Living On $100K+ A Year | Millennial Money Marathon

14-Fev, 2021
50 607 Ko‘rishlar soni

From Brooklyn to Washington State, Philadelphia to West Chicago, we share how six millennials have grown their annual incomes to over six figures.
Episodes featured:
00:30 -- Alex Sanchez, $230K/year in West Chicago, IL
6:38 -- Bukola Ayodele, $210K/year in Downtown Brooklyn
15:00 -- Roy Patterson, $118K/year in Philadelphia, PA
22:42 -- Dijana Ilieva, $150K/year in Manhattan
27:49 -- Todd Baldwin, $615K/year in Burien, Washington
38:09 -- Jesus Campos, $110K/year in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What's your budget breakdown? We're looking for stories from all ages, not just millennials! Share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a future installment of Millennial Money:
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Living On Six Figures A Year | Millennial Money Marathon

  • definitely considering some investment homes. I already make 190k on my 9-5 but Because I have 4 kids, Its harder trying to save with daycare, I need something to offset the costs, as well as give us college money for them.

    Ang GeeAng GeeSoat oldin
  • Alex’s job is literally life and death. Id say hes under paid

    SYBR DARCSYBR DARC8 soat oldin
  • Why do they always say: "Money doesn't make YOU happy." They should say: "Money doesn't make me happy." You don't know me and what makes me happy :)

    I. K.I. K.Kun oldin
  • 24:53 imagine if she had held on to the Bitcoin.

    J. BlackJ. BlackKun oldin
  • If I had known that I could make 230k by overcoming my fear of heights, I would've been throwing myself out of planes a long time ago.

    GapleGapleKun oldin
  • The whispering fowl microregionally rescue because sweatshirt psychologically charge after a mixed memory. smiling, youthful rooster

    Dana KlyneDana Klyne2 kun oldin
  • Loved bukola’s episode her story was so inspirational ❤️ I’m now also learning coding myself.

    AniexxAniexx11 kun oldin
  • Self made millionaire 💪🏽

    Hello FutureHello Future12 kun oldin
  • This is amazing. ❤️❤️

    Lidya’s WorldLidya’s World14 kun oldin
  • The second to last guy is incredible.

    Izzy Makes MusicIzzy Makes Music14 kun oldin
  • They all immigrants

    Negus El BeyNegus El Bey14 kun oldin
  • That’s the quickest 44 minutes I have ever spent. It was worth watching. Sincerely it was. Thanks #CNBC_make_it and let’s make it

    Alpha BahAlpha Bah14 kun oldin
  • Inspiring and life changing. Keep it up.

    CoszeCosze15 kun oldin
  • Can we get some gen z people in here?

    Taylor StepTaylor Step15 kun oldin
  • What’s the retreat Bukola mentions? I want to do that too

    Anna-Maria GioAnna-Maria Gio15 kun oldin
  • Alex Sanchez grit, work ethic and determination is immaculate. All of these millennials work is impressive. I love these success stories! Go after your dreams. Most people live pay check to pay check instead of diversifying. Diversity your income sources and invest in yourself. Although, am split on the idea of revealing incomes - some people think its a taboo topic. Similarly, you might reveal that you are earning more money than your colleagues / seniors and then the politics and back stabbing starts. Thoughts?

    Data Engineer 365Data Engineer 36515 kun oldin
  • You guys should do gen z money

    Vj ChallengerVj Challenger15 kun oldin
  • I love these people but did CNBC really just repackage their earlier pieces into a montage?

    ned denned den15 kun oldin
    • @TrendyMadness wonder if they pay the people featured in it for using the footage again. oh well. I could finish watching. I realized they already showed those as individual segments months ago and i watched them back then

      ned denned den15 kun oldin
    • Hey, free views which means free money. 5 ad breaks on this

      TrendyMadnessTrendyMadness15 kun oldin
  • yesss i’ve been watching the come up since bukola had her individual episode and i love her content so much!

    made by miramade by mira16 kun oldin
  • A lot of 1st generation born American 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    JoleneJolene16 kun oldin
  • Immigrant parents go through a lot, all we wanna do is pay them back 🥺❤️

    VictoriaVictoria16 kun oldin
  • Bukola and Alex are Killing it. true discipline right there. Icons.

