How Pokémon Became A Multibillion-Dollar Industry

22-Dek, 2020
98 414 Ko‘rishlar soni

Pokémon cards are making an incredible comeback since their heyday in 1999. Today, Pokémon is one of the largest media properties of all time. On December 12th 2020, one card broke the Pokémon collectible record for selling over $350,000. That record was broken just a few hours later when another card sold for $369,000. Each of the high-value cards were the same: The 1st Edition holographic Charizard, the rarest Pokémon card in the 1999 base set.
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Here's How Pokémon Became A Multibillion-Dollar Industry

  • Pokémon is ridiculous you can literally just draw something in the card or make someone famous drawing the card and make it 1 billion dollars so ridiculous lol

    Anthony NgAnthony NgOy oldin
  • He want That perfect centering lol

    The Gusty NguyenThe Gusty NguyenOy oldin
  • your abit late

    zorua O.zorua O.Oy oldin
  • No leonheart.. no like.

    Aldrin MercadoAldrin MercadoOy oldin
  • Imagine the market for these cards suddenly fell, it would render those cards useless for Gary making them just some pieces of papers. 😭

    Zaid YounasZaid YounasOy oldin
    • Right now the Craze is even worse compared to a few months ago. The latest Set Shining Fates has been sold out for months now. Looks like the Pokémon Card Train won't stop for now.

      S. SeagullS. SeagullOy oldin
  • I think this Gary try to sell at prawn shop something like that

    Kangjam Rohit Kumar Rohit KumarKangjam Rohit Kumar Rohit KumarOy oldin
  • Rick: Pokeman

    Panday PiraPanday PiraOy oldin
  • i love yugioh

    Rishav NathRishav NathOy oldin
  • Pokemon was not created in 1995. It was in 1990 and it was called Capsule Monsters.

    tigertrontigertronOy oldin
  • I buy a real charzad in real life

    xovxwm kubheev2020xovxwm kubheev2020Oy oldin
  • still holding on to my Yu Gi Oh collection to go up

    Mario BMario BOy oldin
  • Thanks for the information! So far We have pulled 7th Charizards XY Evolution in our UZworld channel

    PokéSquad TCG ChannelPokéSquad TCG ChannelOy oldin
  • Dude...I had all those cards

    Buddha LovaBuddha LovaOy oldin
  • Whoever made this thumbnail is a weirdo😂

    Rex BoyceRex BoyceOy oldin
  • Yesh issue is right now priced are dropping and what's worse is anyone trying to raise the value by selling a little more the poke police come in and say nope it has gone from this before and thwy love showing the lowest number it sold for so how can we raise the value again its hard and you have scalpers and flippers undercutting eachother which then turns into lower amount of money it sold for which lowers value its like come on people want to buy cards for cheap yet thwy want the value of that card to be high and then when it isn't they are upset I think that people need to realize we want value to go up not down and people need to stop complaining about price lol

    reviewfor thetubereviewfor thetubeOy oldin
  • Best I can do is $10.50

    DKsamzDKsamzOy oldin
  • Bruy I remember loosing hundreds of these cards and Yu-Gi-Oh ones too, by moving out.

    Israel CanepaIsrael CanepaOy oldin
  • i have a 1 million USD .. used nike shoes... the problem is no one wants it... see what i am saying.. 😂👍

    donni febiantodonni febiantoOy oldin
  • AWESOME !!!

    Chansai Commerce17Chansai Commerce17Oy oldin
  • COOL ++++++++++++

    Chansai Commerce17Chansai Commerce17Oy oldin
  • As someone whose been collecting vintage Pokémon cards for the past 4 years this video did the hobby justice on the whole :) well done!

