How Diets Became A $71 Billion Industry, From Atkins To Noom

9-Yan, 2021
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It’s that time of the year-holiday feasts, January 1st, new year’s resolutions. And if you’ve told yourself, “this is the year I’m going to lose the weight,” you’re not alone. Each year 45 million people in the United States go on weight loss programs and there’s no shortage of options- from tailored meal plans like Slim Fast and Nutrisystem to high fat, no carb, no gluten models like Keto and Paleo.
Diet and weight loss have grown to be a $71 billion industry, yet according to studies- 95% of diets fail. And with the rise of social media, there’s even more pressure to obtain seemingly impossible beauty standards-for men and women. Here’s how the diet industry grew to be a multi billion-dollar machine.
CORRECTION (January 11, 2021): At 3:17 and 4:21, we misstated the amount of money Atkins spent on advertising in 2020. The correct amount is $53 million, not $530 million.
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How Diets Became A $71 Billion Industry, From Atkins To Noom

  • "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants" Great Advice!

    Caleb Oliver - Real Estate Agent - Personal FinanceCaleb Oliver - Real Estate Agent - Personal Finance7 kun oldin
  • The concept of "dieting" is one that has been sold to Americans by these weight loss companies in order to generate revenues. "Dieting" shouldn't exist; it's a temporary state of affairs. People just need to view weight loss as incremental lifestyle changes instead.

    Proyecto CulturalProyecto Cultural17 kun oldin
  • This vid is really smart. I've been trying to research for UZworld vid that explains everything in this UZworld vid. The part at 1:32 is my fav. Your video totally is like the videos from Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's explanations are useful and he actually helped me on my studies. He is an awesome health enthusiast in Europe! Go watch his page out and give the Doctor a like! 👉 #StudentDoctorEthan

    Cheryl TainatongoCheryl Tainatongo29 kun oldin
  • I think we should just have self-control and not eat more than we need. It's not the food, it's more on the amount.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus29 kun oldin
  • With the new body positivity movement that shows us that you can be healthy and beautiful at any size, why diet at all? Let them eat cake!

    Peter JacobsenPeter Jacobsen29 kun oldin
  • i don't understand why people are discouraging calorie counting because it is the basic fundamental idea of proper weight loss. calories in < calories out and that's it. It literally cost me 0 dollars to lose over 40 pounds and i was able to keep them off while having a flexible and healthier food plan. The issue that lies with many dieters is that they don't want to develop their understanding behind proper dieting but still wanting to have that "skinny" body. If you have a skewed reasoning then you will never be able to shed those pounds off your body permanently period.

    pew pewpew pewOy oldin
  • I lost 82 lbs. with Noom. I'm good now. I eat and drink anything I want now. Noom changed my life for the better.

    Kevin RoaKevin RoaOy oldin
  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (google it) I have heard several awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

    Urijah DoyleUrijah DoyleOy oldin
  • Took me way too long to realise I was watching an advert ... 🤦‍♂️

    Empty BoatsEmpty BoatsOy oldin
  • If only they could sell will power...

    0233775502337755Oy oldin
    • @Meet Kevin *cough* scammer *cough*

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • I see the fat positive crowd infiltrated the narration of this video. It won’t work if you’re not committed enough.

    KittySnickerKittySnickerOy oldin
  • *IMO if people want to lose weight and keep it off or in check, you don't do dieting.* You have to change your bad eating habits gradually to healthy eating habits and exercise. But therein lies the problem as most people want results like yesterday. That's not how healthy and long-lasting weight loss works. I lost 50lbs from exercise, portion control, and healthy eating habits I learned from WW. It took me a couple of years to lose the weight but I'm keeping it off. I still have a designated cheat day every week but now choosing the healthier food option has become second nature. Diets, "Fad Diets", "____ cleanse", etc. may help you to drop the weight you want as fast as you want. But as they say in the video, when you reach your weight loss goal and stop "dieting", you can/will gain it all back and then some! Most likely you didn't gain the weight overnight so you're not going to be able to lose the weight overnight.

