Making $1,000 A Minute On TikTok

26-Mar, 2021
55 153 Ko‘rishlar soni

Josh Richards, 19, rose to fame on the apps and TikTok and now has over 35 million followers across his social channels. Richards is using his online success to invest in new ventures like Ellen's Unhide blanket company, Dog for Dog, a dog food company with Snoop Dogg, working with app Triller as the Chief Strategy Officer, and co-hosting a podcast with Barstool Sports.
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How Josh Richards Became a Tik Tok Star

  • This young man is smart and inspiring.

    Todra PayneTodra PayneKun oldin
  • *I don't know who he is? I seriously have no clue. Tiktok's banned in my country so....*

    BinodBinod9 kun oldin
  • Decline of society continues

    Jonathan SJonathan S10 kun oldin

    George LambaGeorge Lamba18 kun oldin
    • @Alex Jones I need this, how do I reach him?

      Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith18 kun oldin
    • Nothing interests me than talks about Bitcoin and how to make money trading forex😍😍😍. you will understand when you have a good coach like Scott Richard 😍😍😍😍

      Patricia JudyPatricia Judy18 kun oldin
    • To the newbies, you should also note that this data is worthless without an existing understanding of data analysis👍👍👍👍,

      Patricia JudyPatricia Judy18 kun oldin
    • This is very correct👍👍👍👍👍

      Patricia JudyPatricia Judy18 kun oldin
    • Trading systems allow you to limit the factor of emotional influence on decision-making,😍😍😍 as well as to give the trade a certain degree of systemic character

      Michael SmithMichael Smith18 kun oldin
  • Smart kid.

    Ric AlbertoRic Alberto19 kun oldin
  • TikToc is the brain rot of millennials, attentions spans get shorter daily.

    AceTVAceTV20 kun oldin
  • Yea right that1 mil a day

    Nicole MuseNicole Muse21 kun oldin
  • @graham stephan

    DVRSFYDVRSFY21 kun oldin
  • Wow this is actually the definition of LIFE'S NOT FAIR, wish I never saw this video now I'm depressed again

    mrs voicemrs voice21 kun oldin
  • He got the looks, he got the brains. Well done 👍

    DAKENZDAKENZ21 kun oldin
  • well deserved

    Luckie O’LearyLuckie O’Leary23 kun oldin
  • Genghis Khan would be proud

    FepXBLFepXBL24 kun oldin
  • Imagine not being blackpilled in 2021

    5'2 balding indian janitor5'2 balding indian janitor26 kun oldin
  • I’m not his biggest tiktok fan bc Their fan base is mostly teens but I respect his transparency and hard work. People think online game is easy but you don’t get paid for a long time until you go viral or smth. And majority of ppl never get there not bc they’re not good but bc it’s just how it works. So even if you really work hard you might not hit the jackpot he did good

    Nike SmithNike Smith27 kun oldin
  • Josh sounds like a vise guy. It takes skill to scale your own brand/name and maintain that for years to come.

    AlerayAleray27 kun oldin
  • Give me a break, couldn't go to a hockey game because you could make a few grand and that was a real struggle? lol, I get his success but that got me wrong

    xXHeavenlyRatingXxxXHeavenlyRatingXx28 kun oldin
  • Superb

    Abhijit BhupendrasinghVirsenAbhijit BhupendrasinghVirsen28 kun oldin
  • Smart guy

    Kraken SrakenKraken Sraken28 kun oldin
  • Social Media as a Career 😵😵

    The VisionThe VisionOy oldin
  • He's not an entrepreneur. 🤦‍♂️ These people are "entertainers"..... The worst part is people like him act like they are providing value. I can't wait for this stupid social media celebs go away. 🤦‍♂️

    Sometime TylerSometime TylerOy oldin
  • I want to know who's paying them gifts on their live chats like wtf 😭😂

    Mohammad RazackMohammad RazackOy oldin
  • Impressive

    Angel MwanguAngel MwanguOy oldin
  • Good for him.