    SaundersSaundersOy oldin
  • they use famous people to spike up the price to sell and it worked LOL idiots

    tim voormantim voormanOy oldin
  • I had one of these, sold it in 2008 for $300

    That Can Don’tThat Can Don’tOy oldin
    • OOF

      Pyzo ツPyzo ツOy oldin
  • Ken Sugimori, Mitsuhiro Arita and Kagemaru Himeno are still names I perfectly remember. Yuka Morii too 😁

    Kill Lri BrigadeKill Lri BrigadeOy oldin
  • I sold my whole collection including charizard, blastoise etc back in 2000 in a garage sale for about 15 $ :D

    Mirro MaMirro MaOy oldin
  • People having seizure from Pokémon wow

    Kperry xKperry xOy oldin
  • This title 🤣🤣🤣

    carlos Arredondocarlos ArredondoOy oldin
  • Crud video, change the title. This had little to do with the Pokémon Company and just covered a speculative secondary market. Not interesting. That uninformed fad (that Charizard card isn't even the rarest card) is the same wave that drove Tesla stock to a ridiculous 1500 P/E ratio. It ain't gonna last and a lot of meme investors are going to lose money.

    Warnock & Ossoff WON!!!Warnock & Ossoff WON!!!Oy oldin
    • lmao, you can't put a price on nostalgia. You will eat your words, you aren't involved, nor do you understand the clientele that buys vintage trading cards. Pokemon and Yugioh (shonen jump) are YOUNG companies that have ascended faster than companies like disney in a fifth the time. Anime is king for animation/nostalgia right now, and gender/racial diversity in the anime community is exploding. Look up RDCworld1. You're asleep Georgia boy.

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
  • sooo glad i kept my 400 vintage pokemon cards! people used to say i was crazy but guess whos sitting on 5 base set charizards right now LMAO

    Trevor HutchesonTrevor HutchesonOy oldin
    • @MrBlaze256 yeah, there's a reason there is a 6 month wait list for psa

      Ethan SchaeferEthan SchaeferOy oldin
    • @Ethan Schaefer half the people born in the 90s have cards. to many cards out there to hold high prices.

      MrBlaze256MrBlaze256Oy oldin
    • Dump them now before it crashes lol

      Ethan SchaeferEthan SchaeferOy oldin
  • Thats not worth $4million dollars dont buy into this BS!

    Yami PegasusYami PegasusOy oldin
    • lol you're yelling at a hill, old man.

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
  • yet people asking why bitcoin price has been skyrocketing

    Sinister Cr03 GamingSinister Cr03 GamingOy oldin
  • I have a handful of 1st edition base set shadowless cards in psa 10. Definately crazy how the pokemon tcg has exploded in popularity.

    HEY its ALEXHEY its ALEXOy oldin
  • I still remembered I having a lot in indonesia

    Erik SantosoErik SantosoOy oldin
  • PLS STOP SHWING THEM AND KEEPING THEM AT HOME!!! Bring them to a secure facility pls!! If they get stolen, it’d definitely will ruin the Pokemon trade!

    A. R.A. R.Oy oldin
  • Pawnstars got to be kicking himself for not buying Gary's collection

    soccerkillssoccerkillsOy oldin
  • It's THE biggest, not one of

    dammitjenkins20carsdammitjenkins20carsOy oldin
  • I have the full set of pokemon from the 90s. Where's my 6 figures. In a card book in sleeves. A 1 condition. Any buyers?

    Only God Knows WhyOnly God Knows WhyOy oldin
    • go on eBay

      daprince001xdaprince001xOy oldin
  • They’re intrinsically worthless pieces of cardboard. Pokémon can print more if they wanted to.

    crystalidxcrystalidxOy oldin
  • I sold a pack fresh charizard when I was 12 for a 100$

    NickNickOy oldin
  • Imagine if his Charizard came back and it was rated 10?

    Adi SokolovićAdi SokolovićOy oldin
  • Short answer: nostalgia is still a thing even if you're a millionaire/billionaire.

    Christopher DangChristopher DangOy oldin
  • I hear 9.5 but i dont see a 9.5?

    marvel onemarvel oneOy oldin
  • Yeah, it is a multibillion dollar industry… Yet they don't want to pay the money to give us a subtitled release if the anime or keep the Japanese music or voices for Pokémon that don't have a name change. :3 Eevee, filler Pikachus, Riolu, Lucario, I'm sure there are quite a few more Oh yeah, the Pichu that Shoko Nakagawa voiced in the Arceus movie was changed too. And Zeraora in Everyone's Story. Also, the first generation is VERY overrated. The fifth is the best.

