How The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Became A Status Symbol

23-Yan, 2021
298 547 Ko‘rishlar soni

KitchenAid stand mixers are absolutely iconic. The design hasn't changed since 1969 and fans are obsessed. The company has reported 25% growth year-over-year in 2020 - the pandemic-induced baking boom surely helped. Bought by Whirlpool Corp. in 1986, here's how the 101-year-old company has helped build successful culinary careers while empowering the home cook too.
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How The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Became A Status Symbol

  • I don't know much on the history about these mixers however I do know that they are worth fixing and we enjoy working on them at our home repair shop so much so that we even set up a live feed cam while we are fixing them to show everyone how "cool" and "nifty" they are built not only on the outside but also on the indies. we also share our espresso machines on our channel, now I wonder is this also a status symbol or stature that has an interesting history lesson behind it also? Hmm many time for another video soon hehehe. Thanks for sharing:-)

  • Get a real job. I as someone who works with industrial equipment. This product it's over price.

    Richard ZetinoRichard Zetino9 kun oldin
  • In Australia their toasters are $400. Literally wtf

    W WW W11 kun oldin
  • When you spend $1000aud on a mixer and then use it once and it sits on a kitchen counter or in a cupboard...... Yeah no thanks

    W WW W11 kun oldin
  • I bought mine in 2008. I don't use it often, may be 10 times a year. I've read that their life span is around 15 years (but last more depending on the use and care). I guess mine still has more than 3 years. However, I powered it on yesterday and I feel like it does not have the same power. Dunno what to do since I am in Venezuela ( But I bought in the US in 2008) and we don't have technical support here. You may know why it is lacking power? Maybe because it is 12 years old?

    Losna MazzottinoLosna Mazzottino15 kun oldin
  • Its a "status symbol" to people who don't have money but like to act like they do. Much like Michael kors and Gucci slides. (I have one btw and love it. Got it 10 years ago and its still going strong. 🙂)

    Sean YSean Y19 kun oldin
  • Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who’s biggest “adult goals” was a kitchenaid 😂

    Branda StoutBranda Stout21 kun oldin

    Jennifer D.Jennifer D.21 kun oldin
  • I wanted to buy one but saw the reviews of breaking up.. made of plastic inside

    maraxmarax21 kun oldin
  • I have a KA and I like it ok, it’s heavy and klutzy. My mom didn’t like them. She had a sunbeam, she didn’t have to scrape down the sides.

    aGuyWhoTypesaGuyWhoTypes22 kun oldin
  • 4:48 its a she ? , how can you tell ?

    sim61642sim6164223 kun oldin
  • When our KitchenAid was about 13 years old, the motor started getting noisier, so I looked up some DIY maintenance videos. The task was fairly simple of removing the housing, cleaning the gears, and re-lubricating it with food-grade grease. My biggest gripe about the brand is the price of the accessories. Most of the time you can buy a stand-alone gadget or appliance that does the same thing for as much if not cheaper.

    Matthew WynneMatthew Wynne23 kun oldin
  • It’s worth it guys, I have the professional 6 and it’s amazing

    Bethany BlessingBethany Blessing23 kun oldin
  • I would like to get married soon and literally like 50% of the motivation to do it is to put a KitchenAid mixer on the registry...

    JudyCZJudyCZ23 kun oldin
  • The maniacal treatment unprecedentedly stay because india correspondingly appreciate on a judicious bangladesh. amuck, wary stove

    Sophie LSophie L23 kun oldin
  • Someone please tell me that that golden yellow color's name is

    Daniel GDaniel G23 kun oldin
  • 24/7, 3 times a week 🤣

    Kristine GalidoKristine Galido24 kun oldin
  • I gave my fiancé a kitchenaid mixer as a combo Christmas gift/birthday gift and first anniversary of living together present. We love to cook together! Both super practical and symbolic of a long life together ❤️

    Tiffany PomaresTiffany Pomares24 kun oldin
  • My mixer I inherited from my mother. I recall her making cookies with it the day of the moon landing.

  • 24/7 3 times a Day????

    mario mirandamario miranda24 kun oldin
  • What?

