their offering. Most of those jobs are unionized so the pay is what the convention say it is

    Vincent LacombeVincent Lacombe18 kun oldin
  • That's very low for aircraft mechanics am I missing something here?

    gvanysgvanys18 kun oldin
  • Dude go apply for overseas contracting!!!

    Rachel NewmanRachel Newman18 kun oldin
  • Wow, that's whopping money you get when it is not India. Here We barely make 2500 dollar a year for the same job.😢

    aftab Qadriaftab Qadri18 kun oldin
  • Way underpaid.

    C SC S19 kun oldin
  • Breh she should be making 100k min lol

    Lee Roy IbarraLee Roy Ibarra19 kun oldin
  • I'm study at Civil Aviation High School in Turkey. Aircraft technicians earn seven thousand dollars a year in Turkey. I hate my country.

    Emre TurgutEmre Turgut19 kun oldin
  • She works for PSA, not American Airlines, Delta, or any big airline. Usually, after three years, any A & P Mechanic can transfer. The only problem is any Airports work in a Seniority system. In the beginning, You are going to get the crapy shifts, but eventually, Seniority will bring You the SHIFT You want it. As A & P, You can work for a cruise line, wind turbines, theme parks, auto racing, and many more places. 55K in South Carolina is a GOOD SALARY because of the cost of living, compared to California or New York. I hope. She finds a better offer on a company that has a better salary. BTW; Thanks for Your service.

    Manuel IrizarryManuel Irizarry19 kun oldin
  • Sorry but is the low wage on part because she's female. Not trying to be sexist or anything but I thought aircraft mechanics made more and I didn't actually think there was a wage gap between men and women but something doesn't seem right

    Random guy who stole all of Your doritos, yummyRandom guy who stole all of Your doritos, yummy19 kun oldin
  • lil cutie pie

    Nabeel Abdul QaharNabeel Abdul Qahar19 kun oldin
  • There she is, 24 making bank, while I, 26, struggle to get my priorities in life set and still don't have a degree after 5 years of studying..

    Schnapps ist gesund!Schnapps ist gesund!20 kun oldin
  • 55k a year?! Then again she lives in NC the cost of living is down.

    Bonifacio ZamaripaBonifacio Zamaripa20 kun oldin
  • I'm 25, and was feeling bad about living with my parents until I saw this video. I'm also saving up for a house 🏠. It's funny how people in our generation have similar goals/lives. I guess the housing market is what makes us live with our parents, especially where I live, an average home can cost $400,000-$600,000

    S BS B20 kun oldin
  • She ain't a normal woman, she probably has more testosterone than me.

    Muscular ChickenMuscular Chicken20 kun oldin
  • Here's a young woman doing her thing. Proud of you.

    BmorekouBmorekou20 kun oldin
  • A technical job, hard work and physical labor is paying too low, while doing stupidities on tiktok is a gold mine. Something is wrong about our society.

    • This is called capitalism

      herewego034herewego03416 kun oldin
    • It's a beginners position

      Synyster GooseSynyster Goose19 kun oldin
  • Shes making around $143.00 /hr

    Danyela RuDanyela Ru21 kun oldin
  • Doesn't sound like enough money when you consider the liability (potential civil and criminal) for the work you have to sign off on. The risk is just too great considering the benefit.

    southe101southe10121 kun oldin
  • That’s way too low a wage for such a prestigious skill set.

    Jose BladesJose Blades21 kun oldin
  • That's way too low ...

    snowySovasnowySova21 kun oldin
  • 55k must be bare bottom wage for this line of work. Why is this a story

    WCGwkfWCGwkf21 kun oldin
  • She has a good perspective on life and a good head on her shoulders. I wish her all the best.

    Acer ChromebookAcer Chromebook22 kun oldin
  • Anyone that keeps the craft I am flying in up in the air needs to make 5x this amount.

    Steve SimonettiSteve Simonetti22 kun oldin
  • So would other companies have manuals too or just certain ones?

    Vitamin DVitamin D22 kun oldin
  • I make that printing from copiers, seriously. Typical CNBC liberal brainwashing, they think that's good? should be at least 75k.

    landofodinlandofodin22 kun oldin
  • I’m aircraft mechanic I make $85K without OT.

