How Restaurant Workers Are Surviving The Pandemic

9-Fev, 2021
24 955 Ko‘rishlar soni

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants and bars across the country are doing everything in their power to stay open -- even when research suggests it’s not totally safe. The tragic irony is people who work in restaurants and bars, the same people many well-intentioned business owners are trying to help support, are the most at risk.
The National Restaurant Association estimates that compared to pre-pandemic levels, restaurant employment is down close to 2.5 million jobs and that the industry lost $240 billion in sales in 2020. And while the full impact of the pandemic is still playing out, it appears that hundreds of thousands of restaurant businesses have permanently closed. What will be left of the restaurant industry once Covid has run its course?
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How Restaurant Workers Are Surviving The Pandemic


    Joy-Ann ProfittJoy-Ann Profitt3 kun oldin
  • Shake Shack is BS

    Julie O. GriffithJulie O. Griffith14 kun oldin
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    • @Bridget Bridgette Thanks for sharing her contact, I will get in touch with her right away.

      Paye Malary DanganPaye Malary Dangan14 kun oldin
    • @Parr HENSLEY Sure, you Can work with her.

      Bridget BridgetteBridget Bridgette14 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when the US economy moves on from a manufacturing economy to a leisure/consumption economy. Food is a necessity but restaurants are and will always be a luxury. Had the US kept on manufacturing computer chips (which is in high demand right now) or computers or phones, less people would have lost jobs even during a pandemic

    Chua JantzenChua Jantzen15 kun oldin
  • 2:43 "Women makes less money than men" why do I feel something awkward here, anyway, men spend less than women, for the job equality its 2021st already if you live in western coutries I think the job opportunity and salary are genderless. My boss is a girl an she out earned twice. That's fine because she's great in what she does.

  • Informative video and yes I feel for the restaurants and the owners, but the ones that don't/can't/won't adapt will go out of business. If they pivot to take out and start to advertise they should survive as long as the food is good. I bet pizza places are doing a killing during pandemic since they either have drivers that deliver or take out/carry out options. Why should the US government help the businesses? Everybody wants a friggin handout, ridiculous. Just stating the obvious folks.

    David GolfDavid Golf17 kun oldin
  • Hi, Denzel Washington

    David AsewejeDavid Aseweje20 kun oldin
  • When $15/hr comes good luck

    Xoxoxo XoxoxoXoxoxo Xoxoxo20 kun oldin
  • Wish y’all could report ONE piece of news without the whole regressive, group identity propaganda. Your videos are just unwatchable.

    John GerringJohn Gerring20 kun oldin
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    Happiness winsHappiness wins20 kun oldin
    • If you tune to CNN, she is always on the news.

      Sabrina RiceSabrina Rice20 kun oldin
    • Own a Restaurant Here in N.Y i preach btc like a Pop to all my customers, They are really loving it. Juliana is a Legend. LOL😁

      Silver AliSilver Ali20 kun oldin
    • i am a student and an entrepreneur. Made alot after the pandemic after i got involed.

      GT ReelGT Reel20 kun oldin
    • You are right FAM!!!👍

      houston greghouston greg20 kun oldin
  • Important information.

    Unai EtxeberriaUnai Etxeberria20 kun oldin
  • :)

    Unai EtxeberriaUnai Etxeberria20 kun oldin
  • Nop and owners of restaurant pay u a trash salary.

    Billy LeungBilly Leung21 kun oldin
  • How tf did you have no savings making 1400 a week? Pathetic asf

    Maciej TylkaMaciej Tylka21 kun oldin
  • That's a shame. My parents used to dream about moving to USA someday. But turns out that 20 years later, we're living wayyy better off in our "third world country" than what USA can provide for its worker class citizens anymore

    Mash ZMash Z21 kun oldin
  • Such an interesting time we live in.

    Izzy Makes MusicIzzy Makes Music21 kun oldin
  • Are you serious a company like shake shack applied just why! I don’t feel sorry for that Long Beach restaurant owner she should get fined or if you can’t pay staff just close down!

