Living In A $2,000/Month Apartment In Pittsburgh, PA | Unlocked

30-Yan, 2021
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Ben Boxer, 21, lives with two roommates in a 2-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh, PA. Together they pay $2,000 a month in rent. Ben is a student at Carnegie Mellon University and a former intern at CNBC Make It. He pays $800 for his room.
Unlocked is a new home tour series focused on how much people across the U.S. spend on their housing, what they get for the money and what they had to sacrifice to make it happen.
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Living In A $2,000/Month Apartment In Pittsburgh, PA | Unlocked

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    CNBC Make ItCNBC Make ItOy oldin
    • Why rent when cheap houses are all around ... Just moved here from NYC and bought me a fixer upper .. best move i could have made

      Millionmasso da-gawdMillionmasso da-gawdOy oldin
    • This video convinced me to not renew an apartment contract and start owning. So much lost potential.

      Juan MontanoJuan MontanoOy oldin
    • I rent a 775 dollar apartment in Montreal, Canada while making my way through school and earning less than 15k a year

      Lola RusiLola RusiOy oldin
    • Next up, Millenial Money. However, instead of documenting some random millenial with a high paying tech job, document some random 19 year old college kid paying their way through school.

      Joe WilliamsJoe WilliamsOy oldin
  • Wow what a blast from the past. When I went to CMU they had to put us up in Cathedral Mansions because they ran out of on campus housing. I think we paid $700...LOL...Looks like costs have gone up!

    BlaveBlaveKun oldin
  • Yes... this is the embodiment of every type of student I can’t stand being in a class with

    Andreanne TabardAndreanne TabardKun oldin
  • lol all his crap is bought on amazon, the gen z sinking those mom and pop shops!

    ImmortalDrayloImmortalDraylo2 kun oldin
  • Finessed his roommates

    Fereidoon AngooryFereidoon Angoory2 kun oldin
  • Imagine saving for rent and crap. 🙄

    youtube Bystanderyoutube Bystander9 kun oldin
  • I bought this building back in 2016. Recently started seeing more and more buildings renovated like the old Schenley high school which makes me pat myself on the back getting here early. Thanks for renting from me, tell your friends there are units opening up soon!

    Shepherd _Shepherd _13 kun oldin
  • That is such a nicer apartment than I could’ve imagined! Good for them!

    Carmen PenelopeCarmen Penelope18 kun oldin
  • Privilege is amazing. Lol poverty is not.

    bernard charlesbernard charles19 kun oldin
  • Prob all his parents’ money - trying so hard to be financially educated but failed - it just doesn’t make sense how his freakin desk is worth about 9months of his rent - goes to CMU but doesn’t know math? Probably parent donated huge sum of money to have him accepted lol i can probably just build that desk for less than $70 lol

    D KD K19 kun oldin
  • How is it fair that they each have a 12x15 but then they have to pay $1200 vs $800 a month ???

    Richard CabreezyRichard Cabreezy20 kun oldin
  • He sold me on the magnetic knife holder.

    Daniil OxyukDaniil Oxyuk20 kun oldin
  • I'm just like, how did he rig the projector to go into the ceiling

    carlee benhartcarlee benhart26 kun oldin
  • Love how they decorated 😍

    Y’KnowWhat CrysY’KnowWhat Crys26 kun oldin
  • Dude looks like Ben Reid lol

    The Junebug and Austin ShowThe Junebug and Austin Show26 kun oldin
  • His roommates are grown adults. They can speak for themselves 🙄

    MyBloomingLifeMyBloomingLife26 kun oldin
  • Talk about an incredibly misleading title....

    J SebbyJ Sebby27 kun oldin
  • That's cheap

    Wonderwoman dWonderwoman d27 kun oldin
  • Well when you have wealthy parents who give you money......

    stvlu733stvlu73327 kun oldin
  • This is why the cost of rent keeps going up. Too many roommates making it possible to pay the bill. What if you where single and trying to live. you could not afford rent like this on an average income. Landlords really need to set some strict rules for roommates and raise the rent 100% for each roommate added and keep rent low for single renters. The average crappy apartment where I live goes for $1,500 and up for a 500 square feet studio in an already cramped city.. Tent cities are growing in populated warmer climates and it's disgusting because of this too. No one can afford the rent or has a job that will pay for it.

    stvlu733stvlu73327 kun oldin
  • That's how much a crappy 2 bedroom apartment goes for in Massachusetts. They are not cheap and it's cold for half a year there.

    stvlu733stvlu73327 kun oldin
  • This type of info and transparency is a great watch for young adults looking to move away for college!

