Making $5,000 Extra A Month On Facebook Marketplace | Side Hustle

30-Mar, 2021
24 826 Ko‘rishlar soni

Ben Pryor, 23, has been flipping dirt bikes and quads as a side hustle for a few years. During the summer, he can make up to $5,000 per month. Although Ben will replace parts when necessary, he says sometimes all a bike needs is a good polish and he can sell it for more than he originally bought it.
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Making Up To $5K A Month Flipping Dirt Bikes - Side Hustle

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  • Amazing! This guy has found an efficient and fast way to grow capital. Capital for which he can later invest in stocks/real estate/ etc.

    Mr0erick0Mr0erick0Oy oldin
  • Plus he pays no tax, not bad at all.

    Billz ManBillz ManOy oldin
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  • Nice work 🎇🎆🌠

    Ebay AddictsEbay AddictsOy oldin
    • Aye eBay addicts in the chat

      Staying In Your Own LaneStaying In Your Own Lane23 kun oldin
  • My nephew did that with cars. Buy, fix and flip. He doesn't have a lot of money on paper. But sits on quite a bit of cash. He's probably still doing that. But I don't really talk to him. He's kind of a slime ball.

    SpunkymunkySpunkymunkyOy oldin
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    • @Ben Jackson BTC topped last week.

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    • When someone is straight-forward at what he or she does people will always speak for them

      Alex TorresAlex TorresOy oldin
    • I'm placing my trades with Mrs Graham Cassidy ASAP.

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    • This is the kind of information that we don't get from most UZworldrs I will get in touch with her right now

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    • The fact that I was able to withdraw without any issues is what I love about trading with Mrs Graham Stephan Cassidy

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  • Y’all messing this well kept secret up😭

    Ryan MayerRyan MayerOy oldin
  • Props Ben I liked the vid

    Chad DaigleChad DaigleOy oldin
  • Nice Video.

    Esteban Azcárraga SadaEsteban Azcárraga SadaOy oldin
  • Nice!

    Sonia JohnstonSonia JohnstonOy oldin
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    harry Clintonharry ClintonOy oldin
  • That discord ping made me full-on pause the video and swap tabs to check if I had gotten a message.

    AutinAutinOy oldin
  • Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes

    Anna DrechslerAnna DrechslerOy oldin
    • I can, but I think crypto is less complicated,

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    • Please can anyone tell me more about stock exchange?

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  • This guy just killed his entire business by revealing this info

    freezedried94freezedried94Oy oldin
  • Used cars salesman?

    Thirsty_ear_7Thirsty_ear_7Oy oldin
  • Is this series only based around people with side hustles and gigs? Further proof that a single income is not enough, which is atrocious, and unfortunately reinforcing the idea that everyone needs a brand and personality with UZworld or other channels, as trite and unoriginal as that is. I hate it here.

    Paul HoPaul HoOy oldin
  • Woooow, looking for things that are wrong with an item to push the price down - what a mind-blowingly innovative negotiation technique! What a tool.

    TheUrbanEpicureTheUrbanEpicureOy oldin
  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

    Historiadores PinerosHistoriadores PinerosOy oldin
    • Stocks are good crypto is better

      Frank WilliamsFrank WilliamsOy oldin
    • Stocks are good too

      Lew JamesLew JamesOy oldin
  • Try adding wheels of color, streamers and spray paint the spokes for younger kids. Check out mopeds.

    Ruby ChewRuby ChewOy oldin
  • Assuming this is illegal like flipping cars? More than likely need a dealers license.

    Sarah DellSarah DellOy oldin
    • @Matt Anderson I sell high end European cars, and each one is independently inspected and whatever needs repaired gets completed. I’ve yet to have an issue with a customer, regarding a vehicle that has been sold. Not saying this guy is bad, or selling junk. It’s most likely not legal. Addressing that doesn’t make someone a “Karen”

      Sarah DellSarah DellOy oldin
    • @Sarah Dell I already pay multiples of what he makes in taxes... And probably multiples of what you make in taxes, Lord knows the commission checks at "dealerships" are a joke. I'm sure I'm probably a lot older than you think, however, the only people I've ever seen pedal garbage are "dealers". It seems like this kid at least cares enough to replace and remedy things that 90% of dealers would try and cover up or gloss over. The other thing you don't realize is that the secondary market for off road vehicles is rarely targeted by "dealers" because it's a low margin business and the risk outweighs the reward. There aren't enough dollars in the secondary market to support your brick and mortar overhead. So back to my original statement: Stop it Karen. In this case Sarah. Stick to clapped out Civics and used up Corollas. You don't have any business in the off road world. Leave it to the folks that know the business.

      Matt AndersonMatt AndersonOy oldin
    • @Sarah Dell Sounds like someone is mad they can't find tax loopholes

      Cayden ThompsonCayden ThompsonOy oldin
    • @Matt Anderson I own a dealer. In my state this isn’t legal. Go through all the steps to have a dealer, and do it the right way. It’s annoying seeing the countless people, who flip cars and bikes. No overhead, zero repercussions for selling junk, etc. Maybe when you grow up one day, and pay many multiples of what he’s making a year in taxes you will understand.

      Sarah DellSarah DellOy oldin
    • Stop it Karen...

      Matt AndersonMatt AndersonOy oldin
  • Flipping products you understand doesn’t take a college degree and you can make tons of money.

    Casey Burns InvestingCasey Burns InvestingOy oldin
    • flipping bricks

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • do you flip any?