    TyTy24 kun oldin
  • I got mine for $200 canadian. Go to kitchenaid's website, they have a section of refurbished machines that are taken fully apart and repaired and packaged back up! Svae yourself a pretty penny but still get the "status symbol" lol

    KaraKara25 kun oldin
  • I have one of those 1955 style ones, along with four of the modern Kitchenaid mixers. My Mom had one when I was growing up, so I grew up cooking with it. She still uses it, and she's 86 soon. She'd laugh if I told her it's now a "status symbol".

    Bethany DenneyBethany Denney25 kun oldin
  • Idk how mine is because I bought it off of Craig’s List over 10years ago . It was grey , scratched , without attachments , missing 3 of the rubber feet , no attachment hub , and leaking grease . My hubby changed the grease and placed a new gasket, I bought new attachments, feet and hub. I sanded and painted it a glittery hot pink . It is definitely a showstopper in my kitchen. I get many compliments.

    Adriana G FloresAdriana G Flores25 kun oldin
  • When Whirlpool bought Kitchenaid, they tried to save money by having the parts made in China. The number of service issues skyrocketed, so they went back to using to the original source in NW Pennsylvania.

    Chuck MarzkaChuck Marzka25 kun oldin
  • They are so expensive... in my country is the same price as 1 ipad pro 2020 😭😭😭😭 ... idk maybe i can find less expensive one

    thenamutaethenamutae25 kun oldin
  • Sorry, but no. Kitchen aid is not the great mixer it used to be. It’s okay for the occasional -once a week - cake or cookies and buttercream, but for every day use and stronger dough like bread you need something like the Kenwood Chef.

    M. S.M. S.25 kun oldin
  • Ours died after only 5 years. We ended up replacing it with a different brand that was actually less attractive and cost more money, but is more powerful and more convenient.

    cspicer77cspicer7725 kun oldin
  • When we were just children we were promised KitchenAids for when we graduated college or got our first real apartment. Mom has her red one, little sister got Seaglass metallic green for her college apartment, I got my lemon yellow for my MBA (which cost twice as much here in Germany) and baby sis will get one when she finishes her engineering degree.

    Anisha Hall HoppeAnisha Hall Hoppe25 kun oldin
  • I like my KitchenAid, but it really isn't the best for yeasted bread dough. I just don't think it's powerful enough. The heavy duty super expensive one is probably better for that use...

    aeva86aeva8625 kun oldin
  • Kitchen aid a status symbol? Ya if you live in your mom’s good living magazine. Quality kitchen appliance, absolutely. But status symbol? C’mon. It mixes ingredients. Let’s settle down

    Zatch GZatch G25 kun oldin
  • This video was a waste of resources

    SpankySpanky25 kun oldin
  • If anyone knows who keeps buying all of the Buttercup [yellow]... let me know. =)

    Luke CLuke C26 kun oldin
  • Hands up for the kids who had to grow up with hand mixers 😂🙌🏽

    VibeVixen02VibeVixen0226 kun oldin
    • 🙌 And mind you, the hand mixers I grew up with as a kid were also KitchenAids!

      Cj SmartCj Smart25 kun oldin
  • We got one as a wedding present a decade ago and it'll still working great. It's not doing 300 cookies a week, but it gets plenty of use.

    AndurilAnduril26 kun oldin
  • Once I get my own place, I'm sending out my great grandmother's bowl lift KitchenAid out to be completely refurbished

    Cafe ImpecuniousCafe Impecunious26 kun oldin
  • The Kenwood Chef mixer is also an heirloom bullet proof product.

    Soren IngramSoren Ingram26 kun oldin
  • My kitchen Aid is older than 23 years old. And I still LOVE my Kitchen Aid.!!! Will be bying the Commercial one but will keep my Artisan 5 Qt.

    Zianeshka SparenZianeshka Sparen26 kun oldin
  • I have my grandmother's kitchen Aid and I'm still making dinner rolls for my fam to this day. Lol 48 yrs still mixing lol.

    blkhat117blkhat11726 kun oldin
  • My dad got one in the 80’s before I was born. Fast forward several years later, and my dad has passed away. But I’m still using his machine that he basically passed down to me. I use it at least once a week. Love the design and it’s usability!

    mooncakemooncake26 kun oldin
  • if they are so good why does Mr. Mixer exist? Whirlpool took a great mixer and put into the dumper.