    StackTheWealth - Jay McCallStackTheWealth - Jay McCall27 kun oldin
  • I wish him all the BEST 😊

    ciel222ciel22228 kun oldin
  • As a student from CMU that lived in off-campus housing, I can say that almost all of us have maybe 15% of the furnishing this dude got :(

    Anthony RaAnthony Ra28 kun oldin
  • I was born and raised in pittsburgh and even tho I no longer live there I know you can get a wonderful apartment for less then half that

    Reginald Irish jrReginald Irish jr29 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh is so boring. Nothing here expect for a lot of churches, schools, hospitals, cemeteries, and bars. With a lot of them being on the same street. And yes it’s expensive to live here in Pittsburgh considering the city offers nothing really!

    Nia DoviquaNia Doviqua29 kun oldin
  • Go CMU! I lived in Roselawn on campus apartments Junior and Senior year. This option is definitely cheaper

    Paige SieffertPaige Sieffert29 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh, what a gem! 10/10 recommend

    Michael GreerMichael Greer29 kun oldin
  • 2k for an apartment in Pittsburgh?! Sounds like he got finessed

    brea ellisbrea ellis29 kun oldin
    • Looks like they are paying for convenience...And owner probably know the students would roommate up.

      Pegasus IOSPegasus IOS7 kun oldin
    • Big facts! I’m from there and there isn’t anything there worth $2,000 month.

      F GF G8 kun oldin
    • HAH, welcome to the Oakland bubble. If you need to be walking distance from CMU or Pitt you absolutely could be looking at that much.

      Jaeyoon ChoiJaeyoon Choi25 kun oldin
    • Seriously. I lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years and my rent never exceeded 600 for a 1 bedroom

      Vanessa MaloneVanessa Malone27 kun oldin
    • Exactly what I was thinking!!! Pittsburgh is not that expensive

      Yashica DettmanYashica Dettman28 kun oldin
  • Very nice set up!!

    JumpinThru Hurdles 6145JumpinThru Hurdles 614529 kun oldin
  • Grapham

    Emmanuel SmithEmmanuel Smith29 kun oldin
  • This must be in a gentrified area of Pittsburgh because this is ridiculous rent for the price. I'm assuming its near the university.

    Marcus Scott BalahariMarcus Scott Balahari29 kun oldin
  • i’m paying more to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown state college than pittsburgh lol. should’ve went to pitt

    Ashley MillerAshley Miller29 kun oldin
  • 9 minutes of nothing. A fetus explaining he had to make a budget because he would go broke otherwise like he invented the idea. And two guys share a room because distance to campus is more important than comfort. Has a 3rd room but instead it's an office? These are CMU kids.....good god.

    Brad ArchieBrad Archie29 kun oldin
  • im from pittsburgh pa i gotta see this lol for 2000 a month he could own his own house smh

    Mommy Amy412Mommy Amy412Oy oldin
  • Still deciding if this dude would be the best or worst roommate.

    Leah TLeah TOy oldin
  • My hometown 💛🖤

    Her Kreative LifeHer Kreative LifeOy oldin
  • Hope graham reacts to this

    NetanyaNetanyaOy oldin
  • take a shot every time he says “actually”

    Bailey MadisonBailey MadisonOy oldin
    • Lmao okay

      Casper The ghostCasper The ghost29 kun oldin
  • Well I mean they have it set up pretty good, it’s convenient and affordable for him

    Queen JaszQueen JaszOy oldin
  • I’m sorry but a $7,000 desk when you’re a broke college student is ridiculous. And it’s NOT an investment , it goes down in value. The sad thing is, most college students are exactly the same. Lots of nice stuff, yet they have student loans or receive financial aid. Priorities majorly out of whack. My final rant : you CAN work while in school. Until this generation or maybe the one before, most of us worked in college.

    Mike KiteMike KiteOy oldin
  • Pittsburgh ain’t worth $2,000 alone 😂

    Tod MasTod MasOy oldin
  • This is absolutely horrible and they are being taken full advantage of for that rent costs. I’m from Pittsburgh, went to both college and grad school in Pittsburgh, and the MAJORITY of Pittsburgh cannot afford $2,000 a month. Those are NOT normal cost. We have a saying for rent that high “ apartment rich”. Meaning you get to stay home because it’s all you can afford. We have new buildings but 90% of those residences are EMPTY. It’s a sham.

