How The Model Minority Myth Keeps Asian Americans Out Of Management

1-May, 2021
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If you are Asian in America, you probably grew up with the idea that you had to keep your head down, get perfect grades, and work hard to achieve wealth and success.
Many of these ideas are because of the model minority myth-a set of assumptions about Asian American achievement and behavior that have held Asian Americans back from equal opportunity in academia, the workforce, and necessary government welfare. However, the perception of overachievement also leaves Asian Americans out of important equity conversations and suppresses their career growth.
In recent years, Asian representation among college students and in executive leadership has come under scrutiny. According to studies, nearly 60% of Asian Americans go to college. After school, they comprise 13% of working professionals but just 6% of executive leadership.
So is the career suppression of Asian Americans a hidden form of racism? If not, why exactly have Asian Americans been underrepresented in management roles, and what can we do about it?
For many years, anti-Asian biases and discrimination have largely gone unacknowledged. Until now, as the nation takes a closer look at the origins of discrimination in a climate of racial reckonings and increased violence.
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In some ways, Quincy Surasmith says he didn’t feel like an outsider growing up. Surasmith, who is Thai- and Chinese-American, was raised in a part of L.A. that had a large Asian American community.
But while Surasmith excelled in his early school days, by high school, his grades were slipping. He was engaged in class and tested well, but he stopped completing his homework and his GPA suffered.
“I almost flunked out,” Surasmith says, “and [teachers] didn’t have an answer for that. They were like, well, why wouldn’t you want to achieve?”
What teachers didn’t consider was that, because of disruptions at home during his parents’ divorce, filling out extra worksheets after school wasn’t exactly his priority.
Additionally, “it was expected of us or assumed of us that we were kids who had parents who had steady incomes and access to money for extracurricular activities or prep classes, or even just having like a car to get to places,” Surasmith says. “But I know I didn’t necessarily have all those things.”
Surasmith’s experience is just one of countless examples of how Asian Americans have been subject to the model minority myth - a set of assumptions that Asian Americans are hardworking overachievers who have made it to the highest levels of success. By positioning Asians as the model minority race, it also assumes that Asians don’t need any help, and don’t require any further examination of how their race is discriminated against.
But these assumptions are just that, and the consequences of the stereotype go beyond the classroom.
“By grouping all the Asian Americans together and assuming all of them will do well just because you’ve measured them as a group, you end up ignoring the people who might not fit into that,” Surasmith says.
For decades, the model minority myth has kept Asian Americans out of important equity conversations and held members of the community back from equal opportunity in academia, the workforce and necessary government welfare.
The origins and consequences of the model minority myth
The term “model minority” was first coined in the 1960s by sociologist William Petersen for a New York Times Magazine article. It was used to describe the so-called “success stories” of some Japanese American families, who during World War II were forced into internment or pushed to enlist in the military as a means to prove their patriotism, yet were able to rebuild and reintegrate into society after the war.
Ellen Wu, an associate professor of history at Indiana University Bloomington, links this portrayal to essentially a rebranding effort as the U.S. rose to become a global super power. If America was truly the land of democracy and equal opportunity, U.S. leaders had to show that immigrants could overcome anything, even racist and exclusionary policies, to succeed here.
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How The Model Minority Myth Keeps Asian Americans Out Of Management

  • Asians are smart, math-savvy, financially literate, hard-workers! Oh the horror!!

    The Internet Saved My LifeThe Internet Saved My Life15 soat oldin
  • As a Burmese, it hit right on the mark as my mom makes about $40,000 a year. For us, alot of people don't even know where Myanmar when they ask us "Are you Chinese? Korean"" when we're not.

    Hevy5125Hevy5125Kun oldin
  • 6:07 - This video is pathetic. Using Hmong people to fit your narrative. First of all, Hmong people are a small ethnic group that immigrated to the US in the mid to late 70's, and have accomplished a lot during the short time being in the US. Hmong people are one of the most resilient and hardworking people, I don't see any of my people living in tents and panhandling. 6:10 - This video showed an Asian lady with her vegetables portraying her as living in poverty, do you even know how much they make? I can tell you this much, my grandma made enough selling her veggies at the weekend market to pay off her home in CA, my parents also paid off their home. Not living in poverty like you think. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ASIANS THINK LIKE VICTIMS!

    lalala lalalalalala lalala2 kun oldin
  • HMONG PRIDE!!! LOL Yes, I grew up poor - welfare, WIC, subsidized housing... Yeah, the model minority myth is definitely a myth!