    Cynthia RCynthia R16 kun oldin
  • Would love to see a follow-up series with some of these guys to see how far they've come since their episodes aired!

    MatchaMoney - Financial EducationMatchaMoney - Financial Education16 kun oldin
  • Easy come, easy go. Let's hope they're saving most of it for tomorrow as opposed to spending it on today's wants.

    David erDavid er16 kun oldin
  • Y'all need a covid update video on everyone

    Mike GMike G16 kun oldin

    افلامافلام16 kun oldin
  • 5:29: $800/month into a 401k, but $1,000/month into his Robinhood account. Seems like a reasonable guy. I wonder what his rationale is on that decision. Seems very unwise especially at his tax bracket.

    John MayJohn May16 kun oldin
    • Minimal rent helps.

      Mz ThompsunMz Thompsun15 kun oldin
  • Graham i know u here! I can't wait for your reaction 😊

    Dee SinghDee Singh16 kun oldin
  • Graham is going to absolutely lose his mind when he sees this

    Jessica McCarreyJessica McCarrey16 kun oldin
  • When are we getting "Gen Z Money" Series

    Favour Dini IkpaikpaiFavour Dini Ikpaikpai16 kun oldin
    • Well, probably never cause the video would be 30 secs long lol, Gen Z here too

      Sassy and awesomeSassy and awesome15 kun oldin
  • Don’t make 6 figures but I live with my mom rent free 3 years now, saved up around 200k - looking to buy new house this year! Hopefully I can raise my income like these folks, don’t want that 30 year mortgage.

    Kestrall vectorKestrall vector16 kun oldin
    • Hold your horses, don't dump a huge chunk of money on SFH try a duplex or something. The interest rates are still low.

      justshadyjustshady2 kun oldin
    • consider buying an investment property at the beach in full and staying another year with your mom. By that time, you'll have made nearly half of what you've saved back

      Courtney SCourtney S16 kun oldin
  • Great job. I love to see us (millennials) changing the narrative. #LetsGoooo

    Chris SainChris Sain16 kun oldin
  • I’m excited to be on again... I would say next year. I should have a pleasant surprise for everyone. Thank you CNBC forever greatful for this fantastic UZworld channel.

    Alex SanchezAlex Sanchez16 kun oldin
    • You are inspiring, I agree you should start a UZworld channel and share your experience in details while teaching others.

      Belle SlotsBelle Slots3 kun oldin
    • You should make a UZworld channel too! More income

      Sassy and awesomeSassy and awesome15 kun oldin
  • Wow! I'm honored to be featured in another CNBC video! Thanks so much to the CNBC Make It Team!

    Todd Baldwin - Millennial MillionaireTodd Baldwin - Millennial Millionaire16 kun oldin
  • A 45-minute episode? Is this like a compilation video?

    LuluDemonLuluDemon16 kun oldin
    • Yup, it’s a compilation.

      Red RëRëRed RëRë16 kun oldin
  • TLDR: this is a compilation NOT an update on the Millennials featured. I know, I am disappointed too.

    99leadpencils99leadpencils16 kun oldin
  • Children of immigrants who grew up watching their parents work super hard. They learned to be frugal & they all save & invest a significant portion of their income. And they give back.

    Jessica FBJessica FB16 kun oldin
    • Hard but rewarding!!!

      Yotam WoldemichaelYotam Woldemichael15 kun oldin
  • Bukola! 👏🏼 I follow her on UZworld. Love her channel.

    Jessica FBJessica FB16 kun oldin
  • He was recommended,, I tried him and never fail as predicted

    Stephanie AprilStephanie April17 kun oldin
  • Love this episode, but isn't this a weird day to drop this video? *Overthinking*

    Gulnaaz AfzalGulnaaz Afzal17 kun oldin
  • I am waiting for Graham Stephan to react to this

    nightcore lovenightcore love17 kun oldin
  • @graham

    Hannah OhHannah Oh17 kun oldin
  • Not everyone has the advantage of the 1031 real estate exchange tax loophole you guys in the US have. This is truly THE way to become rich, nothing else compares. With that in mind, it's just stupid to not invest in real estate as a US citizen. Other countries encourage other investments (e.g., stock market through lack of capital gain tax). But as I said, it doesn't even come close to the 1031 thing

    Highway ProHighway Pro17 kun oldin
    • What’s the 1031 exchange?

      c macc mac15 kun oldin
    • I agree! Real estate drives wealth tremendously.