    Luis LLuis LOy oldin
  • still all these millions of followers and still never heard of him or downloaded tictok lol

    Justin obradovicJustin obradovicOy oldin
  • and all you need to be is a cute white boy. Im pretty sure the majority of his viewers are female. There has been millions of cute guys getting famous just because they are cute. Remember that target guy that got so famous and even ended up Ellen just from a picture of him bagging groceries, then that guy who's prison mugshot blew up and then became a famous model. Teenage girls will obsess over any cute floppy haired boy they see, I know I was one of them. Soon girls grow up out of this faze and then the heartthrob boys are forgotten about. A lot of these guys doing these Tik Toks and getting famous from it don't seem to realise that this won't last, especially if you don't actually have any talent or skill. Then a lot of them end up blowing all their money. Before this we had Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and look where they are now, not that relevant or talked about anymore and their views have all dropped. It's a constant cycle and with social media it will continue to happen. People go into this tiktok thinking they'll get famous but the harsh truth here is you need to be some what attractive and its also not a long term thing, it will last only so long, unless you have actual talent like you are a talented musician who can actually pursue a career offline and go onto to bigger things then you gotta be saving that money, which this guy seems to be doing, I think he's the only smart one outta of these teenage boys on tiktok.

    Isabella CIsabella COy oldin
  • Waittt when did tik tok turn into bigo?

    Marcus .Danc3Marcus .Danc3Oy oldin
  • The thing about CNBC videos interviewing people doing well in life is that there are people we should take as role models. They've had a journey and a story. But most of the time their situation isn't that much different than ours. This is not like starting a business or persuing a dream career. I'm glad he's capitalizing on this but let's be honest here, his hard work wasn't the key to his success. It's just very discouraging seeing someone making bank just because they're attractive. With all due respect, his story is great, but it's not a story for me to get inspired from. It's a story that highlights the privileges people have over each other for factors no one had the choice to make.

    Tasneem AhemdTasneem AhemdOy oldin
  • That's really impressive. Reminds me of the saying "intellect annuls fate"

    Jameelah EdwardsJameelah EdwardsOy oldin
  • The abiding burma particularly dress because kite physiologically offer abaft a private sampan. dependent, picayune canada

    veyana thorveyana thorOy oldin
  • Very intelligent young man!

    Matt MayersMatt MayersOy oldin
  • If you have Netflix and you always wonder what to watch next this channel is for you!!!

    NetAy ConnectionNetAy ConnectionOy oldin
  • Glad he learned to manage his money wisely and not be another successful kid that goes bankrupt real quick

    This is YamsThis is YamsOy oldin
  • Smart kid understands this is not going to last forever. Implies it might be gone tomorrow! Adjusted his mindset at an early age and put his money in different investments. He's got a good team behind him you can tell. You can say what you want but he now has the financial freedom to navigate the rest of his life doing whatever he chooses

    Michael RiveraMichael RiveraOy oldin
    • Right!

      Amina NedjarAmina NedjarOy oldin
  • Tik Tok creators make money by selling ads right? Are the CPM rates of those ads higher?

    Luano FortuinLuano FortuinOy oldin
  • Any price breakdown? I'm curious how he's spending and saving his money. Props to him for improving the way he handles his wealth!

    Mycro Green LifeMycro Green LifeOy oldin
  • IDK about missing hockey games and outings with friends for this though. Not all of those opportunities come back.

    aftertheintroaftertheintroOy oldin
  • Ooo I think @GrahamStephan is gonna like this one :P

    William DunkWilliam DunkOy oldin
  • I wish I was pretty so I could do this

    inanreinanreOy oldin
  • Congratulations!

    Recondition Yourself FitnessRecondition Yourself FitnessOy oldin
  • these videos make me so depressed knowing teenagers are making millions just not being ugly.