  • Is it sad that I only watch these when Graham Stephen reacts to it? 😂

    V Say WhatV Say WhatOy oldin
    • Yeah that's extremely sad

      Ryan O'ConnorRyan O'Connor16 kun oldin
  • i wonder how much taxes does the guy pay?

    Phantom WarriorPhantom WarriorOy oldin
    • @doomtomb3 just as i expected. would be a great side business to have if you have the storage space to keep merchandise.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom WarriorOy oldin
    • None

      doomtomb3doomtomb3Oy oldin
  • Every time I’ve flipped a quad or dirt bike it’s ended in regret and bloodshed.

    Brendan Fitness and MoneyBrendan Fitness and MoneyOy oldin
  • Without the help of Mr Mark of financial education I would still been in abject poverty struggling with life, that's the best testimony gotten so far after years of great loss here on UZworld, I do thank him and recommend him for those out there who're confused about Bitcoin trading too or make very low profit

    Jones GeorgeJones GeorgeOy oldin
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      Sophia AnnSophia AnnOy oldin
    • If you've started trading with him then you're not far from making profits

      James JohnsonJames JohnsonOy oldin
    • He's really amazing with an amazing skills he changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

      Robert SmithRobert SmithOy oldin
    • I've worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as efficient as he is, his trading strategies are awesome !

      Oliver MasonOliver MasonOy oldin
    • Expert Mark has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profits every week , made $9,130 last week

      Michael SmithMichael SmithOy oldin
  • I did not see one single flip of a dirtbike in this video

    LukeLukeOy oldin
  • so he scams people

    gijns1029 0gijns1029 0Oy oldin
    • What he is doing is called haggling, not scamming, big difference

      Nokthula MadondoNokthula MadondoOy oldin
    • @Unique Music Spot exactly, its not a scam. he just looking for cheap prices on expensive product. just good business. and many people selling will feel its a scam but it's not a scam. his offer is just lower.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom WarriorOy oldin
    • @Phantom Warrior Rule #1 of any trade

      Unique Music SpotUnique Music SpotOy oldin
    • not really a scam but more of buying low off uninformed and impatient people.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom WarriorOy oldin
  • Glad to see different side hustle besides UZworld

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial ShinaniganOy oldin
    • @Soulja Boy wow fake account with the same name lol

      David LDavid LOy oldin
    • He has a UZworld channel too lol

      David LDavid LOy oldin
  • Who buys a second hand bike 😂😂😂😂, Harry

    stailleosstailleosOy oldin
  • Motorcycles won't depreciate if you take care of them

    Nick VetterNick VetterOy oldin
    • yeah they do lol

      Cayden ThompsonCayden ThompsonOy oldin
  • *Dang, this looks like a fun hobby/side-hustle !* 😎

    Frugal FamFrugal FamOy oldin
  • Shout out to the dads and grandads teaching there sons about business

    Abdul FortanaAbdul FortanaOy oldin
  • Really interesting to hear about different side hustles, would love to see more!

    The Dana Yi ShowThe Dana Yi ShowOy oldin
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity! 👍👍

    Ben PryorBen PryorOy oldin
    • Ayyy congrats on getting on here Ben! You're the man!

      Patrick DunnPatrick DunnOy oldin
    • @Vijay KA19 thank you!

      Ben PryorBen PryorOy oldin
    • Good luck bro

      Vijay KA19Vijay KA19Oy oldin
  • I clicked here thinking he does actual flips on dirt bikes.

    Jose PolancoJose PolancoOy oldin
    • @Jnshox Maybe he's so good at it that people pay him? Why would you think you can't make money doing it???

      Jose PolancoJose PolancoOy oldin
    • Why would you think that when the title states. "Making Up To $5K A Month Selling Dirt Bikes | Side Hustle" ?

      JnshoxJnshoxOy oldin
  • That's sweet side hustle money BUT it will pale in comparison to his future Social Media income from UZworld etc

    Life of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleLife of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleOy oldin
    • @Am De that loop is a beautiful shape 😂

      Life of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleLife of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleOy oldin
    • The infinite monetization loop 😂

      Am DeAm DeOy oldin
  • Is there a new CNBC segment just for side hustles?! This is the greatest day ever!!

    Todd Baldwin - Millennial MillionaireTodd Baldwin - Millennial MillionaireOy oldin
  • Distracted by how good looking he is

    Cristina BCristina BOy oldin
    • Lol I thought I was the only one 🤣

      BleuGyalBleuGyalOy oldin
    • You not the only one. I didn't hear a word he said

      Nokthula MadondoNokthula MadondoOy oldin
  • "Flipping Dirt Bikes" Double-entendre points 💯

    Life of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleLife of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleOy oldin
  • This guy's going places

    Ben ReeseBen ReeseOy oldin
  • Who’s seen/follow this guy on tiktok?!

    Julian MardenliJulian MardenliOy oldin
    • @Ben Pryor of course! Fellow finance New Englander from Boston.. keep up the good work the stock advice and the hustle is great👏🏽

      Julian MardenliJulian MardenliOy oldin
    • Thanks for the support my man!

      Ben PryorBen PryorOy oldin
  • Great content

    Vanz PaMaVanz PaMaOy oldin
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙌

    Caprina ThomasCaprina ThomasOy oldin
  • Good for you Ben! 💪💪

    Stampitis D.P.Stampitis D.P.Oy oldin
  • This is the dream. Make a meaningful income with your passion.

    Invest in Style - Finance & Investing VideosInvest in Style - Finance & Investing VideosOy oldin