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8-Apr, 2021
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Emma Sadler, 29, earns $75,000 a year working remotely as a UX designer and part-time shipping coordinator in New York City. She lives with her daughter, 9, and mother, 72, in a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side.
This is an installment of CNBC Make It's Millennial Money series, which profiles people around the world and details how they earn, spend and save their money.
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit New York City in early 2020, Emma Sadler didn't need to wait long to find out whether or not she was keeping her job. The 29-year-old was told that her role as a restaurant manager for Union Square Hospitality Group in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) had been cut just a day after it closed its dining room in March.
A single mom with a 9-year-old daughter at home, Sadler suddenly found herself with no income for the foreseeable future and a career dependent on restaurants opening back up.
"It was really tough because I had to sit my daughter down to let her know that I was no longer going into work," she tells CNBC Make It. "I wanted to be very transparent with her that money was tight and help her understand that she couldn't get things she wanted because I didn't have the funds at the moment."
Sadler's problems didn't stop with the newfound lack of income. She was also saddled with $15,000 of credit card debt - a sum she describes as almost appearing out of thin air after a year and a half of spending beyond her means.
But she didn't let it stop her. Over the next 12 months, Sadler committed to improving her financial circumstances. She focused on eliminating her debt with the help of New York State's pandemic aid program and signed up for a three-month UX design bootcamp, which would allow her to embark on a new career.
Sadler now earns $60,000 a year working full-time as a UX designer and $15,000 working part-time as a shipping coordinator with a New York ice cream shop, with an eye on moving up the UX career ladder.
"If I had never lost my job during the pandemic, I would have been on a very different path," she says. "While finances were really tough for a while, I've been able to reinvent myself and put myself on a different path that truly makes me happy."
Investing in herself and her career
After losing her job, where she earned around $60,000 a year, Sadler initially held out hope that a return to the restaurant industry would be just a month or two away and that Union Square Hospitality would find somewhere new to place her.
She also applied to managerial roles at places like Sweetgreen and Levain Bakery. "But nothing came of it," she explains, "because I was suddenly competing against 40 other people with really good experience like I had."
With the realization that the restaurant industry wasn't bouncing back any time soon and that her daughter would likely be going to school remotely in the upcoming year, Sadler, who holds an associate's degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, knew that she needed to find a career that would better fit her lifestyle.
She considered going into coding and working as a software engineer, but decided against it. It wasn't until a friend encouraged Sadler to look into taking a UX design bootcamp that she realized it fit well with the love of art she got from her late father.
"My father, being an artist, fueled my passion to go to art school in the first place," she says. "It's come full circle now with my new career. He started me up in a graphic design background, which worked very well when moving into UX design."
The three-month course, which she took from August through October 2020, cost $12,000. She's paying for it through a two-year, zero-interest plan that costs $538 a month.
"It was scary," Sadler says of her decision to take the financial plunge. "I remember talking to my mom a bunch being like, 'Am I making the right decision? Is it going to be worth it? Am I crazy to blow all this money on this investment?'"
It was also a sizable time commitment, requiring her to attend virtual classes during the day and work on her portfolio and other projects at night. She would routinely stay up until the early hours of the morning getting everything done.
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Living On $75K A Year In NYC | Millennial Money

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  • Her adoption situation is important, telling your kid that they're are adopted when they are older is a bad choice, normalize it from the start or the shock can ruin your relationship.

    Artoria PendragonArtoria PendragonKun oldin
  • Really, my business degree is no good. Can businesses pay workers $15 a hour? Substitute teachers at Kokua Education in Houston Texas are STILL making $11 an hour and being forced to work with no medical insurance, no unemployment insurance (taken away behind workers back, covid-19), no help, just work. One Houston school had 54 employees out sick. @/workingpoor.

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    • Exactly. When my dad died it just made sense as she was also going through cancer at the time, and since then it only continues to make sense.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma4 kun oldin
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  • 75k and lives in the city. 60% of her net pay is going toward rent guaranteed.