    Bill KingBill King26 kun oldin
  • th eonly thing i do not like is the logo. for the rest its a gorgeous machine

    Bertel Ingmar BertelsenBertel Ingmar Bertelsen26 kun oldin
  • Tbh I don't like it. I have a 20 year old sunbeam that I use more than my kitchen aid. I'm just not a fan of it

    TJ EclipseTJ Eclipse26 kun oldin
  • The ONLY KITCHENAID product that went bas was a burr coffee grinder Dit not use it much, but the last pound I started to do ja Ed up & burnt. But it had just was after warrantee, but for the longest they had none, But a few years ago I saw a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT style I won’t bother with one again . Cheers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Flyby AirplaneFlyby Airplane26 kun oldin
  • Enter WW. II born in JAMAICA BWI, my parents had a Sunbeam mixmaster,,I remember them even making mayonnaise , & other stuff, when I met , my wife in USA she had a hand mixer, But 1 day I was in the ‘CELLAR. ‘ IN Bambergers , Livingston mall, saw a great priced KITCHENAID. 6 QT LIFT BOWL COLOUR “CAVAIR”, so bought it which she used a bit cakes, cookies CHRISTMAS Plum Puddings Small kitchen so it’s in an Island cabinet, so I would lift up for her, but she NEVER Got over that surprise ! Cheers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Flyby AirplaneFlyby Airplane26 kun oldin
  • Absolutely love my Kitchenaid mixers!!! Yes, two!! Pink! Got my first in 1990 for Christmas. My BFF has it now. Got two pink ones after I survived a horrific car accident in ‘01. The pink was going to be limited, so my husband got me two! They’re fantastic!!!! ❤️💙❤️💙

    Quinn HenQuinn Hen26 kun oldin
  • Years ago KitchenAid was poorly advertised on QVC. The host didn’t know how to use it properly. I sent an Email to KitchenAid to make them aware of this. Next thing I know they had a perfect infomercial created. I feel I helped them along towards great success.

    Farmergirl of ChickensFarmergirl of Chickens26 kun oldin
  • I’ll take a Hobart over this any day of the week.

    Esk8 ForumEsk8 Forum26 kun oldin
  • Oster Kitchen Center is my favorite. Tons of attachments, blender, mixer, food processor, chopper, ice cream maker. I buy everyone I find in yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales.

    Farmergirl of ChickensFarmergirl of Chickens26 kun oldin
  • I bought one in 1987 and I still use it. The idea of having it serviced is a new one to me.

    Scott Morris RoseScott Morris Rose26 kun oldin
  • Love mine. I even do instant pudding in it!

    Luigina YerinoLuigina Yerino26 kun oldin
  • we've had the same KitchenAid for 20 years

    Archangel MykalArchangel Mykal26 kun oldin
  • I removed my Empire Red Artisan from the counter (it took up so much space!) and stored in another room. I missed it so much, it's back in pride of place. I don't use as often as in years past but my kitchen wasn't the same without my precious. Mechanical Heart and soul of my kitchen! Loved the video!

    Nina MolerNina Moler26 kun oldin
  • The one problem with the kitchen aid is its difficult to pour ingredients into while the mixer is spinning. Usually I need to stop mixing take the bowl off my mixer then put in the flour or sugar put the bowl back on then keep mixing

    otogigamerotogigamer26 kun oldin
  • My white KitchenAid is 38 years old. Love it!!

    Michele SFOMichele SFO26 kun oldin
  • I'm twenty years old and I have gone through 3 kitchenaids( technically my moms) I should have looked into getting them repaired

    Clio HasegawaClio Hasegawa27 kun oldin
  • "I, like most people, grew up with [...] a Kitchen Aid" -clueless white liberal showing her privilege.

    Ryan BarrRyan Barr27 kun oldin
    • What a stupid comment

      Matt AdamskiMatt Adamski23 kun oldin
    • I didn't know what a Kitchen Aid was until I was an adult, but that doesn't mean I think she is liberal or that she has "privilege".