    Trish LTrish LOy oldin
  • This isn’t the catman I know

    Riki KhoranaRiki KhoranaOy oldin
  • Big light guy 😂

    Prime MoneyPrime MoneyOy oldin
  • Imagine paying 2k for an apartment in pittsburgh. Lol.

    Shane EckelShane EckelOy oldin
  • Ruined it with the lighting.

    Maheer BanducdaMaheer BanducdaOy oldin
  • Yinz getting ripped off lol. (A guy who rents whole houses in Bloomfield)

    AnthonyAnthonyOy oldin
    • @Anthony lol not saying it's not possible. My point is that's why Bloomfield is cheaper! Location is everything man. And a blocks distance can make a difference of a couple hundred dollars sometimes.

      Josh LaytonJosh Layton27 kun oldin
    • @Josh Layton I used to do it every day.

      AnthonyAnthony27 kun oldin
    • @Anthony lol in what world? Students don't wanna walk 30 minutes to class.

      Josh LaytonJosh Layton27 kun oldin
    • @Josh Layton Bloomfield is close to both CMU and Pitt.

      AnthonyAnthony27 kun oldin
    • Bloomfield isn't near a campus lol so its gonna be cheaper. 2000 isnt bad for that space and where they are.

      Josh LaytonJosh Layton29 kun oldin
  • I knew it was going to be a good video when I saw the boosted board. Mini X user here :)

    Richard CraneyRichard CraneyOy oldin
  • Wait he makes money from summer internships for his AMERICA?! Glad to see the change.

    slaiyfershinslaiyfershinOy oldin
  • I miss college

    IncomekingIncomekingOy oldin
  • Time to lace up the black forces

    evanperry44evanperry44Oy oldin
  • the ultimate gen z flex with that desk setup and all the camera gear

    Peter EPeter EOy oldin
  • Um hi

    Chris PerrigueChris PerrigueOy oldin
  • Eating SALMON as a college student??? Y'all have it good

    Brian BBrian BOy oldin
    • Salmon is not that expensive if you get a bag from Walmart.

      asya smithasya smith27 kun oldin
    • 😂😂

      Pearl NthiyanePearl NthiyaneOy oldin
  • This guy is going to hate moving out lol

    William MorathWilliam MorathOy oldin
  • I mean, this guy is screaming "please rob all my equipment".

    Rebeka BernetičRebeka BernetičOy oldin
    • The robbers would go blind from the LEDs

      Friendly Neighbourhood LawyerFriendly Neighbourhood LawyerOy oldin
  • I find it strange that the 3 people in the home don't have an issue with how the rent is split, but y'all do. As if it is coming out of y'all pockets. They would be spending a lot more being 3 in one dorm room, so they are still coming out on top.

    RoséRoséOy oldin
  • The dorms are such a scam, my school made us stay on campus until our Senior year

    Zo LZo LOy oldin
  • Even though $800 is not bad for rent, my rent is $500 and I would cringe over paying any more lol

    Martin Su - Stock and FinanceMartin Su - Stock and FinanceOy oldin
  • An actual smart millennial just burned the crap out of this video😂

    Juan MontanoJuan MontanoOy oldin
  • Nice! I enjoyed watching this. I wish I did this instead of dorm living - the experience was cool but it wasn't worth how much the university charged. Love his room and the smart lights.

    Tamika ThompsonTamika ThompsonOy oldin
  • and why still attending indoor gatherings with his friends outside his household and no mask on sight. Guy could afford $7000 on a desk but didn't leave a budget to buy a few masks lol

    kuyaChristiankuyaChristianOy oldin
    • Watch the video again he literally explained that that entire group they all live in the building and study and essentially live together even though they don’t sleep in the same space, and he didn’t spend 7 grand on his desk he spent 7 grand on his desk set up so chair is probably 200 alone MacBook Pro 2 grand that monitor and computer a few grand combined and then the rest of the little odds and ends the desk itself looks like it was from ikea

      Aaron LimitlessAaron LimitlessOy oldin
  • He was probably like "I'm saving $200/month by screwing over my roommates for charging them higher rent for less space so I can justify $7000 on a desk setup and $2000 on lights" but then college students don't really have the best spending habits so everything is a justification to them lmao

    kuyaChristiankuyaChristianOy oldin
  • I'd much rather be a landlord for CMU students than Pitt students lmao

    Matt MendelsonMatt MendelsonOy oldin
  • Is nobody going to talk about how they’re all going against public health measures by having maskless gatherings with people from outside of their immediate household?

    Matt SezerMatt SezerOy oldin
    • No, b/c it's a huge scam.