    Cinnamon TeaCinnamon TeaOy oldin
    • Let's not with this what defines the jaded beauty standards let's really not. On top of mainly bland and generic entertainment for the majority on the same apps that keep popping up it's gotta stop these teens should be enjoying life not trying to market themselves, and all that to hoping some multi bullion dollar company gives them a thing to force onto their highly impressionable audience given most will be kids/teens we don't need more influencers many ain't do a lotta good to so many ones grooming thier fans to so many predators on these apps too.... Parental controls go brrr or something.

      M4TT YNM4TT YN16 kun oldin
    • That’s why I keep telling my brother to join TikTok cause he looks like a model and I don’t. 😜 He says no though but I know his business would do well.

      Kai StockmanKai Stockman22 kun oldin
    • Yeah he's really young and I'm a little bit jealous hehehe. But he dedicated himself and spent hours analysing what was popular and sellable. So he developped skills. I think he earns it.

      Daniel SiconnelliDaniel Siconnelli26 kun oldin
    • The world like pretty things. Anyone tell you otherwise is either disingenuous or stupid.

      BraveNewWorldSHBraveNewWorldSHOy oldin
    • Don't buy this BS. I was a social media manager and can say the amount of people even able to cover their bills as a social media "influencer" are few and far between. Most have day jobs and flex on social media.

      Sometime TylerSometime TylerOy oldin
  • Nice work 🎆✨🌠

    Ebay AddictsEbay AddictsOy oldin
  • This guy is actually not bad especially for a 19 year old. I don't know why so many people are disliking this vid.

    The point with JohnThe point with JohnOy oldin
    • i like this kid, i think the dislikes r just from the title of the vid hurrrr durrrr look at dis teenage kid makin a grand per min this kid is responsible & more mature than ud expect out of a 19 year old

      republicansridiotsrepublicansridiotsOy oldin
  • " What kind of chips do I like? I like Tacky's." Jesus that bothers me

    CadeCadeOy oldin
  • gez that is insaneeeee

    Stocks for DividendsStocks for DividendsOy oldin
  • imagine making all this money by simply uploading a short video while millions of people bust their butts everyday just to live a life. It's just so weird to me.

    Doughnut complainDoughnut complainOy oldin
  • Here before Graham Stephan

    Jason Tuscano1225Jason Tuscano1225Oy oldin
  • I’m disgusted by how many hours I have to work to make $1000 lol.

    A Look At My FinancesA Look At My FinancesOy oldin
    • @A Look At My Finances you need to make long form content

      gid dygid dy27 kun oldin
    • @h I do a monthly income report on my channel if you’re really curious lol

      A Look At My FinancesA Look At My FinancesOy oldin
    • How many?

      hhOy oldin
  • Wow, this guy really stands out as someone that is well educated in this space and is actually fairly down to earth. Very impressive

    Carter ShafferCarter ShafferOy oldin
  • Can’t wait for Graham Stephan to react to this lmao. Also he didn’t say how much he made :(

    Andre Jmourko - Canada's RealtorAndre Jmourko - Canada's RealtorOy oldin
  • I make 9 dollar per hour😭

    Aquomedirion JPAquomedirion JPOy oldin
  • What has this world come too, everyone wants to be a UZworldr or tik toker. Good for him and sounds like he works hard. But not everyone is gonna have this level of success. Videos like this make me feel old lmao

    nicholas barrettnicholas barrettOy oldin
  • Am i the only one who never heard of him or never used tiktok? i m guess i m getting old...

    ES CES COy oldin
    • You're not alone lol. I don't know even a tenth of these kids. Just maybe 3. The bernie girl with cutie dance hey boomer, bella porche and her face, and of course Charlie which I still don't understand why she is number one. 😂

      Up Skill Or DieUp Skill Or DieOy oldin
    • I have never used Tiktok either

      AudreyAudreyOy oldin
  • People just disliking cause they jealous and angry at the world... Seems like a nice guy, be happy for em lol

    Adam J BellAdam J BellOy oldin
  • I'm making bands on snapchat

    Financial MikeFinancial MikeOy oldin
  • This gives me so much more respect for them

    Shaikh AbiyanShaikh AbiyanOy oldin
  • Cringe.