      Data Engineer 365Data Engineer 36515 kun oldin
  • Living on 5 figures 🙈

    Peter SmithPeter Smith17 kun oldin
  • iam here too!!

    Survivals- African MillenialsSurvivals- African Millenials17 kun oldin
  • Loved Bukola's epi. Alex's story worried me, all that money is useless if youre missing important family events, and putting so much stress on your body.

    The Black Dorothy ZbornakThe Black Dorothy Zbornak17 kun oldin
    • @Ayaoba Olori So his mother doesnt have birthdays? No one in his family has birthdays? There are no special occasions with his gf to celebrate? Did you not comprehend anything that I wrote?

      The Black Dorothy ZbornakThe Black Dorothy Zbornak16 kun oldin
    • Am sure he’s smart enough to adjust once he starts growing his own family. He mentioned that he lives at home to help his mom

      Ayaoba OloriAyaoba Olori17 kun oldin
  • I don’t wanna watch this without GRAHAM

    Leen KharoufLeen Kharouf17 kun oldin
  • Ugh what she said at 9:33 makes me so mad! Continue to represent for us sis!

    MichelleMichelle17 kun oldin
  • I love the messages in these videos! Everyone has so much potential, it is amazing to hear these stories! Thank you! Matt

    Blind to BillionaireBlind to Billionaire17 kun oldin
  • Are we running out of millennials that we have to do replay?

    S SS S17 kun oldin
    • I think they're just repackaging content because they're probably having difficulty shooting and releasing the same volume of content during the pandemic.

      haute03haute0316 kun oldin
    • I guess it's just hard with the pandemic and all

      Anouk CAnouk C16 kun oldin
  • Graham reach yet?

    S SS S17 kun oldin
  • CNBC Can we get a "where are they now" series doing an update on these people? It would be interesting to see how they have progressed and if/how COVID has impacted their revenue streams.

    Kasandra CampbellKasandra Campbell17 kun oldin
    • I thought that this video would have been about that.

      David BromfieldDavid Bromfield3 kun oldin
    • You should email,them aswell

      Hugh HindsHugh Hinds16 kun oldin
    • Absolutely. Covid hit high end workers also.

      Al P.Al P.16 kun oldin
  • It's so good to see young people living this kind of life. We can do too. 🙏🏿

    Carol OliveiraCarol Oliveira17 kun oldin
  • Hm.. I recognize the first one. Graham reacted like a year ago. Wonder if it’s any new info.

    LisaLisa17 kun oldin
  • Very great initiative

    UGOCHUKWU HarborUGOCHUKWU Harbor17 kun oldin
  • Nice work 🌠🎇✨

    Ebay AddictsEbay Addicts17 kun oldin
  • 100% u do not need a college degree... I’ve got one, a 4 year degree in Economics, i did it back in the mid 1990s, its was cool and all and it allowed me to get a foot into the door in my chosen career in Finance and Markets. I find a lot of millennials these days get degrees in absolutely useless topics in humanity, political science, communications and law. They have a very smug know it all attitude, they have zero skills in just picking up the phone and calling a client. The last 10 years we 100% overlook the college degree, we look for young people with the right attitude and willingness to learn and we have had pretty good luck with non college educated. We have had some very bad luck with hiring college degree holders. We are producing millions of smug snowflakes with useless degrees, god help us.

    Brendan TBrendan T17 kun oldin
    • @Lee_ Rayyy 👍 perfectly welcome to ... email me anytime

      Brendan TBrendan T17 kun oldin
    • @Brendan T oh wow thanks! Yes I would love to reach out to you more I have a few more questions! Will be emailing you soon thanks man

      Lee_ RayyyLee_ Rayyy17 kun oldin
    • @Lee_ Rayyy good questions... graphic design u need specific skills in software like Adobe. IMO you can learn all that yourself directly without the expensive cost of a college degree, however its takes a huge amount of discipline to do it own your own. Its a question of finding a company that are not snobs in automatically turning people away just because they lack a college degree. If u have a killer portfolio of your work, thats worth 100x time a college degree IMO. My gripe was directed at the College Degrees that teach you very few to no transferable skills like Political Science. If u want to reach out to me on gmail for more info I was a financial recruiter in Hong Kong for 15 years, prior to that i was on an institutional equity sales desk with an investment bank.