      Grow HowGrow How24 kun oldin
    • @Clio Hasegawa Both major parties in the US support neoliberal economics, so chances are she's a liberal whether she's a progressive or a conservative It's possible that she isn't, but the whole point of my comment is that assuming a majority of people are wealthy enough to afford a Kitchen Aid is an indicator of her political stance

      Ryan BarrRyan Barr27 kun oldin
    • She could be conservative

      Clio HasegawaClio Hasegawa27 kun oldin
  • Watching this while mixing a bread dough in my green kitchen aid

    D GuardabassioD Guardabassio27 kun oldin
  • 5:55 no, most people didn't grow up in a socioeconomic class where insanely expensive kitchen appliances are a norm in every home. Everyone you know may have grown up with one of these sitting out on the counter, most people didn't.

    Ľuboš RybanskýĽuboš Rybanský27 kun oldin
  • $480.00

    CoffeepupCoffeepup27 kun oldin
  • It's $1000 for the artisan series here

    Taqqee MaudhooTaqqee Maudhoo27 kun oldin
  • How did a stand mixer become a status symbol? By a price tag.

    Dylan WatsonDylan Watson27 kun oldin
  • 24/7... 3 times a day... 3 times a week. 60% of the time, it works... every time.

    JJ27 kun oldin
  • Mine is purple! Oh, how I love it. Such a workhorse.

    Gila KatzGila Katz27 kun oldin
  • I got my KitchenAid mixer 9 years ago, I believe, when I was 13 years old. It was a birthday gift from my grandfather.

    Lucas Stuart-ChilcoteLucas Stuart-Chilcote27 kun oldin
  • You do have to have their oil changed every so often just like a car, which most people don't realize

    Jacob AndersonJacob Anderson27 kun oldin
  • I want one so bad ;n;

    Laura HallLaura Hall27 kun oldin
  • That and a Vitamix!

    collarmolecollarmole27 kun oldin
  • One of the few things you can buy and keep for years when your tired of buying things only to throw them out months later because repair either doesn't exist or is not allowed.

    Media AddictMedia Addict27 kun oldin
  • I bought a $200 Kitchen Aid in 1975 when I was 22. It BROKE in 1980, just snapped off at the hinge. I didn't know there was any kind of warranty after 5 years. It was long gone before anyone ever mentioned that to me.

    Ann BrookensAnn Brookens27 kun oldin
  • Now I want one.. KitchenAid is not as famous as brand here (Indonesia). People know Phillips and some chinese brands. The high price would limit market penetration too I guess.

    Arief RakhmanArief Rakhman27 kun oldin
  • I have a breville stand mixer and it's fine but one day I'll buy a kitchenaid and it will be glorious.

    DusktoDawnRangerDusktoDawnRanger27 kun oldin
  • Not everyone! I use Kenwood :P

    Marina VonsovichMarina Vonsovich27 kun oldin
  • I won a KA in an Instagram competition!

    LostInThe CityOfBooksLostInThe CityOfBooks27 kun oldin
  • KitchenAid good. Kenwood better. .. And cheaper in almost all places. Sometime in the last number of years, KitchenAid made an unwelcome transition from premium appliance to being a symbol of overpriced pretentiousness.. I'd love to see a Venn a diagram of the following: -Bought a KitchenAid mixer as an ornament. -Actually uses KitchenAid mixer. -Asks visitors in first 5 mins: "Did you see my KitchenAid mixer?"

    Nicky GNicky G27 kun oldin
  • Not everyone is rich to buy one

    Ng Yong YaoNg Yong Yao27 kun oldin
  • I just got my mom one for her birthday! She loves it!

    Jane DoughJane Dough27 kun oldin
  • I dream to have this but im hellabroke 😇

    So FamSo Fam27 kun oldin
  • There are videos on how to degrease your kitchen aid. If it’s starting to make weird sounds when on, you need to regrease

    B LynnB Lynn27 kun oldin
  • I still have mine it’s going on 40 years old

    joe thielenjoe thielen27 kun oldin
  • My late partner gave me a 75th anniversary edition KitchenAid stand mixer in '90 or '91. We didn't buy bread again for a year, I'd make it fresh. I had to send it in once to get the motor fixed after about 25 years, but it's been a workhorse! It's my favorite appliance.