    Paul HoPaul HoOy oldin
  • This guy needs to get his foot into a career. Is he good at acting? Modeling has his name all over it. Maybe music, can he sing? Those three seem to be appropriate for him, because he's so handsome!

    QueenQueenOy oldin
    • those days are long and gone but over. gl white guys don't need hollywood anymore, they can make fkn asmr and collect 6 figures. Heck even i would choose to be a top influencer like him rather than be in acting .

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • He’s already a top influencer, why waste time trying to break into a different saturated market?

      likexbreadlikexbreadOy oldin
  • “What type of chips you like? I like.. tacky’s”

    666oddess666oddessOy oldin
    • Takis

      Leo F.Leo F.Oy oldin
  • He’s doing well good on him

    Selfridges ForeverSelfridges ForeverOy oldin
  • I would love to do this, but I hate putting myself out there for everyone to see 🤣

    Maria AlbarracinMaria AlbarracinOy oldin
    • Invent an alter ego and buy a wig

      Jelly BeansJelly Beans6 kun oldin
    • @Maria Albarracin girl you can still do it ! I’m shy as well but you’ll regret it before you get even older haha , we don’t all stay teens for long , just like I turned 20 this year and I plan on making a tiktok, there’s a community for everyone on there

      omáromárOy oldin
    • I don’t think all just about dance. Some content are really information or interesting too. But I get what you mean 😅

      CyberMewCyberMewOy oldin
    • Yes for sure the younger ones 😪 I’m pretty sure they just do it for fun first and then realize they can get monetized afterwards. I always like to think of myself in the future if I want to be known for dancing in front of a screen for 10 seconds and be known to the world and I tell myself no thanks lool

      Maria AlbarracinMaria AlbarracinOy oldin
    • It seems the younger one is the easier it is. Young kids are gustsy

      BadgurlbeautyBadgurlbeautyOy oldin
  • Heard he works with @wheniwas27

    Producers JournalProducers JournalOy oldin
  • I am a high school teacher and students often say they don't need school or college . . . and honestly, I get it. This is the type of money/careers they are attracted to. It is awesome that they have such opportunity. Yes, I wish it did not come at the expense of the desire to learn the basics through traditional schooling, but I understand. This young man has done well for himself and I hope he continues to be successful with whatever he chooses to do in the future. Good video!

    Kendra HamptonKendra HamptonOy oldin
    • I totally agree. And seriously, going to college isn't age restrictive. If their dream is to do something creative or media focused and they don't need to spend thousands of dollars to do it (like for college), they should go for their dreams while the opportunity is in front of them. If that doesn't work out, they can always go to college.

      Todra PayneTodra PayneKun oldin
    • @dropsofKarma I gave no advice. I literally said I understand how students would be drawn to become an influencer as opposed to taking the traditional route with college. Not once did I suggest this become the new norm, I only recognize that going in that direction. And this young man has done well, and I do wish him further success because . . . why not? Nonetheless, as I said to the previous commenter, I agree with you. There is a limited number of people who "make it". However, I see the appeal to aim for this lifestyle. That's it. I understand it, not agree with it.

      Kendra HamptonKendra HamptonOy oldin
    • Pretty terrible advice. Influence culture is like sports/acting. Only the top 5% make it like this kid. Let's admit it he's got attributes that separates him from the rest of the schlubs. You hear the michael jordans, larry birds, lebron james but what you don't hear are college athletes that go pro, sit on the bench for a entire season and then get fired and never play pro again. Fortunately, those guys have a backup plan.

      dropsofKarmadropsofKarmaOy oldin
    • @Kylie Fire You're absolutely right! Unfortunately, they often do not see it that way because they're young and not thinking of the long term. I understand my students' way of thinking, but I often don't agree. I just remain open minded.