    Sandy CandySandy Candy3 kun oldin
  • Statistic gathered by Asians: "We make up only 6% of executive positions!!!" Well, Asians are only 5% of the US population!

    Mdude92Mdude923 kun oldin
  • I SHOW U FKING 0000000000000

    Ken LaKen La4 kun oldin
  • Asians invest overseas

    Ken LaKen La4 kun oldin
  • Who give a F

    Ken LaKen La4 kun oldin
  • The facts are true but honestly I don't want to be a manager or a ceo it's too white at the top. I like being handsomely paid and left to my own devices but appreciated. Asians are very crafty we find a way to get to where we want and overcome adversity.

    Thomas TranThomas Tran4 kun oldin
    • What facts? The only statistics that presented proved that asians are equally represented at the executive level and overrepresented in the workforce. The infographics were misleading.

      bob sappbob sapp2 kun oldin
  • Let us fight racism BY BEING RACIST!

    Andrew PhillipsAndrew Phillips4 kun oldin
  • My thought is why don't they interview asian ppl working at McDonald's or uber drivers? This video is stereotyping Asians.

    Brandon SteelBrandon Steel4 kun oldin
  • When Black Americans start demanding for reparations everyone develops a sob story despite their obvious privileges. Sigh

    Kelvin NyagaKelvin Nyaga4 kun oldin
  • Best video from CNBC! Completely captures the struggle

    Mister KentCMister KentC4 kun oldin
  • F*** the corporate world (and government). They are unethical, evil, corrupt, disingenuous, destructive, greedy, diabolical, treacherous. It won't change; if anything, it's getting worse. The future lies in start-ups, independent contract work, freelancing, self-employment, online education and learning.

    toadytoady5 kun oldin

    Kathleen GuevaraKathleen Guevara5 kun oldin
  • Wait if 6% of executive leadership is Asian American and only 5.4% of the population is Asian American...How is that underrepresentation?

    bob sappbob sapp5 kun oldin
  • You know what ACTUALLY hurts and discriminated against Asians? Affirmitive action. Ahh but we don't want to talk about that do we? Instead you come up with this bs video not to help Asians but because the idea of a model minority is inconvenient to your narrative that wants to push the idea that minorities can never do anything to prop themselves up on their own.

    hsy ytthsy ytt5 kun oldin
  • Real Asian women are a godsend. Asian looking women from America are just like the white and black American females. Nasty

    John DavisJohn Davis5 kun oldin
  • who's to be BLAMED? taiwan province of China SMALL brain pro-independence spreading Chinese ethnics HATRED, now their dumb actions backfired. ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

    God is great- America is greatGod is great- America is great5 kun oldin
  • There is a cultural difference between south and east asia.. South asian culture is assertive type whereas on the other hand East asian peoples are mostly shy and less can see in the behaviour and Studies regarding to double glass ceiling factor too which is mostly faced by east asian peoples in US I am not generalizing but I am saying this based on the Research studies.. And I am not 100%correct ( saying this in advance)

    Amendra KumarAmendra Kumar5 kun oldin
  • “You’re one of us but you’re not” so true

    SS6 kun oldin
  • I think the reason why asian americans have often been shoved to the side is because they don't suffer from the same struggles that black people face. When looking at poverty, police brutality, and incarceration, asian americans are the least likely to experience them (even less likely than white people). In fact, asian americans are the highest earning racial group in the US. Aside from racial stereotypes, there's another issue. The US has a very individualistic culture. In America, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you're silent, you get run over. The countries that asians come from have very collectivistic cultures. This discourages speaking out and challenging authority (something that the US was founded on).

    Darth Utah 66Darth Utah 666 kun oldin

      lalala lalalalalala lalala2 kun oldin
  • Let me get this straight: you're saying that the "Asian mentality" is the reason why Asian Americans aren't doing better in life, similar to the "slave mentality" of the Afro-American milieu that is holding people back? So you recommend Asian Americans to ditch their Asian virtues and parental values? And embrace individualism? With all the ignorance and arrogance that comes with it? Why? So that the white majority might be more accepting towards them? Incredible.

    Nicky LiuNicky Liu6 kun oldin
  • Bla bla bla

    dilson reyesdilson reyes6 kun oldin
  • This video is extremely silly. As a child of two immigrants, I completely disagree with the premise of this video.