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    • Thank you! Yes it was certainly a balance at first I thought savings and then realized credit card debt was the best first.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma4 kun oldin
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  • Is not minimalism, is adapting to the situation and managing the money correctly. God bless her family.

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    • @The Minimal Gypsy - Emma 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      Norberto DíazNorberto Díaz3 kun oldin
    • True the whole thing isn't minimalism, but I got interested in the midset a year ago which I think helped when the time came to access the situation and really get a wake-up with my finances.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma4 kun oldin
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    • Thank you so much Alex! I do have a colorful working background. I believed a lot in working and getting hands-on experience versus spending all my time in school. So I learned and moved in my career to gain experience and new knowledge.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma11 kun oldin
  • “Unexpected” to be a single mom? Lady, it’s a choice a woman makes. Modern women take zero accountability for the choices they make 🙄

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    • @August Virgo Men have no say or control over whether a woman carries and births a baby. Cut it out! Women CHOSE to be single mothers.

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    • Thank you so much! Sometimes it is hard but in the end, it always pays off.

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    • Thank you so much, Sarah! I was a bit nervous to do it knowing that angle would be played strong and it isn't one I highlight much in my day to day. But I am glad to hopefully give some light to others.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma16 kun oldin
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    • Thank you so much! If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma16 kun oldin
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  • I live with family because rent is expensive here. There’s been people here who said not to me, but other people who live with family why would you do that and I’m thinking what’s the difference if they’re family or a different roommate? Growing up my mom’s grandpa lived with them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it there’s only some thing wrong with people who think it’s not OK. If it works for you why not be able to save money?

    Kai StockmanKai Stockman23 kun oldin
    • I 100% agree Kai. The thing is I do believe society and culturally the USA strives for independence which in turn has hurt the way we view family structures. Unlike in the EU where extend family living is so much more common and normal.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma23 kun oldin
  • Any reason y'all almost only do people from NYC?

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson24 kun oldin
    • Currently, they have not been flying producers out since March 2020. CNBC is located in NYC and so for other locations, they have been having to outsource talent which in turn costs the business more money. Hopefully, soon they will expand more with the vaccine especially since in NYC now everyone 16+ can get the vaccine.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma23 kun oldin
  • Everyone should take care of their parents in there 60s or if they are having health issues. Your mom in 72 ... You are a wonderful daughter and mother.

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    • Thank you! We had a lot happen about 10 years ago and so it just seems right to be near her and be here for her. She sacrificed a lot in my childhood which comes with being a good parent but I am still grateful to her for all of that. The least I can do is help her out in retirement and be here for her.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma24 kun oldin
  • I've always wanted to invest in forex/stock trading, after a few trials I realized that trading without a good mentor and guidance is a waste of time and money.

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    • @Kristofher Muñoz Rojas Glad you can be there for your mom. It is important as long as our parents really did try their best to be there for them in return. Thank you for sharing your story.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma23 kun oldin
    • @The Minimal Gypsy - Emma I was single-raised myself so I empathize with the sacrifice. Now I'm an electrical engineer and I'm paying the sacrifice back to my mom, I hope the best future for both of you :)

      Kristofher Muñoz RojasKristofher Muñoz Rojas24 kun oldin
    • One can wish. Unfortunately, he turned out not to be what we hoped and ran off to another life. But I won't let that stop me from giving her the best life because it isn't her fault he choose otherwise.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma24 kun oldin
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  • She has a very nice personality and outlook

    Jasmine TJasmine T27 kun oldin
    • Thank you, Jasmine, it hasn't always been easy but I always find optimism in life is much better than being swallowed by its dark depths. Thank you for watching the segement.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma24 kun oldin
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    • @Andi The Pea I prefer when talking with people to talk net but many do compare by gross salaries here in the US. I am glad I could help clarify it is a bit confusing I don't blame you. And thank you so much for taking the time to watch the segment.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma23 kun oldin
    • @The Minimal Gypsy - Emma thanks for the clarification. i was a little bit shocked, because here in austria, people commonly give you their income figures after taxes and social security. anyway, i find your story really inspiring and wish you all the best for your future.