      Kendra HamptonKendra HamptonOy oldin
    • It's a crap shoot. Very few will make it via social media to a level that allows them to take care of themselves. School, education, plans are still needed.

      Kylie FireKylie FireOy oldin
  • ask yourself if a POC could do it as easily as him.

    A EA EOy oldin
    • @Kylie Fire exactly. the system never liked us since the start of humanity. It has always been against us. The majority of these tik tok "influencers" are white

      Bill RussellBill Russell11 kun oldin
    • @Anna Smith can you name other POC influencers lmao. Literally just proved their point

      August VirgoAugust Virgo14 kun oldin
    • Yet there’s Beyoncé Rihanna etc

      Anna SmithAnna Smith23 kun oldin
    • They couldn't, the system is slanted in the favor of ppl like him.

      Kylie FireKylie FireOy oldin
  • Despite the negative comments This kid is smart. Him studying the algorithm shows he went into this to win it.

    Nokthula MadondoNokthula MadondoOy oldin
  • SMart boy

    PikaPikaOy oldin
  • Impressive dude

    Viktor BáncziViktor BáncziOy oldin
  • So Gen Z Money

    Favour Dini IkpaikpaiFavour Dini IkpaikpaiOy oldin
  • Nice

    ZaZuiCs & CoMpaNyZaZuiCs & CoMpaNyOy oldin
  • I don't even know why I clicked on this, I knew I would only get triggered. The amount of money some of these influencers make for being "conventionally attractive" and doing a basic 1-2 step to music or just sitting on live talking to people will NEVER not baffle me. These companies want you to have master degrees and YEARS of experience for 35k and yet he's bypassed that and the Chief Strategy officer at Triller. Whew. The game really ain't fair.

    Jay SmithJay SmithOy oldin
    • It is not the goal of any company to make you rich. The barriers to entry is extremly low on sites like TikTok, you can start today with your phone.

      Interesting & ExplainedInteresting & ExplainedOy oldin
    • How do we make it fair?

      Eternal LifeEternal LifeOy oldin
  • Graham should see this😂

    MunacheeeMunacheeeOy oldin
  • How do they get so many followers on social media? Has anyone taken a course that worked for growing their YT channels, tik tok or Instagram?

    Nina Y: Work At Home TutorialsNina Y: Work At Home TutorialsOy oldin
  • All i see is a narcissistic society, I can't believe people actually make money this way with no real skill

    R-hilR-hilOy oldin
    • @litany of the seas he has found the solution. There is no hard work, only problems and solutions. He knew he would benefit from his good looks. No need for college

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • @kuroibuta i agree and disagree. He has worked hard and you are discrediting that fact. He has taken advantage of trends and been very good at building his social status. He is smart and has used his looks to his advantage

      Tyson CuppsTyson CuppsOy oldin
    • @kuroibuta ...yes the OP pointed out , his skills may not earn him gud money in the physical world, but in the digital world, it earns him millions..but he has put in hard work, not necessarily skilled work though..

      litany of the seaslitany of the seasOy oldin
    • I think he is making money off his looks. If a 40 yr old man did his content, he wouldn't have the same success.

      kuroibutakuroibutaOy oldin
    • ...or it's a simple observation.

      litany of the seaslitany of the seasOy oldin
  • imagine his parents studying years and years to get a degree, a job etc and then your son starts making videos on his phone and makes more money than you lmao

    moco locomoco locoOy oldin
    • @Mohammad Mahmud well said

      FavourFavour20 kun oldin
    • @Issac Newton true

      TikTokVideosTikTokVideos21 kun oldin
    • It's probably because his parents studied for years and years and got degrees that he had the fortitude to look at the world with a business savvy sense.