    Enoch ChengEnoch Cheng6 kun oldin
  • Asian power!! Kimchi fried rice with jalapeno is all i neeeeeeeeed 😆

    BryanBryan6 kun oldin
  • why are there no indian when you interview Asians.

    Channel MusicChannel Music6 kun oldin
  • Then how come the average Asian American makes more than the average European, African, or Hispanic American does?

    Philma JohnsonPhilma Johnson6 kun oldin
    • They failed to account for % of the population for the workforce statistics.

      bob sappbob sapp2 kun oldin
  • Funny. Because certain Ivy League schools would penalize students' admission scores for being Asians.

    kyle trankyle tran6 kun oldin
  • 3:04 *”this is the thing u need.” **** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

    Hasson JarredHasson Jarred6 kun oldin
  • India is betting on a FAILED horse US which is a SUNSET country and both having economic chaos and explosive number of covid-19 cases in the world ..while more and more countries are supporting China which is a SUNRISE country. When USA falls, India will also fall with them and face even more economic collapse.

    James LimJames Lim6 kun oldin
  • The real reason USA media falsely accuses CHINA of mistreating Uyghur Muslims is because they want to prevent the 1.6 Billion Chinese worldwide and 2.0 Billion Muslims from working together. Both these groups have been discriminated by USA and the WEST for decades and are more likely to work together. Chinese & Muslim nations working together will lead to US losing its dominance of the world. Plus this will gain Asia, Russia and African support too including the rest of the world.

    James LimJames Lim6 kun oldin
  • As observed in my companies, a giant international firm, Chinese Americans are rarely be promoted even they're qualified for. For myself no matter how talkative in weekly meeting my colleagues always talk me as quite.... that's hard to change their mind thus so many Asian Americans set their own firm

    C SC S6 kun oldin
  • I worked for two Asian bosses, they're from traditional strict cultures. They were not good at leading. I'm westernised Asian myself. They don't listen well and tend to promote their friends as supervisors. They weren't doing a good job either 🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    C JC J6 kun oldin
    • Most of the people interviewed in this video tried to pass off their own personal flaws as a systemic issue. If you're not good at math, that's on you. There are other Asians that are particularly good at math. How does that narrative diminish your "achievements"? You just want to dance? Go ahead! But don't turn around and say Fortune 100 companies wouldn't make you CEO! This is the problem with liberalism. You want to express your individuality but want to influence the outcomes of others like you who also want to express and control their own individualities. If 100 Asians in a town with 200 Asians become dancers then the chances of having an Asian Mechanic is diminished by 50%. I'm sick of propaganda videos like the one above

      The Internet Saved My LifeThe Internet Saved My Life14 soat oldin
    • Anomaly?

      John CarpenterJohn Carpenter6 kun oldin

    Dr.Samurai's minute lectureDr.Samurai's minute lecture6 kun oldin
  • USA is doomed as diversîty will be it's ultimate demise.

    Eric RoweEric Rowe6 kun oldin
  • Asians are now the richest people in the world. This woke garbage is a lie...

    DaveDave7 kun oldin
  • 2.8% and 4.1% of fortune 100 executives are East Asian and South Asian, respectively. That’s total of 6.9%. Given that we make up 7% of the national population in the US, it’s actually a perfectly fair representation.

    Richard KimRichard Kim7 kun oldin
    • There's a reason why they separated it 😂😂😂

      The Internet Saved My LifeThe Internet Saved My Life14 soat oldin
  • ok.......

    watchullawatchulla7 kun oldin
  • Here's what the Model Minority MYTH doesn't tell you. Income Inequality in the U.S. Is Rising Most Rapidly Among Asians

    BrysonBryson7 kun oldin
  • Conveniently left out Nvidia CEO, and AMD CEO who's Asian and a woman 🤔

    Sukun UnosawaSukun Unosawa7 kun oldin
  • What about Nigerian Americans? They're super high achieving too

    SteveSteve7 kun oldin
  • Proud to be Asian American.

    FLiangFLiang7 kun oldin
  • Propaganda. Underrepresented in manager jobs for Asians is because of racism! Duh!

    David LelyukhDavid Lelyukh7 kun oldin
  • Diversity programs are for black and Hispanic people. When they want to promote an Asian they promote an Asian woman, checks both the woman and Asian box.

    slick_jonesslick_jones7 kun oldin
  • If you're going to break down Asians into smaller groups in order to show that not all Asians are successful, you should also break down whites into smaller groups too; otherwise, it's completely disingenuous to compare specific poor Asian groups to all whites in general.