    Mike ApilaMike Apila22 kun oldin
  • I got my airframe and power plant license but never used it because of the low starting salary and working the graveyard shift.

    Abdi AliAbdi Ali23 kun oldin
  • ❤️

    Eldric Jhon LaxamanaEldric Jhon Laxamana23 kun oldin
  • A lot of hair missing in the forehead 5:27

    John hamJohn ham23 kun oldin
  • Thats pretty cool! My dad started off doing the same thing eventually he worked his way up to being airplane inspector. It definitely has paid well and yes weird timings. Thats all good she's got flight benefits that probably depends on company though. Anyways I really wish her best of luck this is huge sevice for the world!

    sohaib ahmedsohaib ahmed24 kun oldin
  • Veteran and airline mechanic now retired i worked in that hanger as well 39 years

    Arturo HolguinArturo Holguin24 kun oldin
  • That's why the airplane accidents increased since she worked as a mechanic by 300%

    István JuhászIstván Juhász24 kun oldin
  • Very cool , I live in Charlotte hope to see her succeed In management some day . Seems well deserved , she’s clearly smart and passionate about this

    Krassimir PetrovKrassimir Petrov24 kun oldin
  • Are they trying to say she is making a lot?

    Jorge GJorge G24 kun oldin
  • Wow... talk about under paid!!! ... Seems like this videos was ment to warn us ... stay away from that career!

    Jimmy JonesJimmy Jones24 kun oldin
  • What you people don't understand is that she is a mechanic. She is not a Inspector or A&P licensed. In Europe means B1 types rated. For a mechanic this is not a bad salary. Calculated and compared to the Euro means highly paid.

    TibiTefTibiTef24 kun oldin
  • People in the comments saying poor girl she's being robbed.... She doesn't need your sympathy. Maybe you guys should go read about what's going on in the real world instead of expecting 6 figure jobs

    mitsovios rexmitsovios rex24 kun oldin
  • To all she’s getting low salary because she’s in regional airline. If you go into major airline , you top out minimum 100k. American signed their contract not too long ago think a tech makes close to 60$/hr . 6 weeks vacation top out. United 52$/hr with 7 weeks vacation. Their contract is coming up next year so expect it to go up near 60$ as well. On top of vacations you get 4 personal holidays you get off (4 extra days off) , 6 holiday pays , and sick time. So it’s a lot of PTO. Delta I can’t say but I’m guessing up there too. I can say it’s the best job I’ve had . Travel benefits are awesome and pay is pretty good. Can easily make well over 150k with little OT. Won’t give it up for anything. It’s a shame regionals pay is really low though

    K KK K24 kun oldin
  • Never judge someone for living at home.

    Nikko McCarrollNikko McCarroll24 kun oldin
  • she needs to apply at FedEx, she'll make 55k in her first 6 months

    Rick AccursoRick Accurso24 kun oldin
  • Her parents as well as herself need to be proud of themselves for what she has done with her life!!! I hope more "Young" people watch this... "You Make your Bed, You Lay in it..."

    Joe UgartecheaJoe Ugartechea25 kun oldin
  • here in los angeles its very hard for me to get in an airline :( . its probably because of the location. i did 4 years in the navy, i have my a&p, worked on uav's for a couple years. she lucked out

    123YD123YD25 kun oldin
    • @michaeloffgrid yeah i am aware of them. I dont have a clearance so thats a no go for me

      123YD123YD14 kun oldin
    • Are you close enough to Point Mugu? Look up Kay and Associates. They're a defense contractor. I just checked their site, and they have a handful of Aircraft Mechanic positions open at Mugu. I currently work for NATEC in the Navy at Atsugi, and two of the other tech reps here say that Kay is a good company. They used to be contractors at North Island.

      michaeloffgridmichaeloffgrid14 kun oldin
  • I like her, she is down to earth and objective. Not some crazy feminist with delusions of eating the entire world and prove men that she is something she is not

    GG25 kun oldin
  • 55k is so low lmao

    renato murenato mu25 kun oldin
  • Underpaid for an A&P mechanic. I made 90k last year as a mechanic.

    Street to SkyStreet to Sky25 kun oldin
  • Why do they need to fix planes in the middle of the night?

    D yard SaleD yard Sale25 kun oldin