      TomTomOy oldin
    • any career that depends on youth and physical features needs to bank a ton before 30, at least $1M in savings just to have an avg lifestyle. that's around the age limit for these fields before their physical-based value plateaus. if you consider high-skill labor, let's take a conservative avg income of 100k/yr. by retirement age, they should have $1.5-2M saved up. so if they want to live richer, they probably need >= $3-5M because their earnings typically decline in the future unless they managed to create alternative income streams that aren't reliant on looks and/or popularity. I have a number of friends who are or were models and pro athletes. they make bank early, but those who don't invest well end up with avg lifestyles later. if you're a skilled worker, your income grows as you get better. theirs rockets up and then goes down like a rollercoaster.

      17teacmrocks17teacmrocksOy oldin
    • @Mohammad Mahmud not true, it’s like saying someone with a psychology, film studies degree or fashion design degree is going to make it , there’s like a 99% they will. don’t bash on gen z for finding different means of income

      omáromárOy oldin
  • Honestly good for him. But let's not kid ourselves. He is an attractive white man, where these types of platforms are MADE for them. There are alot of content creators who legit make up dances to these songs and get absolutely no recognition, but you have Charli and the like copy the dance and get millions of views as well as $$$$

    SaamiSaamiOy oldin
    • @Neil542 Stop complaining I'm a black man but I'm not gonna cry about it ,there's so many things you can do to make money ,just offer value

      gid dygid dy27 kun oldin
    • Absolutely and it isn’t fair at all

      Neil542Neil54229 kun oldin
    • @Slick Rick the platform is Chinese but there are more young white people using it than any other demographic so whatever they watch en mass the algorithms favor. Similar to Twitter being heavily dominated by black and brown people. That's one reason black hashtags trend so fast on the platform.

      Colorful CodesColorful CodesOy oldin
    • @Eternal Life in general

      Slick RickSlick RickOy oldin
    • @Slick Rick You mean in general or especially for platforms like Tik Tok?

      Eternal LifeEternal LifeOy oldin
  • Need to see Graham react to this one! Impressive guy!

    The Trendy Toonie - Making Finance FashionableThe Trendy Toonie - Making Finance FashionableOy oldin
  • ok but who are the people donating and why do they??

    Sevilla CheaSevilla CheaOy oldin
  • Doe anyone wondering how much he’s made, according to Forbes he’s mad $1,500,000 from social media last year

    KymeraKymeraOy oldin
    • you can't accurately guess but probably more , especially cause he has businesses

      gid dygid dy27 kun oldin
    • no it's probably way more

      worthl3ssworthl3ssOy oldin
  • I wanna be like Josh when I grow up. I'm 36.

    Nurses To RichesNurses To RichesOy oldin
  • Da josh for today

    Nick VetterNick VetterOy oldin
  • his portfolio is really admirable

    Mohammed ShahidMohammed ShahidOy oldin
  • he's going to be unemployed and broke within 5 years

    thot juicethot juiceOy oldin
  • Nowadays when i hear someone says I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR: 🤢🤢

    Ramtin SRamtin SOy oldin
  • Good for him. It seems like anyone can do this with enough consistency

    Connie BConnie BOy oldin
    • well anyone that is good looking

      PotatoPotato22 kun oldin
  • It's funny reading comments that are mocking Josh because he's a TikToker... yet he's the one pulling in 7 figures a year, so who's the real fool huh? 🤔

    Dan LambertDan LambertOy oldin
    • @Byebye KaveKangs ok

      display namedisplay nameOy oldin
    • @banzaaiiiii321321 racist

      display namedisplay nameOy oldin
    • It’s mostly jealous ethnics that go to college and complain non stop

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • So your saying the money you make defines the value of a person. This guy pulls in millions so he must be better then us minimum wage workers. Am I right?

      display namedisplay nameOy oldin
  • What a smart, hard-working kid! Don't know why this vid is getting so many dislikes.

