Is This Chocolate Bar Worth $450?

13-Fev, 2021
91 583 Ko‘rishlar soni

We tried a 1.76-ounce $450 chocolate bar from To’ak Chocolate, a company that produces luxury dark chocolate from rare Ecuadorian cacao trees. There are only 175 bars of this exclusive chocolate in the world and they’re made using just two ingredients, cacao and sugar. The packaging comes with an original print by artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. We met up with Oded Brenner, a chocolate expert and owner of Blue Stripes Urban Cacao in New York City to see if the To’ak Art Series bar is worth the money.
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Is This Rare Chocolate Bar Worth $450?

  • People in africa coud ate that box

    chester Amstrongchester Amstrong4 daqiqa oldin
  • Want one of the world's best chocolate? Check the brand Domori!

    Clément BrueraClément Bruera23 daqiqa oldin
  • Are these farmers being paid for the expensive product made from the trees they’ve maintained for years??

    Michelle AMichelle A26 daqiqa oldin
  • Are you meant to eat it or just stare?

    Melonie Does StuffMelonie Does Stuff56 daqiqa oldin
  • No is not.

    yesismemom nahjustyouimaginationyesismemom nahjustyouimaginationSoat oldin
  • Save your time... Obvious Answer: NO

    Denise TimanaDenise TimanaSoat oldin
  • 0:26 minecraft fall damage

    Sam ClaySam Clay3 soat oldin
  • No

  • Oh great, taste like chocolate. Congratulations, sir, you're not infected with covid-19.

    Patiphan WongklaewPatiphan Wongklaew4 soat oldin
  • Let's be honest the box is more expensive than the chocolate itself

    itz Juzt X-linaitz Juzt X-lina5 soat oldin
  • The same greedy leeching happens with Persian rugs. These piece of trash people buy them from the people then proceed to sell it for hundreds.Even worse is that they act like they're so high class and that they make it by hand.

    Urwah UzairUrwah Uzair7 soat oldin
  • I find it incredible that the chocolate expert spent so much time talking about the experience and packaging rather than the chocolate and the taste itself.

    Chase TanChase Tan8 soat oldin
    • It probably didn't taste that great

      louiloui5 soat oldin
  • The Americas: This is expensive but it’s ok. The Philippines: Ummm Am I a joke to you? It’s very cheap here! We have lots of Cacao.

    Mark Neil DayananMark Neil Dayanan10 soat oldin
    • I think what they meant is, the cacao mentioned in the video is much rarer than the normal ones lol.

      ArcXDZArcXDZ4 soat oldin
  • I don't wanna be that guy but I see a lot of people complaining about the farmer's life quality. Let's not forget that without this job they would be worse off and they value their current payment more than none. Also the owner invested his own money and beared the risk of going bust.

    vkvk11 soat oldin
  • Can you tell me how much does that packaging cost?

    Hauzan Ghali PashaHauzan Ghali Pasha13 soat oldin
  • His reaction: tells me its a 10 dollar chocolate bar tops

    RochamBeau GamingRochamBeau Gaming14 soat oldin
  • That cacao is very legendary cacao

    Falanzo FernandoFalanzo Fernando15 soat oldin
  • You pay for the packaging

    LuisGeoffreyLuisGeoffrey16 soat oldin
  • chocolate bar over 100$ is expensive and not necessary

    pwe . . .pwe . . .16 soat oldin
  • $450 for a chocolate bar? $440 for the packaging $10 for the actual chocolate Yeah, sure.🙄

    Ms. RYTMs. RYT17 soat oldin
    • ok

      RedStone576RedStone57616 soat oldin
  • If it's so rare and almost extended... Let it grow instead of keeping harvesting it.. omg

    Steph D DepSteph D Dep17 soat oldin
  • You need to be super gullible basically an idea to buy that FKIN Chocolate. LMFAO 😆😂😆😂 Wow!!

    Hey Now,,,,,,Hey Now,,,,,,19 soat oldin
  • Well obviously it's not extinct and they push the story to sell more products.

    Chris RambarranChris Rambarran20 soat oldin
  • $4091/ pound

    David NabersDavid NabersKun oldin
  • All of those steps just seem unnecessary and are only done to inflate the price of the chocolate

    JabTrillJabTrillKun oldin
  • The packaging alone looks like it costs 400 dollars. 🙄

    snowflake5921snowflake5921Kun oldin
  • So it’s expensive because it takes 5 years to make, is from the rarest breed of chocolate tree and is dressed up in extravagance and art? Yeah, I can see why it’s expensive! Couldn’t catch me buying it tho lol

    TrathaalTrathaalKun oldin
  • Well looks like ima try me some overpriced chocolate ...