    Victor NyoraniVictor Nyorani7 kun oldin
    • @CinniBom95, I understand what a biased reasoning is, and it applies whether you're white, brown, or black. When I was younger, I was seriously misled by such biased reporting that created a racist narrative out of thin air. I would hate to see other young people being misled by such disingenuous and potentially malicious reporting.

      Victor NyoraniVictor Nyorani5 kun oldin
    • You clearly don’t understand how whiteness works..

      CinniBom95CinniBom955 kun oldin
  • 2:14 But Asian-Americans were born and raised in America, not Japan or China. If we take this man's word, it is that culture and beliefs, taught and learned in the home, which hold Asians back. Is it a case of failure to assimilate due to a un-compatible culture taught in the home, as is often the case with other minorities, which explain what they are passed over for leadership positions?

    Chac MoolChac Mool7 kun oldin
    • Asians are not passed over for leadership positions. The video fails to account for % of population.

      bob sappbob sapp2 kun oldin
  • It's like they are allowed to be specialist and worker but not allowed to be leader, but i can understand because their behavior didnt make everyone respect them

    El LorenzoEl Lorenzo7 kun oldin
  • I am sorry, these statistics are misleading. 60% out of all Asians go to college, 13% overall workforce is Asian American and only 6% executive/managerial personnell. This is not really consistent. You first compare Asian American with each other and then you compare the overal population with Asian Americans

    Linda HongLinda Hong7 kun oldin
  • Can we stop grouping south Asians and East Asians as one group... Asian? I mean the concept of “Asia” is Eurocentric created by ... Europeans.

    Sam KishanSam Kishan7 kun oldin
  • very simple create your own company and be the EXECUVITE !!!!!!!

    Luis RamosLuis Ramos8 kun oldin
  • America allow visa to asian who are well educated, belong financially well off family with high skill. Most asian reach America on h1b visa which is not less than slavery if individual involved in criminal activities they are deported easy. Asian who comes in illegal suffers lot. The first generation Asian American do well 2nd and 3rd generation Asian are not as successful as their parents most of them lives with parents. Asian who come to America for study on students loan they need to get job in America or Else they will face students loan debate. They also struggle lot. These stereotypical depiction of asian only further problems to asia not every individual belongs to this categories also by these stereotypes Hollywood is actually mocking asian people and their culture. Demasculization of asian men making them struggle to find dates at same time sexualizing Asian women is not a proper representations and claim to be positive.

    Aiswarya BersanAiswarya Bersan8 kun oldin
  • you are excluding south asia

    abimbola akosileabimbola akosile8 kun oldin
  • As an "Asian" living in Asia, I am just "flabbergasted" on how US categorized 60% of world population in one single category. Even in China or India, different cities and regions speak different languages, embrace different cultures/values... The Pakistanis in South Asia, have nothing in common with Koreans in East Asia... lol.

    Bizz Bazz BuzzBizz Bazz Buzz8 kun oldin
    • er... different parts of the african continent also speak different languages. what is your point

      Lechiffresix sixLechiffresix six7 kun oldin
  • Nice work ✨🎆🎇

    Ebay AddictsEbay Addicts8 kun oldin
  • Most Asian Americans or Asians believe in challenging to better themselves. Used stumbling stones as stepping stone to rise up.

    JAM EstebanJAM Esteban8 kun oldin
  • Keep in mind that India and China have lower literacy rates than the U.S. There's nothing that makes Asians inherently smarter; it's just that the Asians who immigrate to the U.S. generally work in high-skilled jobs which required college degrees.

    Empire StateEmpire State8 kun oldin
    • @Nicky Liu North Korea has a 100% literacy rate lmao literacy proficiency means very different things across the world bro

      Gus FringGus Fring4 kun oldin
    • Where do you get those numbers? I would have assumed that China has a pretty high literacy rate, as it would be common for communist countries, and a quick Google search did result in finding a literacy rate of 96.8% for China, which may not be perfect. But I think, even now they keep expanding literacy programs or just general school education to minorities too recently, to get the last couple percentiles, and yes, that might very well include Uyghurs.