    Blueberry PitbullBlueberry PitbullOy oldin
  • 369k, nice

    Ryan VookRyan VookOy oldin
  • its only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it ... for me ... its a piece of shinny paper

    Z ZZ ZOy oldin
    • And to others, it's their childhood condensed into an art piece. You can't put a "price" on that, so naturally there is value

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
  • I wish I had a video chat with the guy who graded my cards.

    Jon SnowJon SnowOy oldin
  • Pokemon market is full of clowns atm, smh.

    giovanni innavoiggiovanni innavoigOy oldin
  • I tore up a big pack of cards back about 20years ago in elementary. Sucks. That was probably my house money. 😭

    jonathan hernandezjonathan hernandezOy oldin
  • I had some of these and dumped them!!! That was definitely dumb! But they were in French! Wonder if it counts 🤔

    Dark SoulDark SoulOy oldin
  • I had those pokemon cards before, we just threw them around the house while we are playing after school with my are the odds, lol..

    Gino TanGino TanOy oldin
  • Gotta catch them all 🙂

    the loud star kirbythe loud star kirbyOy oldin
  • meh, highest painting sold for over 500,000,000.00 million dollars.

    zedrick zedwickzedrick zedwickOy oldin
  • Remember the pawnstar that rejected a whole collection of them?

    Julio TabamoJulio TabamoOy oldin
    • Gary said he would have tried to back out of that deal anyway he can if they accepted. He just wanted the exposure for the hobby.

      Lhotse44Lhotse44Oy oldin
  • I sold my collection for $100. If I would've held on to it, I could've got at least $10,000 for it now. Lesson learned.

    TRTROy oldin
    • I sold mine in may for 8000. It would be 30k worth now. Made 7k profit tho

      MrBlaze256MrBlaze256Oy oldin
    • Same here

      soccerkillssoccerkillsOy oldin
  • Leonhart actually got that charizard signed by the illustrator and sold it to Gary. ✌️

    A_A_ron AutryA_A_ron AutryOy oldin
  • You can tell he wanted higher scores on his cards lol. You aint got to lie Craig.

    Reese LReese LOy oldin
  • Too bad Digimon didn’t take off the same way.

    D ReggD ReggOy oldin
    • Lol

      Reese LReese LOy oldin
  • How pokémon become a multibillion-dollar industry? Is because of your video

    hayat karrahayat karraOy oldin
  • All hype trash. Buy Magic the gathering reserved list cards wayyyyy better and liquid. Nobody pays u the money if u had one. Fake listings on ebay to washing money come on stop beating pahetetic.

    sky skysky skyOy oldin
  • I got my 20 year collection too. How much did you pay to have each card graded? Your cards turned out well. It makes me curious about my collection.

    Tommy PhamTommy PhamOy oldin
    • @Leafcrash17 I have a shadowless charizard which I bought for 100 dollars 20 years ago.

      Tommy PhamTommy PhamOy oldin
  • I legit get upset/sad watching how I could be sooo rich today If I still kept my cards 😖

    Anthony HeardAnthony HeardOy oldin
    • My mom threw them away when we were homeless because I had bad grades and I spent an entire year trading people based solely on the value of my cards. From a $40 collection to at what the time was conservatively almost $1500 collection and I told her about it and she told me the game was evil and those numbers aren’t real. It was all I did really well. Didn’t care about playing, just trading up because I thought I could sell them one I feel the pain. Though, it is what it is.