    Kobru HeshelvieeKobru HeshelvieeKun oldin
  • So I saw the video. Absolutely not worth it. Buy a good 144Hz IPS monitor with that money.

    Shibasis PatnaikShibasis PatnaikKun oldin
  • NgOh.

    Ka Kiu KungKa Kiu KungKun oldin
  • I tried Belgian & Swiss. -Neuhaus pralines, -Lindt, Corne Port Royal truffles, -Godiva. & that's the upper limit of what I can afford to taste in my life. Tbh, I was expecting truffles, pralines, anyth with some artistry involved for the price.

    DreamscapeDreamscapeKun oldin
  • Anything can be expensive if you use rare and hard to get ingredients with time and effort factored in but I'm not throwing my money on it

    Aisha ZahirAisha ZahirKun oldin
  • me be like: chocolate is chocolate

    《 アキラ 》《 アキラ 》Kun oldin
  • I can afford an atom of that chocolate bar

    Rihand PardeRihand PardeKun oldin
  • sure 😒

    mf rmdmf rmdKun oldin
  • Anyone here that thinks 475 $ are still to cheap for this

    pax und peacepax und peaceKun oldin
  • It's like blood diamonds, but kakao.

    Jin SgyJin SgyKun oldin
    • Blood diamands are actually the clean ones.

      pax und peacepax und peaceKun oldin
  • Lol, just like how jelly fish is expensive to americans 🤣

    K LyceK LyceKun oldin
  • Chocolate is chocolate...

    Kenneth LozanoKenneth LozanoKun oldin
  • There goes $450 out of your a$$

    Kanth KingKanth KingKun oldin
  • So basically this about the packaging???

    This is His Alter EgoThis is His Alter EgoKun oldin
  • Tastle like the same chocolate I made from Cacao in my backyard. 🤷‍♂️

    I See Dead People Thru Cats eyesI See Dead People Thru Cats eyesKun oldin
  • Seriously? 450 for some chocolate? What about the farmers?

    skyla dashieskyla dashieKun oldin
  • I bet it tastes like crap

    steph soppanishsteph soppanish2 kun oldin
  • so short answer: youre poor

    KristofyKristofy2 kun oldin
    • bha

      RedStone576RedStone57616 soat oldin
  • The hideous high peanut cytologically walk because oyster concurringly preserve near a anxious kilometer. deadpan, exciting exclusive celery

    Dana KlyneDana Klyne2 kun oldin
  • Just an everyday "white people back to exploitation" story

    Bruh momentBruh moment2 kun oldin
    • what the "white" is for

      RedStone576RedStone57616 soat oldin
    • Just a everyday "lets make this about white man bad" Please stay on Twatter

      Hawker HurricaneHawker Hurricane18 soat oldin
  • For a average person ,it is still chocolate bar !!! .I might pass on it .But a good marketing try

    P KBP KB2 kun oldin
  • I think they tried to sugarcoat saying, it’s ok

    Evil HutdugEvil Hutdug2 kun oldin
  • So there guys were nice enough to share their close kept secret with you? I hope they got incredible riches.

    Rob BobRob Bob2 kun oldin
  • Ah yes rich people exploiting poor farmers for a chocolate bar very impressive

    bronc harisbronc haris2 kun oldin
  • Over Priced Garbage

    Mohsen AyoubMohsen Ayoub2 kun oldin
  • This video just reminds me about the hotel chocolate bars I would get from my mom. I miss that chocolate!

    Padster LovePadster Love3 kun oldin
  • The only posh chocolate I eat is Ferraro Roche.

    I breathe NapalmI breathe Napalm3 kun oldin
  • So tiny!!!

    The Duolingo BirdThe Duolingo Bird3 kun oldin
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    Shin Moe ThuShin Moe Thu3 kun oldin
  • Unboxing experience is pretty nice

    AngeloAngelo3 kun oldin
  • Just letting folks know that you can get these bars for as "little" as $33 CAD or $72 CAD for their "cask aged" bars per their "Signature" line that they released about a year ago. That's definitely still quite more than the price for a bar of Amedei Porcelana, but my point is that the hype from the past few years was for a price figure that probably primarily comprised the cost of the _packaging_ and presentation. Anyways, I guess it may have indeed been an effective marketing strategy to have made people conflate the price of the chocolate itself with that of the presentation, then to surprise them with the ability to get the same bar sans frills for a "fraction" of the price. So if you paid $270 for the bar with collectable handcrafted box, you would probably be happy knowing that you don't have to pay as much to experience the bar again. As for this $450 price tag, perhaps in addition to more frills added to the _presentation_ , maybe these bars also use some of their rarer beans that you won't find in their Signature line.