    Erik GonzalezErik Gonzalez21 kun oldin
  • It’s rough, with some industries hit harder than others. The bar and restaurant business is no exception. Where possible, they have to employ creative strategies to remain afloat during the pandemic.

    Nicole BondNicole Bond21 kun oldin
  • it's unfortunate that this only covers the American market

    JavierJavier21 kun oldin
  • This was an awesome film. Please cover more.

    JaiNaiJaiNai21 kun oldin
  • Amazing reporting for this story Abigail! Love the ending too! Keep up the great work!

    Kevin AKevin A21 kun oldin
  • This is what you get for taking Covid seriously.

    Supreme PotentialSupreme Potential21 kun oldin
    • The opposite

      LinusMLGTipsLinusMLGTips5 kun oldin
  • Not the Restauration lady. Such a clout chaser.

    Paul HoPaul Ho21 kun oldin
  • And yet people think 15% tip is generous. No less than 25%

    Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor22 kun oldin
    • Wages not tips

      Paul HoPaul Ho21 kun oldin
  • "force to adapt" you do even know what it means? not everyone has the ability to adapt in a short period. and if you don't, you have to close. and so, we have 5-10% of all. who successfully adapted in the new rules of the game now you got it, who's government liked more when they give money for free... Business > People. Your survival is not their concern

    LeATePLeATeP22 kun oldin
  • the girl used to make 1000 to 1400$/week and has 0 savings and 2 months behind on rent. ok.

    Marco TerzuoliMarco Terzuoli22 kun oldin
    • @Thalric I believe you

      Marco TerzuoliMarco Terzuoli15 kun oldin
    • As someone who has waited tables for years in a few different restaurants I can tell you that most servers are terrible with money.

      ThalricThalric15 kun oldin
  • Ayyyeee Denzell Washington

    John MikaelianJohn Mikaelian22 kun oldin
  • This would have been a completely different story if the US had said "everyone stay inside for X number of months" at a government mandated level but alas... Great video!

    The Dana Yi ShowThe Dana Yi Show22 kun oldin
  • Bioweapon

    1122 kun oldin
  • My heart goes out to them, Restaurant workers are one of the hardiest workers out there. Its sad but everybody has gotten hit financially including me. As a result Ive been concentrating more on my Emergency Fund and Roth IRA more then anything after dealing with the 2008 stock market crash now this 2020 to 2021 fiasco.

    gold9jagold9ja22 kun oldin
  • No one gonna mention that the guy’s name is Denzel Washington??

    Chunz LChunz L22 kun oldin
    • It’s really not that amazing champ

      Mike JulietMike Juliet21 kun oldin
    • Denzell, I had to look too

      Paul HoPaul Ho21 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else rewind after he said his name is Denzel Washington?

    H WH W22 kun oldin
  • Maybe if they went to college, worked hard and got a better job with actual job security they would be better off. Who knows?

    ilikelittlejimmysilikelittlejimmys22 kun oldin
    • @They Them definitely doing THAT👍🏿 Thank you

      Gerald DarlingGerald Darling20 kun oldin
    • So the professional chefs who went to culinary school are what to you? You want there to be 0 food establishments? You have a system in place for everyone to pursue college?

      Jae By DayJae By Day21 kun oldin
    • @Gerald Darling Hope you're putting yourself through grad school for a actually degree in demand. Goodluck!

      They ThemThey Them22 kun oldin
    • @Gerald Darling Exactly, I don’t want to hear crap about pulling yourself from your bootstraps or work harder after the GameStop debacle from last week.

      diamondflame45diamondflame4522 kun oldin
    • This is this absolute worst take as someone who is putting themselves through Grad school, has essentially two undergrad B.A degrees and speaks 3 languages. Working in the service industry is many times one of the only avenues we have to make income while we are in between careers and school. You have no right to judge people's level of education and worth based on their occupation. Also the creative genius it takes for folks to actually run a successful restaurant is phenomenal. Some of the kindest, smartest, real people I know are chefs and industry workers.