      Brendan TBrendan T17 kun oldin
    • How do you feel about graphic designers? That’s the field I’m looking into im learning at home right one building the degree while in quarantine without the degree but would you still hire someone like me if I had the degree or would rather I didn’t but I had a portfolio instead of a degree

      Lee_ RayyyLee_ Rayyy17 kun oldin
  • Wow, look at all these oppressed black people! America is so hard and unfair for them, can't believe they've tried to be successful and actually did it. It's almost like people are equal.

    RAMRAM17 kun oldin
    • @RAM easy to be a racist behind a UZworld comment huh Kyle?

      Al P.Al P.16 kun oldin
    • @Al P. Try some counseling, cry baby.

      RAMRAM16 kun oldin
    • You’re one of those idiots who think systemic racism doesn’t exist.

      Al P.Al P.16 kun oldin
    • These are the rare Black people though most don’t get this. Some don’t deserve to be up here with these people and some do. I guess it’s human nature and only certain people can be at the top Blacks, Jewish and asian Americans are still pretty discriminated against

      Lee_ RayyyLee_ Rayyy17 kun oldin
  • @graham stephan is gonna love this

    Phillip NguyenPhillip Nguyen17 kun oldin
  • Young adults making 200k+ isn't representative of the demographic

    Bob dylanBob dylan17 kun oldin
    • I agree

      Lee_ RayyyLee_ Rayyy17 kun oldin
  • Wow...nice

    Ernest BulalaErnest Bulala17 kun oldin
  • 0:10 what doesn't get measured doesn't get managed. Love that quote.

    Track Our MoneyTrack Our Money17 kun oldin
  • Graham gonna have a field day with this😂😂😂

    Vijay SuriyaVijay Suriya17 kun oldin
    • these are repeats that he has already reacted to

      MSFMSF14 kun oldin
    • Can’t wait 🤩

      Hope ChristmasHope Christmas17 kun oldin
  • Definitely a life goal.

    VetteCosplayVetteCosplay17 kun oldin
  • I thought it was going to be a follow up with some of them with how they grow since being on & COVID

    aj strongaj strong17 kun oldin
  • Life is what you make it!

    Finance with RichardFinance with Richard17 kun oldin
  • Waiting for Graham ☺️☺️

    The Indian DivaThe Indian Diva17 kun oldin
  • Waiting for Graham Stephan review

    Runners Club HoopsRunners Club Hoops17 kun oldin
  • Bukola’s episode is still the best episode I’ve ever seen

    The BlackFemale EngineerThe BlackFemale Engineer17 kun oldin
    • @Ashley LaRose Love hearing this! I also did a Bootcamp after watching Bukola’s story and now I’m an employed engineer so she was very inspirational to say the least😅

      The BlackFemale EngineerThe BlackFemale Engineer4 kun oldin
    • True, she is awesome!

      Oleg SmirnovOleg Smirnov4 kun oldin
    • @Kenneth O yes I did a bootcamp. It’s normally an in-person bootcamp but they moved the course online because of the pandemic. It was very INTENSE. I don’t recommend working at all if you do one because you have to put in hours outside of class to really grasp the concepts. Also make sure your self care routine is impeccable. I didn’t have any experience whatsoever so picking up the new concepts, algorithms, etc was draining. But because I learned how to replenish myself I never gave up (did I get tired and feel unmotivated: yes. But I did quit?: no). And do your research to find a reputable program if you do a bootcamp. I was between a few bootcamps when making my decision. But then I actually found out someone in my network did the bootcamp I did and they found employment in 2 months so when I saw his work I knew I wanted to do the same bootcamp. Also I would say coding is hard and you can’t ever stop learning. I would read more about why not to go into coding to see if it’s really for you. Regardless of the route you taje to become a developer, it will be time consuming and (unless you go self taught) it’s very expensive so make sure it’s something you’ll actually like. I’ve never had a more stressful job but I enjoy what I do now so it balances out. But I know some people may not enjoy strict deadlines, heavy team work, lots and lots of reading, lots of pre planning, meetings, etc. I hope this helps!