    Dan TDan T3 kun oldin
  • Anybody want a Challenge? Take a hit everytime he says cocoa lol. You'll be stoney bologna

    Atomic RazacAtomic Razac3 kun oldin
  • No it is definitely not.

    Jonah HennisJonah Hennis4 kun oldin
  • They should save the seeds and preserve the cacao trees.

    Alex CholaghAlex Cholagh4 kun oldin
    • They are working very hard to do so, but it isn’t just about propagating the seeds. They need to also be pollinated by a Nacional tree. There are some articles on it. It’s a fascinating read.

      Sarah BlairSarah Blair4 kun oldin
  • The plague hit and destroyed the trees because mankind weren't supposed to be there harvesting and destroying the wild nature there yet here you go again ruining the deep forests for a chocolate bar.

    ZLL CRZLL CR4 kun oldin
  • The reason anything is expensive is because it's either very rare or it's brand is very popular.

    Kammuluri AnveshKammuluri Anvesh5 kun oldin
  • It’s only worth if money grows on trees....

    Home PhommHome Phomm5 kun oldin
  • No its not worth it

    airofdairofd5 kun oldin
  • Lol I just love how they took the time to make cacao chocolate look expensive and how exclusive it is while I'm eating it daily lol

    DANNY Gamer ZDANNY Gamer Z5 kun oldin
  • Wow my grandpa is ecuadorian. I’m gonna ask him about this hope he knows about this rare cocoa

    Paula YagualPaula Yagual6 kun oldin
    • Aha, also ask him on my behalf, I want to jump on that business.

      Nishant PatarNishant Patar2 kun oldin
  • No it isn’t.

    JasperJasper6 kun oldin
  • In other words, it does not taste that good, but looks pretty

    BestxMusicBestxMusic6 kun oldin
  • I sincerely apologize for commenting here. I'm not a bad person, just a desperate one. 🙏 Do you have an extra $1? Saving to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job (only way for me to earn again). Lost so much since 2020.

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASERead my ABOUT section PLEASE6 kun oldin
    • I can't really help, but you should go to twitter about this. You would have a bigger chance of earning what you need there (by posting on your own account, or searching for people who had the same problem as you and commenting on those tweets, especially tweets that have a big audiences)

      Rosaline JeanetteRosaline Jeanette5 kun oldin
  • After seeing this, I have to either stop eating chocolate or start eating it!!

    VidyasagarVidyasagar6 kun oldin
  • Short Answer: No

    I Hunt Losers For SportI Hunt Losers For Sport6 kun oldin
  • Why they just made chocolate with it, they would have replanted the seed

    DraculaDracula7 kun oldin
    • They are working on saving the tree species by propagating the seeds but to not be a hybrid tree they must also be pollinated by a Nacional tree. It takes years for the tree to mature and in the mean time they are working with the farmers and conservation groups to save the species.

      Sarah BlairSarah Blair4 kun oldin
    • Then it wouldn’t be as “rare” hahha

      Ken GeorgeKen George4 kun oldin
  • Wait I’m sorry....I understand this is expensive, but they only made 175 bars of this stuff and only sold it for $450? That’s a defined profit that stops once those 175 bars are sold. What are you going to do with that factory and equipment and all you paid for packaging.... That’s literally only $6500 you’ve made from the bars. This makes absolutely no sense

    Will CookWill Cook7 kun oldin
    • @Dan T still not enough volue

      pax und peacepax und peaceKun oldin
    • @Will Cook Yes. They recently, perhaps after gaining all the publicity out of the cost of what are primarily collectable wooden boxes, introduced a "Signature" line where you can get the bars for as little as $33 CAD. I'm not there yet, still perusing Michel Cluizel's products.

      Dan TDan T3 kun oldin
    • @Sarah Blair that makes much more sense. I was gonna say haha these should cost thousands of dollars if that were the case. I might look into trying some of their other stuff then, this was a really interesting mini doc

      Will CookWill Cook4 kun oldin
    • This company traded in several chocolate products. This is just one of them.