      Andi The PeaAndi The Pea23 kun oldin
    • You are forgetting taxes which cut down that 75k. My part-time income also does vary this was an estimation of what I make. One my 60k salary alone, net I bring in roughly 3600.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma24 kun oldin
  • For tax reason I am not gonna tell you how much I estimate to make every year.

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    • Aw, thank you so much for your kind words.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma28 kun oldin
  • Honestly am unsure how people are in such difficult situations making 75k/year. Perhaps she just prefers living with family (no judgement here) or has a lot of debt, but I make 60k a year and live by myself in NYC and do not struggle at all. I see some people on this channel making 100k a year living with 6 roommates and I just do not understand it. Then again I don't have kids and I don't buy things like cars or clothes or new tech

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    • It is indeed. Was a probationary period due to the start-up nature, and waiting to do negotiations hoping to do so this Friday. Congrats on the 6 figures in texas! Those are my goals one day.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma28 kun oldin
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    • Yes. But I do not have extensive experience and right now and it is a probationary period due to the start-up nature. Doing negotiations shortly so we shall see.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma28 kun oldin
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    Vira StefaniyaVira Stefaniya29 kun oldin
    • Certainly at times has it's days but in general, I wouldn't change it for the world. All the best to you and your new family!

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma28 kun oldin
  • I definitely agree that these days people shame those who still live with their parents, but coming from a latino family, its totally normal. I'm in my mid twenties, going to school and working, while living at home. I've moved out a few times before but always end up back home. My parents are trying to convince all her kids ( 3 of us) to stay home as long as we need to until we save for our own home. I love being at home with my family. I'm definitely blessed..

    Amber ResendezAmber Resendez29 kun oldin
    • That is so nice! It is wonderful to have parents who want to support their kids and help them save where they can. For me, it has been a huge saving cost on child care which is outrageous.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma28 kun oldin
  • Beautiful family. I wish you guys the best.

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  • Something isn’t adding up? How are you making $75k a year but you’re monthly budget is only $2.3k?, On 2.3k You realistically only make $27k a year; but you said you make 75k a year which is a little over $6,200 a month. There’s almost $4k monthly unaccounted for in your budget, Which would help mitigate that stress.

    Davon JonesDavon Jones29 kun oldin
    • 75k is gross income. After taxes, it is closer to 60k net and my part-time job does vary on its income. After taxes, my salary position brings me in 3738 every month.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
  • Is this gross or net income?

    VxtremeVxtreme29 kun oldin
    • @Vxtreme Yes it would safe to assume all figures are gross but the net will vary based state to state on taxes. NYC is the 2nd highest.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
    • Oh, thanks! I assume that's the same case with everything they feature here. Kudos for striving for your daughter!

      VxtremeVxtreme29 kun oldin
    • gross income and and average since my part time job does vary

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
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    • AMEN TO THAT! I don’t live with mine but they do have me listed as the inheritor of it upon their passing. It’s a comfort I’ve been able to carry knowing not. Only do I have somewhere to grow old but also it’s the house my parents built! I wish many days I still had a situation where I could live with my parents. Family time is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE!

      WhitWhit28 kun oldin
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  • Renting the same apartment since the 70s? That kinda makes me sad to hear. They could have paid off a property by now with the money they’ve spent on rent.

    Jerry N.Jerry N.Oy oldin
    • @The Minimal Gypsy - Emma :O Oh I wasn't expecting to get a reply from you. I hope everything goes well for you and your daughter!

      Jerry N.Jerry N.29 kun oldin
    • That is true, but my parents were not finically great with their money which is why I am trying to change that.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
  • Why stay in NYC for a remote job ?