      Not SureNot SureOy oldin
    • Right cause this is very recent

      Uniqwia BUniqwia BOy oldin
  • Graham, whenever you're ready

    Life With CathLife With CathOy oldin
    • @Casper The ghost yeah i just watched it 🥰

      Life With CathLife With Cath29 kun oldin
    • He made a vid an hour ago

      Casper The ghostCasper The ghost29 kun oldin
  • Jeez the money they have is for college that furniture and apt is nuts A doorman, $7k desk, and all that equipment

    Tristan RodenhauserTristan RodenhauserOy oldin
    • Why do you think there is so much student debt? It isn't just school they are spending it on. People spend like they are the government and expect someone to bail them out.

      Sylph MoonSylph MoonOy oldin
  • 2k!!! A month in Pittsburgh!! Not LA or nyc or sf... Your getting ripped offffffff

    ANDREW GarciaANDREW GarciaOy oldin
  • Nice video

    Unai EtxeberriaUnai EtxeberriaOy oldin
  • Bunch of sour grapes in the comment section

    JT KJT KOy oldin
  • I really hate when they make it seem so expensive but in reality the guy is paying less than half of that 😐

    Mandy PriceMandy PriceOy oldin
    • I make 100 dollar a month

      Harshit KapoorHarshit KapoorOy oldin
  • Making off like a bandit...getting two roommates to take the majority of the rent yet share their own room. Wow

    Smile and WaveSmile and WaveOy oldin
    • Capitalism baybee

      Friendly Neighbourhood LawyerFriendly Neighbourhood LawyerOy oldin
  • Nerd alert!!

    Willard YoderWillard YoderOy oldin
  • Someone please tell me, he’s not on a budget. Because his spending is out of control. He installed security cameras around the apartment to monitors his roommate activities. That’s crappy bro. This episode is mainly about how cool my apartment is with all these smart lightsssss. I sincerely wish you the best of luck bro.

    MicoMicoOy oldin
  • There gotta be cheaper than that

    Elite PerfumesElite PerfumesOy oldin
  • Our house (2000sq ft) is 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom and the rent is $ 146.66 ...🙄

    MONISH KuruguntlaMONISH KuruguntlaOy oldin
  • Love the light up toilet.

    coco marineblucoco marinebluOy oldin
  • Walmart is actually cheaper in price than IKEA. IKEA may be a fun and trendy place to shop, but their prices are no longer a bargain for such cheap crap.

    Mind YourOwnMind YourOwnOy oldin
  • Don't get me wrong, I love that this nerd is so into tech and lights, but I died when he said HomePod and saw the toilet light. 3 people could've rented a house though, with at least 1 more bathroom.

    Paul HoPaul HoOy oldin
  • Omg this makes me sooo nostalgic. I went to his college a couple years ago and went through the same exact thing

    PaigePaigeOy oldin
  • Although I like Ben’s setup (the desk and tech gear are to die for, lol), it would have been better to allow each of the roommates their own personal space, instead of sharing a bedroom and office quarters. The rent could then be split more evenly between the three of them.

    Nicole BondNicole BondOy oldin
  • I just wanna know what summer internships are paying him that much! All that just from summer money is crazy

    Eliza NicholsEliza NicholsOy oldin
    • I make 100 dollar a month

      Harshit KapoorHarshit KapoorOy oldin
  • So he claims they are paying even splits for the space they respectively live in and yet the roommates are only paying $200 less for a half bedroom?? Either this guy knows how to finesse or needs to immediately change his major to math smh

    EllieEllieOy oldin
    • Pittsburgh is crazy this story is white privilege at its finest. No shade on this young man it's just that I've been red lined when I was his age. Strange how all my white or Indian or Asian bubbys that had worst financial backgrounds lived in the same neborhoods. I guess it was the braids lol smh

      Joeboy Entertainment The FiveJoe ShowJoeboy Entertainment The FiveJoe Show29 kun oldin
    • @Kai Stockman I make 100 dollar a month

      Harshit KapoorHarshit KapoorOy oldin
    • But they have the office space and his is in the bedroom.