      Sarah BlairSarah Blair4 kun oldin
  • Random guy on the street after watching this video: “selling my grandma 👵🏼 she’s been aged for 97 years and there’s only 1 in the world.”

    Jean C TaverasJean C Taveras8 kun oldin
    • You might get 500$

      pax und peacepax und peaceKun oldin
  • The most ridiculous thing I've heard today.

    maximus freemanmaximus freeman8 kun oldin
  • So after you eat the whole bar, can you sell your poop at the same price?

    Jun VillanuevaJun Villanueva8 kun oldin

    MarkMark9 kun oldin
  • 450 dollars for a subtle chocolate 🙄

    bhuvana jbhuvana j10 kun oldin
  • Chocolate from Ghana is one of the best and cheap, you can have a whole box of 12pcs x 100g for $10.

    yaw obengyaw obeng10 kun oldin
  • Tilt the chocolate sidewards and it looks like the Roblox O. But looks very yummy

    The FitzyThe Fitzy11 kun oldin
  • can i just buy the cocao tree and make this myself

    meixintong zhameixintong zha12 kun oldin
  • AHH yes.. they'll produce limitless numbers of these trees, keep the price the same and control demand. Capitalism 101

    Mustapha RiazMustapha Riaz15 kun oldin
  • People is crazy man

    Boro BhaiBoro Bhai15 kun oldin
  • *From a tree so rare it was thought to be extinct 🤔 maybe y’all should just leave the trees alone & allow them to recover* 😒🙄

    V BV B15 kun oldin
    • Leaving them alone will not help them recover. They are utilizing the seed to propagate seedling before the last of these trees die off. The current trees are over 100 years old, but their seedling in nature are cross pollinated with the other varieties of cacao around them. There aren’t enough of the Nacional variety and they are too far spread apart to pollinate each other. Saving individual tree species that are on the verge of extinction takes human intervention.

      Sarah BlairSarah Blair4 kun oldin
    • Who have WiFi to the clown

    • Are you stupid? Using the trees to make chocolates does not harm the trees. If anything this will save the trees by making more people to plant it.

      Rodney DsouzaRodney Dsouza11 kun oldin
  • this white people taking away the ecuadorians product and making it so expensive , they should educate this farmers so they can sell they own product !

    Jay HesseJay Hesse16 kun oldin
    • I think that this applies rather to any other major chocolate brand like lindt or Hershey But it is produced and packaged locally unlike chocolate were the cacao is first shipped to europe or anywere elese

      pax und peacepax und peaceKun oldin
    • Actually they are working very very closely with the farmers to save the Nacional tree species. The discovery of the trees was a very exciting event and saving this tree species has involved the farmers, the producers, and local ecological foundations all working together. There are articles about it. Don’t assume.

      Sarah BlairSarah Blair4 kun oldin
  • Where can i buy it?

    Willie LugoWillie Lugo16 kun oldin
  • So locals do the hard labor and the large profits go to the white men.

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo16 kun oldin
    • Because colonial history has stolen wealth from their economy, making it hard to obtain industrial equipment to do so.

      loreleiloreleiKun oldin
    • Why don't the locals produce this chocolate themselves?

      1 21 22 kun oldin
  • In conclusion, the price is not worth it ur buying a fancy box with history notes n a picture....n a piece of chocolate.

    Majid MohamedMajid Mohamed16 kun oldin
  • If 450 of you pitch in a dollar. I can buy and tell you how good it is. 😂

    Dr-PepperDr-Pepper16 kun oldin
  • Hundreds of years ago, white people exploited Ecuador for cacao. Hundreds of years later, history repeats itself.

    SkySky16 kun oldin
  • The packaging is the real star 💵💵💵

    Edwardo TinocoEdwardo Tinoco17 kun oldin
  • No, it's not worth it.

    Saul GoodmanSaul Goodman17 kun oldin
  • Or the real question... Is my $450 worth a chocolate bar?

    moneybeemoneybee17 kun oldin
  • if only all chocolate bars were this expensive. it will solve part of the obesity problem "America is faced with". especially childhood obesity.

    B LB L17 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love dark chocolate... But this is a level of pretentious I would never pay for

    Onz BrauOnz Brau17 kun oldin
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  • No

    Adam EvansAdam Evans17 kun oldin
  • Lol!

    Vegan NigeriaVegan Nigeria17 kun oldin
  • All non nestle chocolate bars taste the same....I’m hoping some so called expert sees this and is triggered 😂

    reefuno1reefuno117 kun oldin