    ArjunArjunOy oldin
    • I will answer this question in an upcoming video.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
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    • Wohoo! Hello fellow adoptee from Moscow 👋

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - Emma29 kun oldin
  • I Hope her daughter goes to a private school because public schools in nyc are terrible.. especially for a white female

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  • UX for a healthcare company? I hope she renegotiates for double what she’s making now from that role. They have the money

    Ruby MRuby MOy oldin
    • We shall see, I will keep my fingers crossedd. It is a startup though and still in funding rounds so I am unsure of their finical status.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • That's resiliency! Kudos to her!

    Kei LinnKei LinnOy oldin
  • She is not a single mom, she has her own mom helping her! My husband died in January and I have two kids and no help. I am a real single mom! Lol

    FemBotFemBotOy oldin
    • Sorry to hear of your loss and your situation. You are an inspiration!

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • In India I can live my whole on 75$ if inflation doesn't happen

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  • Most of nyc leases are rent stalized. Rent controlled are the ones from the 70s and if your parents live in one of those make sure to live there so you can take over the lease and pay low rent.

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    • Thank you so much Robert!

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • "Living on 75k in NYC" The TLDR version is rent control. Her rent has gone up since the 70's

    M BoychiM BoychiOy oldin
  • There's nothing WRONG with living with family members . In many cultures around the world family members live together , it's similar to having roommates. She is doing good , I wish her all the BEST 😊

    ciel222ciel222Oy oldin
  • I have no clue but I get the gut feeling that the only country multigenerational living is not "normal" is the U.S. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like it's an unspoken model that makes a lot of people unhappy for no reason at all.

    Sid HuhndorfSid HuhndorfOy oldin
    • Agreed. When I did some research on the extended family households, the U.S had only 8% of people living in extended families while Europe has 38% and other countries were also higher than the U.S. There is also a direct correlation that show how it can strain a person not being in an extended family, from the elderly to the young and in between.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • This was a beautiful episode! So much respect that you are living with your mom in her old age. Our society looks at our aging parents as a burden now. God Bless

    Iqra KhanIqra KhanOy oldin
    • Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it. I do agree with you about our society which is so sad.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • Who else is waiting for graham stepgen to eact

    iiQmqiiQmqOy oldin
  • This was great. Would love if CNBC makes more videos like this outside the US once things eases up a bit.

  • Congrats Emma on paying off your credit card debt!! I love that you are very transparent with your family on your finances, especially your little girl. Financial literacy is a life long path and you're starting her off early, which is wonderful. I agree with the living at home part, the benefits out weight the negatives and it's a family unit that helps each other. I'm rooting for you on that pay raise after your probationary period! Cheers =)

    Gee ChenGee ChenOy oldin
    • Thank you so much Gee! It is a fine line at times on how much is too much, but in general, I want to ensure she has much more education than I did as a kid, teen and young adult.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • Do a living off $7,500 in NYC next

    King DavidKing DavidOy oldin
  • I was just waiting to find out how much she pays for rent/mortgage, so she pays only $400, seriously?... Give me someone that lives on $75K a year in New York City with a real mortgage/rent next time.

    BlueRoseBlueRoseOy oldin
    • I mean, they literally showcase people like that on Millennial Money all the time.

      s pantss pants29 kun oldin
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  • This is a beautiful reminder that it’s very beneficial to be living at home ♥️society really does push for independence. You have a beautiful family and home! I hope you get that pay raise ☺️👏🏻 Love, A 26 year old millennial also living at home

    Isabel SalaneIsabel SalaneOy oldin
    • Thank you so much Isabel! I am glad you could relate and took the time to watch this segement.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
  • Graham this video is waiting for you!

    GriffinGriffinOy oldin
  • God bless you Emma and your family. Wishing you success and wealth for your coming days. This was awesome

    truevizardtruevizardOy oldin
    • Thank you so much! I send the positive vibes right back.

      The Minimal Gypsy - EmmaThe Minimal Gypsy - EmmaOy oldin
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    • I'm so glad for your recommendation 👍👍. I really appreciate your love to help

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