      Kai StockmanKai StockmanOy oldin
    • I make 100 dollar a month

      Harshit KapoorHarshit KapoorOy oldin
  • I think that they could have gotten something bigger, nicer and cheaper then this. Heck, I rent a house and it isn't anywhere close to that cost and much nicer. Plus, the T is in walking distance. Granted, I don't live close to a college but was a college student once in a larger city and rented a 3 bedroom house in a nice, safe suburb for $300 less then his portion for the entire home and $1500 less than all three of them. Also, I worked full-time the entire time during my college years and could have never afforded half of the luxuries this kid has. I also paid for my tuition with what money I had and didn't rely on student loans my first 3 yrs. The last year I transferred to get my bachelor's and worked at the Private College and my tuition was 100% free for an employee and I borrowed my professors extra books because I met them while working for the college. Although, this young man seems rather responsible he could have done this a much cheaper route. Kuddos, to him and maybe he's just use to that life style (although the apartment was nothing spectacular). To me he got ripped off.

    Andrea FuchsAndrea FuchsOy oldin
    • I make 100 dollar a month

      Harshit KapoorHarshit KapoorOy oldin
  • send my love to joe

    Crystyl45Crystyl45Oy oldin
  • Graham is gonna love this

    ez3619ez3619Oy oldin
  • oof CJ and Misha need to revisit math class for their share. Also, WHY DOES THE TOILET BOWL GLOW?!!

    itsMinyaoitsMinyaoOy oldin
  • where are you living in Pittsburgh where it cost that much

    Brittany EyrichBrittany EyrichOy oldin
  • Nice work ✨🎇🎆

    Ebay AddictsEbay AddictsOy oldin
  • That office with the double doors I think could’ve been turned into another bedroom.

    TheGr8erAlexTheGr8erAlexOy oldin
  • $7000 for his desk. Nope!

    Extra Small DollExtra Small DollOy oldin
  • He paid for all that with "Summer internships" BUUUUUUULLLLLLLLSH!T This whole thing is one big humble brag and it feels gross 👎

    Rob WeissmanRob WeissmanOy oldin
    • I made $12k as a design intern in 4 months. Enough to pay rent and other misc costs throughout the school year. Not enough to cover tuition though, unlike the previous generation.

      Beep BoopBeep Boop29 kun oldin
    • @C he was just an it intern for one summer when he made the 10k.

      The Life of NicxThe Life of NicxOy oldin
    • @The Life of Nicx I made 40k per year was an intern

      CCOy oldin
    • If he’s in IT it very much could be a summer internship. My brothers summer internship (he was a freshman) paid him 10k

      The Life of NicxThe Life of NicxOy oldin
  • The rent spilt should’ve been more like $1,000 and $500 for the other two.

    Mimi GMimi GOy oldin
    • I was looking for this comment. His roommates are getting hosed. A room is a room and there are two in the house -$1000 each which means only $500 a piece for the guys sharing the room

      Marlon LMarlon LOy oldin
    • The master bedroom has complete privacy. Privacy while sleeping and working. That should also be a factor.

      Molecular PokerMolecular PokerOy oldin
    • Well the other two also took over the dining room with their desks, which should be factored into it.

      Luis EscobarLuis EscobarOy oldin
  • Wow I used to pay 750 per month for a 3 bhk in PGH ross twp 6 years ago. Either pgh has become expensive or they live in a super premium apartment

    sricharan reddysricharan reddyOy oldin
  • Love that they thought ahead! Also a reminder to never go to college and just jump straight into work so you can live without forced extreme budgeting.

    Up Skill Or DieUp Skill Or DieOy oldin
  • “It’s a little challenging to manage the money...” “I have to budget my eating expenses.” He says as he drops 7K on a desk setup and has 2 MacBook pros and an iPad, not to mention a camera, lenses, and other pieces of tech. Wouldn’t have to budget if you ain’t drop that much on stuff as a college student. This kid don’t know about that Oakland college life struggle like the rest of us. Anyways, H2P!

    Slame333Slame333Oy oldin
  • I go to pitt and pay 500 rent per month for a garret room

    Liza ElliottLiza ElliottOy oldin
    • @Bryant Edwards yeah he goes to cmu 🙃

      Liza ElliottLiza ElliottOy oldin
    • I had a nice sized room, side yard and plenty of space in South O and we each payed 450. I have a feeling he’s actually a rich kid lol

      Bryant EdwardsBryant EdwardsOy oldin
  • I would have converted the office space into a 3rd bedroom so that each roommate could have their own private space

    JakeJakeOy oldin
    • ​@starbrite526 that office is like half the size, id say more like 800/800/400

      Jona MarieJona Marie14 kun oldin
    • @Not Sure $700 for each person that has a room and $600 for the person in the office/dining.

      starbrite526starbrite526Oy oldin
    • How would u split the rent?

      Not SureNot SureOy oldin
  • Y’all want to come to my $900 shoebox in Miami?

    Manuel SedaManuel SedaOy oldin