      The 2020 ForesightThe 2020 Foresight2 kun oldin
    • Same. But now i´m just huntin storage units, flea markets and such for some treasure

      Pizza BeardPizza BeardOy oldin
    • Tell me about it 😒

      A_A_ron AutryA_A_ron AutryOy oldin
  • "Pokemon Blue and Red" 😬😬😬 yikes @ this ordering

    ChrisChrisOy oldin
  • (2:40) Next up are cards called Shadowless; which can be spotted by Shadows around the border of the Pokémon creature; ummmm how does that sentence make any sense whatsoever?!? Shadowless = Shadows 🤦‍♂️

    Go BlastNoiseGo BlastNoiseOy oldin
  • time to pull out my binder of Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh cards from storage. i need some cash for a down payment to invest in real estate

    Johnny McKeonJohnny McKeonOy oldin
  • My parents sold my cards to charity years ago and when I showed them how much they are going for now they almost passed out.

    Joe sJoe sOy oldin
    • @Tretch how were they hard to find did you not have comic book stores in your area?

      Joe sJoe sOy oldin
    • First edition cards were incredibly rare for kids to have even back when they first come out, they were just that limited. The chances of you having first edition cards, while possible, are very slim. Almost everyone has the same story as you, and they end up being near worthless cards. The chances of you having first edition and good condition cards are even lowers

      TretchTretchOy oldin
    • @Joe s the reason their 1sr edition is because it's limited print lol that's why they are rare. This is how any ccg or tcg works.

      Wilson HoangWilson HoangOy oldin
    • @Wilson Hoang please stop trolling 1st Edition packs where only $8 a pack at Toys R US

      Joe sJoe sOy oldin
    • @Joe s cause statistically you don't. There's a reason why it's expensive, cause it's rare.

      Wilson HoangWilson HoangOy oldin
  • The best clip released by CNBC in a very long time.

    eco8gatoreco8gatorOy oldin
  • Nostalgia is priceless.

    sutatssutatsOy oldin
  • Wow some kids have jordans took me my pokemon cards the 6-7 old me still crying when I see this video.

  • Im so glad i have my japanese 1998 cards! I wish i could have them rated in Australia

    Mili ChooMili ChooOy oldin
  • Believe me or not, played Pokémon cards in high school, my dad bought me tons of packs from 7-11. All first editions, had like 3 charizards . Couple blastoise and venasaur. I was building a psych deck. Traded a few of those cards for an alikazam. Few years go by, and I traded all my Pokémon cards for Star Wars trading card game cards . Fast forward many many years after to today... and I’m now sad watching this video . And still hate that classmate who ripped me off doing like a 3 to 1 trade for that alikazam.

    Canadian Gold SaverCanadian Gold SaverOy oldin
  • Fml I got rid of my base set cards a few years back

    Alex WolowieckiAlex WolowieckiOy oldin
  • Beware of proxy cards people

    Shinigami117 SShinigami117 SOy oldin
  • Personally I think that this is kinda crazy. This video says there is a 120 known first edition charzards that are pristine. In magic there might be three alpha black lotus at that grade. I just don’t see how the most successful ccg of all time is not far ahead value wise. Between the rarity of the power 9 and the actual power of the cards I can’t believe that Pokémon cards are a better investment. Time will tell I guess.

    Thomas SabeckyThomas SabeckyOy oldin
    • It is because pokemon is ubiquitous, it is more recognized than mickey mouse. That carries value. A power 9 outside of black lotus is nothing to 99% of anybody, but everybody knows who Pikachu is. It's that simple, anime based properties are one of the biggest things going up in value, entertainment wise in the last 3 decades. It's getting bigger.

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
  • The people who loved Pokemon from its inception and didn’t think they were “too cool” for it anymore are now getting the last laugh all the way to the bank. Kudos to the true Pokémon fans, you deserve your success 🙏

    Jokerpilled SaintJokerpilled SaintOy oldin
  • To think I “caught them all” but my parents’ mover stole all of my cards when they were moving. Plucked all of my holos out of the binder, one by one.

    CascadeCascadeOy oldin
    • My junkie brother pawned most of my holos. I just have a binder full of commons.

      thawhiteaznthawhiteaznOy oldin
  • Well dam I could have been a multi-millionaire by now, I had 5 copies of almost every foil for each, and collected a whole set back in high school 2003. I didn't have use for Charizard during gameplay because the attack was slow to build, and you had to use all the pauper cards to keep your opponent at bay.