      Gerald DarlingGerald Darling22 kun oldin
  • I think the restaurant owner have more to lose since some have already shut down. So instead of losing a job, they lose their business

    Martin Su - Stock and FinanceMartin Su - Stock and Finance22 kun oldin
  • Proper ventilation should be prioritized not of building outdoor indoor space smh

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial Shinanigan22 kun oldin
    • Exactly. What made outdoor dining safer was ventilation

      Dream Chaser57Dream Chaser5720 kun oldin
    • Screw that end the lockdown. Let the strong survive

      CallmeOshoCallmeOsho21 kun oldin
  • From that standpoint the US is not even a third world country. Can't even provide for a whole industry to make ends meet. Terrible.

    PlayLikeLimboPlayLikeLimbo22 kun oldin
  • One restaurant owner by me took the covid relief money and used it to buy a million dollar rolls royce.

    Night StormNight Storm22 kun oldin
    • There was no oversight. No repercussions. There was more oversight to UE benefits than for tens of millions of dollars

      Dream Chaser57Dream Chaser5720 kun oldin
    • No way

      LinhHueTranLinhHueTran21 kun oldin
    • SMH

      gold9jagold9ja22 kun oldin
  • They even brought up a lesbian impressive

    NoNameNoName22 kun oldin
  • If the business is in a place governed by Deblasio or Newsom.. they won’t survive.

    JRJR22 kun oldin
  • 9th 😎

    GyanPrakashGyanPrakash22 kun oldin
  • They'd survive a lot better if the liberal degenerates would allow us all to return to normal.

    Austen StokesAusten Stokes22 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy

    Hassan Is DrivingHassan Is Driving22 kun oldin
  • The only restaurants who will survive are the ones who make money with Uber eats and takeaway As even with all the outdoor dining being low there is still cash flow. Pizzerias,chinese and mexican are likely to have that option but with seafood and fine dining It is a bit more difficult

    Roberto ChericoniRoberto Chericoni22 kun oldin
    • @Matthew Orndoff Facts bro, I ordered from Uber Eats and the cost of the food was $15,after fees and surcharges,taxes etc. The total cost came to $21.75. Just to much for me🤷‍♂️😂

      Erick NErick N18 kun oldin
    • @Matthew Orndoff sometimes 35% it's terrible. Personally I go order at the restaurant and go with my food just to support local businesses

      wanjiru chelagatwanjiru chelagat20 kun oldin
    • Even Uber Eats is sort of a blood-sucking vampire because they take 20-30% of the revenue from each order.

      Matthew OrndoffMatthew Orndoff21 kun oldin
    • Also restaurant's who are able to have outdoor separated seating all the time

      Michelle MarieMichelle Marie22 kun oldin
    • ethnic takeout food is always in demand. dining is taking a hit. catering to dietary restrictions is the key.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom Warrior22 kun oldin
  • They are barely surviving.

    Millionaire Mindset ClubMillionaire Mindset Club22 kun oldin
    • Agreed.

      Stampitis D.P.Stampitis D.P.22 kun oldin
  • Restaurant workers won’t survive a $15 minimum wage hike, that’s for sure. Not all of them.

    Casey Burns InvestingCasey Burns Investing22 kun oldin
    • @They Them Lol gross margins are much higher than that. If the entire industry has to raise the minimum wage, prices increase across the board. This meas those people won't lose their jobs because of the increase in revenue.

      LinusMLGTipsLinusMLGTips5 kun oldin
    • @Erick N well if you cant realize how broken the restaurant system in the usa is, i can't say anything.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom Warrior18 kun oldin
    • @Phantom Warrior Wait so the restaurant owner take the risk of opening the business but can't make any profit?🤣🤣

      Erick NErick N18 kun oldin
    • @Phantom Warrior Lmfao. They own the business? Keeping the profits is literally the reason everyone takes a risk and opens a business up? Not sure what you're talking about "keeping much of the money" Most restaurants margins are 2-3%....

      They ThemThey Them22 kun oldin
    • actually restaurant owners keep much of the money they could use to pay their employees like any other business.

      Phantom WarriorPhantom Warrior22 kun oldin

    Aaditya SharmaAaditya Sharma22 kun oldin
  • First... I think

    IYBL CinemadnessIYBL Cinemadness22 kun oldin