    A WA WOy oldin
  • *Eat less, move more, and keep breathing.*

    sutatssutatsOy oldin
    • @Meet Kevin who do you work for ? 🤔

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Stop eating added sugar.

    0neofthem0neofthemOy oldin
    • @Meet Kevin i think im done pointing out your obvious scams for now

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Me watching this while eating a burger. xD

    Shahir MirzaShahir MirzaOy oldin
  • We're spending $2k yearly per person on a plant based diet

    Nolan's Finance EducationNolan's Finance EducationOy oldin
  • Eating meth for weight loss and blaming mexican cartels for drugs. Americans!

    Axe M.Axe M.Oy oldin
    • @Meet Kevin lol i almost thought you were actually cnbc at first. Nice fake account man 👍

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Nice content you got there. Would be a shame if it turned into a Noom commercial

    DLPLonnyDLPLonnyOy oldin
  • Have any of these people tried just going to the gym. Not that planet fitness or blink BS... but I mean a real gym that will make you work out

    CallmeOshoCallmeOshoOy oldin
  • "Do what makes your mind and your body feel good" - In conclusion, the psychological harm of trying to lose weight is often more harmful than being overweight (which is just a social construct), so keep eating those cupcakes y'all!!

    Ashc101Ashc101Oy oldin
    • @The Moon lol nice try with the fake account...

      Ashc101Ashc101Oy oldin
  • Check out my book on my channel thanks you

    Jonathan ValjanJonathan ValjanOy oldin
  • Can't end the video there without stating body positives is very bad.

    ShutUpChipsShutUpChipsOy oldin
  • Wow I can’t believe ppl do these I’ll I used was my fitness pal and I watched my calories that as what helped me but I do realize that method is not effective to everyone

    RobiXOXO LoveRobiXOXO LoveOy oldin
    • @The Moon keep up the good job man👍 doing satans work 👹

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Those meal plans look like public school lunch food y'all crazy spending that on trash 🤣

    Isaiah ProctorIsaiah ProctorOy oldin
  • 16:8 still the best consistent option...

    Maunes RockfordMaunes RockfordOy oldin
  • Christina is determined to stay obese LOL

    Bill BanDohBill BanDohOy oldin
  • Any diet that tells you to buy prepackaged food is crap because prepackaged foods are loaded with things you shouldn't put in your body. I do IF and eat keto but I don't buy keto products. I buy whole foods of the best quality I can afford and I exercise and meditate. I've only lost a little weight since I started in November 20/20 but I've been able to control my blood pressure and reverse pre-diabetes without medication. The medical industry is another billion-dollar industry that will keep you sick for the rest of your life if you let it.

    Garnell WallaceGarnell WallaceOy oldin
  • I lost 28 kg with no diet.

    Get Fit With NehaGet Fit With NehaOy oldin
  • Workout. That’s it.

    SuperBot(hi)SuperBot(hi)Oy oldin
  • Totally agree, but I will say...weight watchers does work..I never paid to be enrolled, but bought off someone their book, calc. Etc to understand the points...everyone In my family used it and lost 20-75lbs ...its all about retraining your body into portion control essentially

    Sabrina TataliasSabrina TataliasOy oldin
  • Diet means eat less, but why you pay more for less?

    Erwin TioErwin TioOy oldin
  • This whole segment is like an ADVERTISEMENT FOR NOOM 👎

    KristovskyKristovskyOy oldin
    • + 1( 5 4 1 ) 4 4 9 -7 0 5 1

      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
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      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
  • Slimming teas 👀 *cough cough*.... I'm so tired of seeing influencers pushing them

    Belinda KBelinda KOy oldin
  • In this video: Fatties making up all kinds of excuses why they should be degenerates. Looks like the only gymnastics they've ever practised are the mental ones.