    Mundane AudioHeadMundane AudioHeadOy oldin
  • Video is a little late, wasnt it a multi billion dollar industry 20 years ago?

    H BH B2 oy oldin
    • @Drew Chamberlin sure thing child, move along and stop talking to me

      H BH BOy oldin
    • @H B No, I said something. You're the triggered keyboard warrior here :)

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
    • @Drew Chamberlin nothing to say i see. Get lost keyboard warrior. Read a comment properly next time before responding

      H BH BOy oldin
    • ​@H B lol "ur", yeah, I can see that your brain cells are certainly eroding.

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
    • @Drew Chamberlin i just lost braincells reading ur comment. Did i say it wasnt anymore?

      H BH BOy oldin
  • lol who's buying these though

    Victor ChangVictor Chang2 oy oldin
    • Human beings thrive on emotion and there's heaps of that delving into nostalgia. It would mostly be the generation that grew up with them and of those some have made their riches want to rekindle the memory. Similar with sports cars from ones youth when they were out of reach then.

      sutatssutatsOy oldin
    • A lot of people with money

      Cesar LopezCesar LopezOy oldin
  • Multi million? Try multi BILLION dollar franchise

    Moboots GamingMoboots Gaming2 oy oldin
  • I'm thinking between bying a charizard card or a 3 bedroom house in a good neighborhood in Texas.

    Andrey TravkinAndrey Travkin2 oy oldin
    • @M T lol

      S NeS NeOy oldin
    • Go for the charizard, you can carry a charizard in your pocket but can't carry a house

      M TM TOy oldin
    • Bro only if it’s holographic

      Alberto PortugalAlberto PortugalOy oldin
    • Go for the house man. It's better than a cardboard piece.

      alex j varghesealex j vargheseOy oldin
    • No brainer! Def go for the pokemon card!

      AdrianAdrianOy oldin
  • Too bad he sold it to that waste of life.

    Jack LeeJack Lee2 oy oldin
  • Lmfao i have that card

    Ebony AzzamEbony Azzam2 oy oldin
  • How Pokemon Became a multibillion dollar industry and I didn't lol.

    Time Travel WalkTime Travel Walk2 oy oldin
  • how much does it cost roughly to get them graded?

    Kenny WongKenny Wong2 oy oldin
    • $40 for a day with Beckett but its a 3 month wait. Next option is $100 for 5 day which is around 10 days and 2 day is $125 with maybe a 5 day period. PSA has similar wait times.

      Derrick SamuelsDerrick SamuelsOy oldin
  • this isnt happening by accident, this is a small bunch of whales artificially inflating the prices & i can guarantee the bubble is going to burst real soon, anyone familiar with the greater fool fallacy knows this, Logan Paul & Logic breaking records but whos going to break their records? i cant imagine a billionaire 35 year olds paying 10 million dollars a card 5 years from now unless hes ok knowing he'll never recoup that money which doesnt happen so as with every mania the madness will be swift & brutal when the music stops

    R De SousaR De Sousa2 oy oldin
    • @AverageSIMP yeah thats expected though because unlimited is unlimited theres more unlimited base set charizards floating around than bitcoin in circulation, nothing rare about it at all + the other concern is fakes, counterfeit Beckett & PSA holders arent unheard of & some of the fakes circa 2000 were pretty good let alone what they can produce now, my guess is 20% of anything above $10k is fake, its just the nature of collectables in general whether its coins cards or stamps, same rules apply

      R De SousaR De Sousa2 oy oldin
    • Yeah the bubble already starting to burst. Those base unlimited lost over 80% value from peak in October

      AverageSIMPAverageSIMP2 oy oldin
  • My mom put them in temporary storage at a friends house and the friend moved never went back for them

    PhlegethonPhlegethon2 oy oldin
  • This guy was in the pawn shop show. Should have bought it then.