      Nicky LiuNicky Liu6 kun oldin
  • Race to the bottom. Everybody's a victim

    Xiohn TaylurXiohn Taylur8 kun oldin
  • I bet these same people also support affirmative action against Asian Americans.

    Dave RayDave Ray8 kun oldin
  • And we're off to the comment section. Let's see what experts think 🤔 🤔 🤔

    C'Mon ManC'Mon Man8 kun oldin
  • Basically is us systematically racist

    kbkkbk8 kun oldin
    • Yet people from all over the world keep coming lol. Do they all have a discrimination kink or what?

      Bruce VBruce V7 kun oldin
  • Tigerbelly Bobby lee.

    Frank MartinezFrank Martinez8 kun oldin
  • Well if we are talking about Indians that throws everything out of whack right? The CEO of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, MasterCard, Nokia all Indian. You need a certain personality for management. I’m Asian, senior director....I know.

    MuddbugMuddbug8 kun oldin
    • lol. you are just riding the Indian wave that's going on right now. enjoy!

      Mdude92Mdude923 kun oldin
  • Statistically they have the most money tho

    Jonathan BlannyJonathan Blanny8 kun oldin
  • asians and Nigerians proved race or colour doesn't matter for success in USA. But unfortunately Democrats have brainwashed African Americans.And made them feel like entitled, less career oriented

    Sadik SajibSadik Sajib8 kun oldin
    • that's a right wing talking point that perpetuates the model minority myth. If you look at the actual data, you'd see income inequality is WORST amongst Asian-Americans.

      BrysonBryson7 kun oldin
  • Interviews snowflakes asian-americans. asian americans: politics much.

    gearzone2611gearzone26118 kun oldin
    • boba liberals are cringe.

      BrysonBryson7 kun oldin
  • The oppression Olympics continue. If they didn't have this, CNBC would be out of business tomorrow.

    Slim xSlim x8 kun oldin
  • It's the Chinese Communist Party that unleashed this virus to the world, CCP lied, people, died. The Chinese people and the people of the world are all victims of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Betty CBetty C8 kun oldin
  • So according to CNBC, Indians and Pakistanis are not Asian? CNBC , why are you so Racist?

    IamyourMasterIamyourMaster8 kun oldin
  • Well done, more of this please.

    Steven kSteven k8 kun oldin
  • honestly a lot of my managers in my work experience have been Asian. I'm in pharmacy so maybe it's just that specific type of job

    lynette urenalynette urena8 kun oldin
    • it does matter by the type of industries. It might have been the majority in your area.

      BestMods168BestMods1688 kun oldin
  • Frankly what do Asians really want, money. Just earn your money, lead a successful life. And why do you bother about management. Own the dammm business and you're in the management.

    MrBoliao98MrBoliao988 kun oldin
  • There’s promotion available at work but I’m not interested in it because the pay is not worth it for the amount of stress I’m going to be dealing with!.!.

    Marlon EliasMarlon Elias8 kun oldin
    • Marlo, mental health ain't worth the extra $$ . doe je best !

      Lechiffresix sixLechiffresix six7 kun oldin
  • It's a shame that your culture is targeted. One of the things I find is that Asians do assimilate into American culture better than other races, in my opinion. And sometimes people see that as a threat, and it is not.

    Worth It CandyWorth It Candy8 kun oldin
    • @paulgotik In America, Asians never pushed their agenda. They just want equal justice.

      Worth It CandyWorth It Candy8 kun oldin
    • People should respect the culture they are in. Doesn't mean you have to forget your own, it just mean you have to accept the new one into your day to day life. In my contry we have so many immigrants that impose their own cultures on our contry without any respect for our own.

      paulgotikpaulgotik8 kun oldin
  • Yeah they usually had advantages that Amerindians, Blacks, And Hispanics usually did and do not have

    matthew mannmatthew mann8 kun oldin
    • Like what exactly??

      The Internet Saved My LifeThe Internet Saved My Life14 soat oldin
  • Asians are in management all the time. Most tech CEOs are indian thesedays.

    CalvinyCalviny8 kun oldin
  • Asians - if you're held back by the bamboo ceiling, look elsewhere. Build a skillset that makes you indispensible and easily transferrable. In fact, even if you're comfy with your job, keep looking for new ones/freelancing/setting up your own business. Sell yourself all the time - your business skills, your technical skills, your interpersonal skills. Keep pushing, keep seeking more. I know a couple of Asians who rapidly went up the technical promotions, but just stayed there - they then made a startup, and in a few years, they were headhunted by corps to be on their board. Never assume the only route is to work your way up the same company. Whenever you face an obstacle, find ways around it or through it.