    1N73RC3P7OR1N73RC3P7OROy oldin
  • I wasted $10 a month at planet fitness and downloaded the "lose it" app to calorie count the food I eat each day and I’ve lost 135lb in a year i went from 300lb to 165lb

    marcelino rodriguezmarcelino rodriguezOy oldin
    • @The Moon do you have other channels that are supposed to look like real ones ?

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
    • + 1( 5 4 1 ) 4 4 9 -7 0 5 1

      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
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      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
  • *You pay money to not eat*... WOW genius!

    Kala TenduaKala TenduaOy oldin
  • More veggies is the key.

    rocklesson86rocklesson86Oy oldin
  • There’s no need to pay thousands when you just need to burn more calories than you eat. It’s that simple. Most fail due to lack of mental discipline though.

    Average BeadleAverage BeadleOy oldin
    • @The Moon dont worry. Ill be back tomorrow scammer 😘

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • The best diet is a balanced diet..keep it simple!

    Manav MishraManav MishraOy oldin
  • Just eat clean foods. Atkins isn't really clean as it uses soy protien, palm oil, palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, sucralose and many other terrible ingredients. Try getting items with healthy ingredient, complex carbs, good fats, and low to no sugar. Most of the diets are absolute crap.

    Achintya PaningapalliAchintya PaningapalliOy oldin
  • America is so great. One can become rich off the many dumb citizens by presenting a life changing product that preys on their insecurities. Thank God for the deregulation of the many industries in america. I can make it by exploiting the citizens.

    ABBAABBAOy oldin
  • Sharks machinez

    Damien Mc nearDamien Mc nearOy oldin
  • Bruv. People even get scammed on diets. Just consume less calories than you did before and wow there you go you lose weight

    Random7447Random7447Oy oldin
  • Body positivity is good and all but beeings overweight is not healthy so I think an argument could be made against it

    ZetraxesZetraxesOy oldin
  • Isn't knowing how many calories you consume makes sense? If you take in more calories than what your body consume, there'll be a surplus? 10 - 1 = 9 isn't it?

    dwichiesadwichiesaOy oldin
  • I'm not kidding if there are companies talk about AI on their app, when they're just excel spreadsheets with macros

    dwichiesadwichiesaOy oldin
  • It's because people want the an easy way out. Eat a reasonable amount of whole foods and exercise, you will lose weight.

    RMDRMDOy oldin
  • 1st make them obese 2nd sell them remedies to make them healthy again That’s how it works it works in the States...

    JessicaJessicaOy oldin
  • I've lost over 80 lbs and went from obese to skinny. I did it all without any fad diets and on my own. Make better choices and exercise daily. Why is that so difficult?

    Young CheongYoung CheongOy oldin
    • @The Moon or is it a bot that does it for you ?

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Idk about other countries, but American food portions are huge.

    Khanh TranKhanh TranOy oldin

    NKevKNKevKOy oldin
  • So the conclusion of this video is give up and focus on body positivity? Didn't see that coming lmao.

    Ronald GloverRonald GloverOy oldin
    • @The Moon do you ever get tired of writing all this out?

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • So this is an ad for Noom, then? 🤨

    Drew ConwayDrew ConwayOy oldin
  • People are so stupid. Just eat more vegetables, less processed crap, and moderate weightlifting can get you results! stop buying mags

    Ninja BlackNinja BlackOy oldin
    • @The Moon or bot

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
    • Yeah I love the volume eating, meal prep, and clean eating revolution. They may be vilified at the edges but at their core they are just about eating well.

      S SS SOy oldin
  • Relax - This looks like Noon sponsored promotion video ..! Smart work Noom ..!

    kalyankalyanOy oldin
  • just use myfitnesspal and get in a small calorie deficit consistently and patiently

    James YiuJames YiuOy oldin
  • Wowwww... so this whole thing was to be a commercial for Noom. This is f*ckes up, manipulative, and hypocritical

    Jas RichJas RichOy oldin
  • Intermittent fasting from there do you. Research it if you haven’t. I’ve lost 50lbs and kept it off. Easy and plenty of science to back it up.