    Elmo The EmoElmo The Emo2 oy oldin
  • maybe 4 mio worth, but no one besides logan paul would pay that amount ^^

    EJNEJN2 oy oldin
    • u are the one who doesnt know anything bout pokemon trading card

      Michael boonMichael boon2 oy oldin
    • there are many people who would buy this chariZard

      Michael boonMichael boon2 oy oldin
  • Someone tell me how much a blue eyes white dragon cost? Most stolen card in the playground back in the youth days

    iVince905iVince9052 oy oldin
    • not easy to say, you have to be specific. starter deck blue eyes that are unlimited in nice shape aren't worth a ton, 1st edition starter deck are hundreds, 1st ed lob are thousands now. Blue-eyes has been reprinted over 25 times, so only certain versions are high in value. There are at least 5 versions of the card with hundreds and hundreds of dollars in mint condition.

      Drew ChamberlinDrew ChamberlinOy oldin
    • Facts 😞

      Jokerpilled SaintJokerpilled SaintOy oldin
  • I still have mind

    LiburdableLiburdable2 oy oldin
  • Started collecting around October. Literally had no card. As of today, I have every single charizard from base set unlimited, base set 2 , legendary collections charizard non holo to reverse holo, charizard promo from the late 1990s, dark charizard holo and my gem PSA 5 shining charizard. Already 10k in the 18k in the hole right now but worth it

    Amador LeanosAmador Leanos2 oy oldin
    • @Gbraith Not a charizard every single charizard from base set to neo. Just let me know if you want that cookie 😁

      Amador LeanosAmador Leanos2 oy oldin
    • @Gbraith 🤷🏻‍♂️ Want a cookie?

      Amador LeanosAmador Leanos2 oy oldin
    • Did you really spend all that money to get charizard? Your a fool.

      GbraithGbraith2 oy oldin
  • Biggest bubble in tcgs ever coming up. No one actually plays Pokemon anymore

    Brennan HollidayBrennan Holliday2 oy oldin
  • i had cards bust lost them all cause they stole it from me

    Jason JJason J2 oy oldin
  • Please make a video about how we are suddenly obsessed with classic cars or cars

    Sergio Romero GlenSergio Romero Glen2 oy oldin
  • Woooow! If only we have known...

    UptinUptin2 oy oldin
  • I have 15 boxes also 7 booster boxes from the 90’s that’s not even opened and in a safe full of binders with all in sleeves and also also 7 booster boxes from the 90’s that’s not even opened and in a safe. which I buy all mine from the Pokémon store online and went to game stops that sells the official cards

    Palkia KingPalkia King2 oy oldin
    • Yeah don’t get robbed. Have you considered selling or still collecting

      RitzbooRitzbooOy oldin
    • Lol don't get robbed

      Jermaine JohnsonJermaine Johnson2 oy oldin
  • very simple. The people that grew up with these cards now have money and they are not scared to throw it away

    JavierJavier2 oy oldin
  • Shiny fates!! 🤞

    bambizzle24bambizzle242 oy oldin
  • and this is why you cant trust base set....... those pop reports be growing and growing and growing

    RobRob2 oy oldin
  • I like Pokemon as much as the next guy (avid Pokemon Go player, watch the movies, etc.), but spending thousands on a piece of cardboard is crazy. And risky, you're basically banking on the price not tanking.

    Brendan EBrendan E2 oy oldin
    • @Neog2 Nah even then I love Pokémon, but I can’t see why you’d spend that amount especially with thousands of dollars that can be used better anywhere else. What are you gonna tell your grandkids, kids I bought this charizard card instead of putting that money for you later down the road, just because I love it so muchhhh.

      RitzbooRitzbooOy oldin
    • Thats only if you are looking at it as an investment. Many of these collectors, or just fans are seriously just looking for a perfect card to add to their collection with no thoughts towards reselling.

      Neog2Neog2Oy oldin
    • @Ritzboo na they arent going down no time soon if anything its getting more popular. There will always be ppl willing to pay top dollar to add to their collection .

      Reese LReese LOy oldin
    • @Reese L nah. Still way too risky, anything can happen.

      RitzbooRitzbooOy oldin
    • Paying 150k for something that will be worth millions down the line is called in investing.

      Reese LReese LOy oldin