    Robert CarnevaliRobert Carnevali27 kun oldin
  • It's crazy be how a mixer can out live a human huh.

    Patrick HallPatrick Hall27 kun oldin
  • I got mine from my Dad. It will be definitely passed down to the next generation.

    I GrayI Gray27 kun oldin
  • Only those that have been around this things will relate to what I am about to say. Who enjoyed the smell of the kitchen aid machine while in use when you were growing up?

    AJAJ27 kun oldin
  • I was a messcook on a diesel submarine. A hobart miker that was about twice this size sat just inside the galley door.

    Bob FognozzleBob Fognozzle27 kun oldin
  • I amazingly enough got mine at Goodwill for $15 and I love it so much, honestly so useful

    Danielle TateDanielle Tate27 kun oldin
  • Got mine bc of the GBBO 😅 🧁🎂🍰🍥🍪🥧 😋

    futurepower89futurepower8927 kun oldin
  • Not even gonna spill the tea obout bakeoff taking $ to use a different mixer? And then had to switch back?

    Joe BlowJoe Blow27 kun oldin
  • You will never see a kitchenaid stand mixer in a Asian household

    Bao QuachBao Quach27 kun oldin
  • The KitchenAid is the Toyota of the kitchen. It isn't the cheapest, but it won't bankrupt you and it'll last forever.

    •27 kun oldin
    • @• oh okay well it was built in the 80s so that’s why it hasn’t crashed yet. Try driving a Toyota built in recent times and tell me if you still like Toyota. And you are completely wrong about Chevys. I live in a small town with rough roads and harsh weather. I have seen Chevrolet’s take on the toughest conditions and come out clean. But I’ll agree that modern A modern Chevy can’t hold a candle to the classic ones. All cars back then were just better.

      Dustin StewartDustin Stewart23 kun oldin
    • @Dustin Stewart everybody know if you want a car that'll last as long as you, buy a Toyota or Honda.

      Lola BLola B23 kun oldin
    • @Dustin Stewart Chevy, like most Detroit cars, is a garbage brand. Overpriced, under-engineered, they're poorly built, the poorly fitted plastic junk inside it rattles when they drive, use an insane amount of fuel for the power you get out of it... I've owned a 1989 Toyota pickup for over 20 years, with over 300,000 miles thats had no issues.

      •24 kun oldin
    • Toyota? I think you mean a Chevy. Toyota drivers usually crash their car within 2 years.

      Dustin StewartDustin Stewart24 kun oldin
  • Used my old mixer for almost 30 years. It still worked ok, but ended up with a kitchenaid from a relative. Absolutely LOVE it. Weighs a ton, but works so well. Looking forward to trying the meat grinder attachment.

    Sandy GSandy G27 kun oldin
  • Good old UZworld university 👏🏽

    Pearl SwirlPearl Swirl27 kun oldin
  • I want one.

  • I'm from Greenville!

    Tyler DavisTyler Davis27 kun oldin
  • The one status symbol that actually deserves it’s status!

    Fairy on IceFairy on Ice28 kun oldin
  • When the time comes, I'll be getting one 2nd hand on ebay just like I got my Staub Cocotte 🤗💜

    Tahtahme's DiaryTahtahme's Diary28 kun oldin
  • Just dont use the dough hook above the second speed. My mom did that and it stopped working. A coworker fixed it and told me what was wrong. The only thing is to put back a retaining clip on the shaft back into a groove. Take me less than 10 minutes to fix. Just cant overfill bowl anymore

    Leo ArzolaLeo Arzola28 kun oldin
  • eh, i'll skip the mixer and buy grocery store bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, etc

    ali aliali ali28 kun oldin
  • Stop with the vocal fry.

    Balso SnellBalso Snell28 kun oldin
  • Wait, what? "24/7, 3 times a day, 3 times a week" . . . that is 63 days in ONE WEEK KitchenAid Artisan 350 Watts, mixing dough while challenge the space/time continuum!

    MrMackannoMrMackanno28 kun oldin