    Me MeMe Me8 kun oldin
    • Dude that's what Asians have been doing for the last 50 years. People fail to see the discrimination and obstances Asians have had to overcome to get to where they are today and just play it down as a "model minority" myth. What nonsense? Asians didn't face exclusion in Mortgage loans? What about the Chinese Exclusion Act? Internment of Japanese Americans in WWII? The only Americans that believe in saving and investing rather than spending to build wealth -- Asian Americans. The Americans that spend the most on educational attainment while others talk about cool shoes and whatnot. Asian Americans never needed representation on TV or politics to prosper and that's a fact. They're now changing the narrative to suit their agenda. They want Asian Americans to play a certain role as a "minority" because minority means lack thereof. Minority means marginalized. Yes maybe politically but economically No. It's all about the value you can create or what you bring to the table. Asian Americans should not change trajectory. They'll regret it later on if they do.

      The Internet Saved My LifeThe Internet Saved My Life14 soat oldin
    • Good advice

      Sarah leeSarah lee5 kun oldin
    • thanks for this advice

      mintmochimintmochi7 kun oldin
  • Ni hao

    freshprinceofbellairefreshprinceofbellaire8 kun oldin
  • There is some truth in every stereotype. But a stereotype doesn't apply to each and every person in that community.For example, to an outsider, the Western culture seems like a mess with no family values where people just do what they like without taking responsibility for their actions. But does that apply to every person in the West? No. Am I going to assume evey white person I'm going to meet is a messed up person? Not at all. I have to look at the individual. And even if that individual fits the stereotype, I won't assume that the other white person I meet is the same. Because if you have a brain, you don't need to go by stereotypes and generalization. You treat the person as an individual and not a representative of his ethnic group. This is just my point of view, someone from same ethnic group as me might not agree with me at all and scream about national pride but that's them, not me. I'm not going to follow their lead or ask them to do what I do.

    Prateek ParmarPrateek Parmar8 kun oldin
    • Only Americans think like this. Most people in europe don't see "white" as a specific race and our values are extremely different from contry to contry like it is in Asia. Americans look at people with racial eyes even to white people. It's so weird how they think about this issues.

      paulgotikpaulgotik8 kun oldin
  • Asians have their own struggle and reach their levels of success on their own without complaining about victimhood and handouts. Yet other sources like the media and other non Asians paint them in a bias point of view. Asian people should start speaking out more. This pandemic coincidently shows people's true colors on those of Asian descents.

    Ismael HallIsmael Hall8 kun oldin
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Brittney JasmineBrittney Jasmine8 kun oldin
  • I'm very confused about CNBC Make It saying that Asians are the least promoted in management roles when statistics literally show that Black people are the ones that are in high management roles the least. Also, Asians as a collective, statistically are the highest-earning minority. Yes, you have poor Asian subgroups, but as a whole Asians are the highest-earning minority. I'm confused by this video because it denied literal facts on multiple fronts. Also, they do have a tendency to be science and math oriented. In anything having to do with STEM, you see a higher population of Asians. Nearly everyone sees this in real life. I think the model minority myth is dangerous and obviously whole groups should not be generalized and no one should be judged off of their race, but I noticed that this video denied literal, proven facts more than once. While you shouldn't generalize people, it doesn't eradicate the fact that there are specific noticeable patterns in certain groups.

    Chrissie CChrissie C8 kun oldin
  • here we go. identity politics. at least it will give someone who got a degree in asianamerican studies or some underperforming asian 15 seconds of fame so that they can compensate for their shortcomings. I have no trouble securing exec management positions because I assimilated just fine and have no issue with the lifestyle provided to me. I'm sorry that I don't have a fob accent, talk ghetto, or have some insecurities that prevent me from succeeding so I can't identify with the cry babies in this video.

    Stephen ChenStephen Chen8 kun oldin
    • There's a difference between viewing certain ethnicities through a stereotype lens and giving handouts. People should view people as individuals

      Ravi GopinathanRavi Gopinathan8 kun oldin
  • S&P 500 and co. : AMD, NVidia... AMD very discriminative with Asian female CEO pay lol...