    Young BlokeYoung BlokeOy oldin
    • @SeaJayB I get what you’re saying. What he’s doing may seem like it’s not adding value to society, but as crazy as it may seem he’s probably making a lot of people happy by posting videos of himself on social media. It may not really be all that “helpful” to society but if his millions of followers can be entertained just by seeing his videos then he is adding value. He probably already knows he can’t do this forever & is taking advantage of his looks while he’s young instead of working a minimum wage job

      Amina NedjarAmina NedjarOy oldin
    • @Train With Quan If you say so. Some people call it being a man. I guess that idea is lost on you. Maybe you'll understand some day that a man's dignity shouldn't have a price and being a valuable member of society is more important than being pathetic.

      SeaJayBSeaJayBOy oldin
    • @SeaJayB OK but clearly you have some issues going on in your life so you’re attacking people randomly I never said that the kids are making a fool of himself he’s having a good time and doing what he loves it have a snake the cash clearly there’s something going on in your life or you feel the need to go off on social media people that’s fine best of luck I’m not responding again have a great day and hope to get the help you need

      Train With QuanTrain With QuanOy oldin
    • @Train With Quan According to you, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you make money? It's OK to humiliate yourself or be worthless as long as you're making cash? You don't value jobs that add value to society? I believe in behaving with a certain level of dignity and there's more to life than maximising income.

      SeaJayBSeaJayBOy oldin
    • @SeaJayB that has nothing to do with capitalizing on a industry your point is invalid

      Train With QuanTrain With QuanOy oldin
  • Not a big fan of tiktok, but there is of course merit to his advice (:

    Alaska’s Autistic AuteurAlaska’s Autistic AuteurOy oldin
  • 3:29 YASS

    Myra GulMyra GulOy oldin
  • I am in love with this guy...his intelligence is attractive!!

    Rozinee MittalRozinee MittalOy oldin
  • he doesn't talk like 19 years old

    MINMINOy oldin
    • @Phoenix-King 77 he is an jealous ethnic let him hate lol

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • @My Nameis bro it aint that deep.

      Phoenix-King 77Phoenix-King 77Oy oldin
    • He is full business man you will hear his name a lot

      Nick VetterNick VetterOy oldin
  • $16.67/second $1,000/minute $60,000/hour $1,440,000/day $525,960,000/year

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial ShinaniganOy oldin
    • @Ganesh Ganta what are you talking about ? i was piggybacking off what OP said ,where an i wrong ?

      Cinnamon TeaCinnamon TeaOy oldin
    • @Cinnamon Tea your math and bussiness knowledge is stupid, look kid first your calculation is wrong, second he can only make that much if his company worth 100million, his company worth is 5 million, where is the money

      Ganesh GantaGanesh GantaOy oldin
    • but he only does lives for 4 hours a day. so 60k an hour x 4 hours = 240k a day. 7,200,000 / year

      Cinnamon TeaCinnamon TeaOy oldin
    • 1,000 minute doesn't mean you make 60,000 in a hour, maybe your one minute income may be your one day real income,

      Ganesh GantaGanesh GantaOy oldin
    • Taxes = 250,000,000 + 11% bc California

      ThunderThunderOy oldin
  • Smart kid

    mointhecity03mointhecity03Oy oldin
  • Seems a prerequisite to making money on tik tok is having that stupid haircut.

    Immacu1ateImmacu1ateOy oldin
  • Good for him studying the algorithm and catering to his audience. This is wild!

    adorablebelleadorablebelleOy oldin
    • Tiktok what was musically to most apps are used by really impressionable kids not hard to impress them it's really not. Also kinda scary on the unfiltered and not monitored access teens and literal kids have on these apps that got grooming issues to parents blame the social media sites and not their bad patenting. Further more, teens really shouldn't be learning marketing and building a brand and go back to enjoy their youth and not trying to gain the hive mind following of other highly impressionable teens and again literal kids! which again, isn't hard at all.

      M4TT YNM4TT YN16 kun oldin
  • Ok, but let’s be honest besides being dancing billboards they don’t really provide that much true value to society.