      Ashley LaRoseAshley LaRose15 kun oldin
    • @Prettyfly yes, I studied social science and language in college (psych, socio, and Korean) and I was working at a vet clinic before I made the switch

      Ashley LaRoseAshley LaRose15 kun oldin
    • I was so inspired by her story too. I started following her when I was in a data science bootcamp. Her career change and income level inspired me and made me feel like I could do it too.

      Jessica FBJessica FB16 kun oldin
  • Great inspirations!!! Can’t wait to hit the six figure mark one day!!

    Aminat Iriafen - Natural Hair & Personal FinanceAminat Iriafen - Natural Hair & Personal Finance17 kun oldin
  • 6 figures is within reach for those who work hard towards it day.

    Casey Burns InvestingCasey Burns Investing17 kun oldin
  • I want to thank CNBC for filming to us these headings . I find it extremely helpful by seeing how people around the globe cope with the money issues and get financial literacy . I’ve been binge watching for the last week and learned so much .... I learned that there’s so many opportunities and we have to make effort instead of complaining as many do. I’m happy for immigrants in the US. The USA gives you freedom in every aspect of your life!!!! I myself 18 years and about to turn into 19 in a month. Things I’m doing so far : own online business, tracking both income and outcomes. But thing I’m struggle about is passive income and savings . Folks , I’d like to hear and get some advices . Thanks in advance. Be healthy, grateful and strong . Good luck P.s if there are somebody learning Russian , I can offer you some friendly calls as friend . I’m looking for language exchanges and friendship!

    Aruzhan AnarbayAruzhan Anarbay17 kun oldin
  • Time to get mad at people with different skin colors making more than you!

    electrikoptikelectrikoptik17 kun oldin
    • Wut

      CC16 kun oldin
    • Lol

      the dogethe doge17 kun oldin
  • compilation video

    BBSTARBBSTAR17 kun oldin
  • If you're reading this you have potential to create great things. Yes. You

    The Primest - The Money ChannelThe Primest - The Money Channel17 kun oldin
  • Millennial role models! Make your kids watch this and realize their lives can be so different if they shift their mindset!

    Nguyening Lifestyles - Finance, Food, and FamilyNguyening Lifestyles - Finance, Food, and Family17 kun oldin
    • Maybe its parents who need to shift their mindset and stop imposing specific careers on their kids

      MSFMSF14 kun oldin
  • You dint find new people to do this?

    naveen reddynaveen reddy17 kun oldin
    • Because it's a marathon of old videos

      CC17 kun oldin
  • So motivating, I love it!

    Chimmy AyegbusiChimmy Ayegbusi17 kun oldin
  • This man knows what’s up

    Dylan CodayDylan Coday17 kun oldin
  • Millennial money marathon!

    Black Vito - MoneyologyBlack Vito - Moneyology17 kun oldin
  • I smell a Graham Stephan marathon reaction video. ❤️

    Lauren McDanielLauren McDaniel17 kun oldin
    • He already reacted to these videos separately

      CC17 kun oldin
  • It’d be cool if they uploaded the footage that we didn’t get to see from old episodes Like this is cool

    Tracy RaglandTracy Ragland17 kun oldin
  • I could swear they uploaded thus before

    Rick CraigRick Craig17 kun oldin
  • I smelt this video come to my UZworld account. I got here 3 minutes after it was posted 😆

    CLEO JONESCLEO JONES17 kun oldin
  • Check My Channel Out For Good Luck

    Siddharth SazzalaSiddharth Sazzala17 kun oldin
  • Millennial Money 💰 💴 💵💰

    Kenny AdeKenny Ade17 kun oldin
  • 🤩

    A Star is BornA Star is Born17 kun oldin
  • Early

    Hsikai GahajiHsikai Gahaji17 kun oldin
  • These millennials are killing it! Good job y’all!

    EdwardInTXEdwardInTX17 kun oldin
  • You will be SUPER RICH in MARCH 2021 like this if you agree 👍

    Never Lose Forex FXNever Lose Forex FX17 kun oldin