    R BR B9 kun oldin
  • I haven't personally experienced this at my work. Maybe it's because I have a thick skin or just don't see it but I get more and more responsibilities and as a result, have seen my income go up. I'm also White, Asian, and Black but I don't think that is the real factor but rather how I've innovated and put points out for my team that has been valuable.

    Up Skill Or DieUp Skill Or Die9 kun oldin
  • I stopped at 1:44 in the video. It stated Asians make up 6% of executive leadership. From - "According to the 2019 Census Bureau population estimate, there are 18.9 million Asian Americans, alone, living in the United States. Asian Americans account for 5.7 percent of the nation's population." So they are above their population percentage in executive jobs and that's being kept out of management? I call BS on this video. I personally know two Asian families. One family runs their own business (no it's not a Chinese Buffet) and does very well. Why would they give up that business to go into managing someone else's business? Like me, the other family does blue collar jobs. When we talk about work we all complain about the same stuff. Quit trying to segregate us. We're all Americans.

    meabobmeabob9 kun oldin
  • Not to be rude, but a lot of the stereotypes about Asians are NOT negative.

    Kathy JKathy J9 kun oldin
  • Asian Americans are in for a rude awakening. This current power grab will actually lead to more anti-Asian sentiments from whites once Asians grab a bigger piece of "their" pie. Yes, white people prefer Asians to Blacks (and Latinos) but they do not prefer Asians over their own. I would recommend that black people become less vocal and work harder. save/invest more and let Asians fight with whites for more power

    ElegantNoirElegantNoir9 kun oldin
  • Many Asians lack the social skills and connections required to navigate the higher levels of corporate culture.

    ElegantNoirElegantNoir9 kun oldin
  • American myths. It’s like the myth about driving. You go else where in the world like Europe and people don’t have these assumptions on Asians

    Unknown UserUnknown User9 kun oldin
    • but Asians have alot of assumptions about white people let me tell you.

      paulgotikpaulgotik8 kun oldin
  • From the comment section I can clearly see more Asian-Black conflict than Asian-White conflict that media wants us to believe

    Ren WRen W9 kun oldin
  • Indians are asians and they are doing great.... look at google, microsoft, ibm. Asians are diverse and the assumption of discrimination is itself racist.

    Mike DaysMike Days9 kun oldin
    • Agreed, I don't get the point of this video. Asians are the highest earning ethnic group in the USA.

      Kay FlipKay Flip9 kun oldin
  • need more Asian representation in the PMC

    mainmanmaindudemainmanmaindude9 kun oldin
  • It's strikes me that people from different Asian groups in America are sold a bill of goods in the workplace and corporate america that doesn't get cashed in and thus many are left out in the cold. Based on this video, its essentially bait and switch.

    The Al ShowThe Al Show9 kun oldin
  • For students applying to medical school with slightly below average GPAs of 3.20 to 3.39 and slightly below average MCAT scores of 24 to 26 (first data column in the table, shaded light blue), black applicants were more than 9 times more likely to be admitted to medical school than Asians (56.4% vs. 5.9%), and more than 7 times more likely than whites (56.4% vs. 8.0%). Compared to the average acceptance rate of 16.7% for all applicants with that combination of GPA and MCAT score, black and Hispanic applicants were much more likely to be accepted at rates of 56.4% and 30.5%, and white and Asian applicants were much less likely to be accepted to US medical schools at rates of only 5.9% and 8.0% respectively.

    John DoeJohn Doe9 kun oldin
    • yeah. It's funny how Asians get mad when they are trated the same as white. Now they feel that isn't just.

      paulgotikpaulgotik8 kun oldin
    • yup they got that BLM boost on their applications lol

      David LiDavid Li8 kun oldin
  • NBA and NFL needs Asian diversity

    John DoeJohn Doe9 kun oldin
  • Where’s the Indians? We are a good part of Asia. No one talks about India and if they do it’s always in a bad light. The media has made it that whenever anyone thinks of the word “Asian” they think of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Also CNBC is trying to say that Asians are being suppressed in the workplace which is true now, but historically hasn’t. Asians make up 5.4% of the US population yet take 6% of executive leadership jobs and make more than any other race.

    anti - matteranti - matter9 kun oldin
  • AA hurts us also.

    anti - matteranti - matter9 kun oldin

    David LiDavid Li9 kun oldin
  • Yes affirmative action is racist towards Asians thanks to progressive race obsessed politicians.

    Keshav VikramKeshav Vikram9 kun oldin