    Sam ParraSam ParraOy oldin
    • @Hooked Media cars&tech Billionaire trust fund babies use that argument, that doesn't mean they're really contributing anything meaningful.

      Sam ParraSam ParraOy oldin
    • He pays taxes so he is contributing to society

      Hooked Media cars&techHooked Media cars&techOy oldin
    • @Naaboom How is something like a civil engineer who studied for years and has help built infrastructure that improves society and cuts down on traffic and CO2 waste providing less value than a 19 y/o kid dancing. But yet that kid gets paid a lot more, at least admit deep down you know that's not right.

      Sam ParraSam ParraOy oldin
    • Not a lot of things provide "true value" to modern society today. But what about it? He's making a ton of money and loves what he does. He became successful by monetizing on what this generation knows best; social media. He's now using it to invest and build his businesses.

      NaaboomNaaboomOy oldin
  • That just shows you how terrible the typical 9-5 jobs are. It's easier than ever now to be self employed.

    ilikelittlejimmysilikelittlejimmysOy oldin
    • @Rozinee Mittal How? Teach us 🙇‍♂️

      Eternal LifeEternal LifeOy oldin
    • Thats soo true bro!!...I loved it how easily u said said that

      Rozinee MittalRozinee MittalOy oldin
  • I want my 5 minutes back

    roger najmroger najmOy oldin
    • @Tina Phan i think you are just toxic, if you want to earn money work hard, don'y say we can't make that money in life while he makes in sleep, you sound like a 12 year old kid, and i don'y care who he is, but tiktok monetization is less compared to youtube, and his brands are not even that sucessful, i did a background check, he merely get a million a year, after taxes it goes for a 500k, insurunce, spending, everythin would take away that, even he makes 3 million a year, his spendings and life style takes all his money,if you wan't to make money live a normal lifestyle, work hard start a company on your garage, and build it big, then enjoy the fruits, first i would never liven in california if i want to make money because of taxes, and sleep moeny you say, his ani energy is only located to usa sates so no one is gonna buy in midnight 3pm and tiktok real time income is mostly in the mornings and evenings, so his making money in sleep more than us is wrong, he may make it, for you, because if you make less than 200$ a day, but not for us, so don't compare him to us

      Ganesh GantaGanesh GantaOy oldin
    • @Saul Goodman yup even it has slighlty diffrent it is mostly accurate

      Ganesh GantaGanesh GantaOy oldin
    • @Tina Phan that's okay, btw I never used 'lol'

      roger najmroger najmOy oldin
    • @roger najm i only replied to your comment because it seemed salty lol and if you put a lol then I'd have taken it as a joke but it didn't seem like one

      Tina PhanTina PhanOy oldin
    • @Tina Phan It's just a joke don't take anything on internet seriously or you'll keep replying to comments all day. What I meant is that I usually watch this channel so maybe I can learn something from, but this video was useless in all aspects. Talking about a kid who suddenly got famous on tiktok and began to spend money on useless stuff to later realize he should start saving/investing is not the content most came for.

      roger najmroger najmOy oldin
  • A lot of nice hockey jerseys making an appearance in this video

    To the Moon Sports CardsTo the Moon Sports CardsOy oldin
  • Soooooo what’s his skill set? 😂

    Freddy CruzFreddy CruzOy oldin
    • getting tiger king'd by me

      banzaaiiiii321321banzaaiiiii321321Oy oldin
    • @foidtrigger 123 oh yeah and you forgot middle class background plus maybe educated parents with college degrees don’t really have to pay bills for their parents maybe

      Andrew LeungAndrew LeungOy oldin
    • You don’t need a skill set if you can print money on social media.

      J4Y D34DJ4Y D34DOy oldin
    • Dancing Billboards for advertisements

      Sam ParraSam ParraOy oldin
  • How are you my idol?😍❤️

    Sokny shares knowledgeSokny shares knowledgeOy oldin
  • Graham might like this one

    Jaime MancinasJaime MancinasOy oldin