    NicNicOy oldin
  • Is this an extended ad for Noom and Atkins diet? 😑

    Li0nBarLi0nBarOy oldin
  • Dieting: eat cleaner, don’t go so much to restaurants, don’t take pills (its not natural) and exercise... easy, simple, cheap and stupid. Create muscle and that will help burn more fat, don’t restrict yourself from everything (you still have to enjoy life and food) and be consistent

    JavierJavierOy oldin
  • Was so impressed with this video until it turned into a noom sponsored video...

    Funmto OgunbanwoFunmto OgunbanwoOy oldin
  • CNBC is so smart. Normally I skip advertisement when I see one but now, they makes me click on an advertisement and making me think I'm educating myself ...

    onetwo11221onetwo11221Oy oldin
  • Fat = unused energy. Use that energy. If you are obese, you have pounds of unused energy. Decrease your caloric intake while you are using up the energy you already have. Once you have caught back up and you don’t have much stored energy, eat at a calorie count to reach your goal. You are welcome. Donate any money you saved paying someone for this advice to your favorite charity.

    H O’BH O’BOy oldin
  • I think it’s worth mentioning that there should be a focus on HOW/WHY people became overweight. It’s not solely based on “stop eating so much.” In most cases, there’s psychological/emotional wounds there.

    Kimberly WilliamsKimberly WilliamsOy oldin
  • just follow the asian way of eating america. drive less, walk more too

    Mark Daniel LouweMark Daniel LouweOy oldin
    • Asians are slimmer because of genetics, in the same way they are shorter.

      Fernweh NFernweh NOy oldin
    • True I try to walk 15000 to 2000 steps a day. 😊

      Adrianne CooperAdrianne CooperOy oldin
  • Lovely 👑😘🐶

    Patricia MalloyPatricia MalloyOy oldin
  • Registered dietitan here-- if you want to lose weight you have to focus on the foods you eat! That is unavoidable! Controlling your portions and focusing on your food choices everyday is not inherently bad. Most people don't know how many calories they eat, so they initially have to count calories in order to to be sucessful in their weight loss goals. Also, beauty and health are two different things! I wish people would stop conflating the two. Just because somebody wants to lose weight doesn't mean that they're trying to "conform to beauty standards". Also, research has shown that we tend to overestimate the impact media has on us, especially as adults. I have met too many people, including professionals in my field, who are unhappy with how they look and how they feel but keep seeing messages that diets are bad and wanting to change yourself is bad and you should love how you are always and so they stay the way they are and try to convince themselves that they feel good about themselves instead of just changing the things they don't like in a healthy way.

    Tyra SmithTyra SmithOy oldin
    • I love your perspective!!

      Jonathan Lucero McKinneyJonathan Lucero McKinneyOy oldin
    • Hi @Erin Symone I certainly appreciate your perspective. I lost 40 lbs and have kept if off for 10 years now. My weight journey is what led me into my profession. I understand struggling with weight, and my weight has certainly gone up and down during those years but never to near my heaviest weight. The attitude that you cannot change due to your biology is simply not true. In my view, diets don't fail-- diets end! Many people see some form of weight loss on a diet. The problem is they stop, because it's usually a fad diet and not sustainable for their lifestyle, and then they gain the weight back. True behavior change regarding food choice and changing your routine/lifestyle is what makes for successful long-term weight loss (I recommend looking into the National weight control registry, a study that has followed 10,000+ people who maintained weight loss of 30+lbs for years to see their habits) . I never went on a fad diet to lose weight and that is probably why I was successful. Yes, we study the set point theory (which says that the body prefers our weight within a certain range), but that theory does not claim an inability to ever change your weight. I have counseled so many people and I have met very very few who are truly doing "everything right" and not seeing results. Most people want fast results and don't find routines that are actually sustaintable for them. Most people feed into fad diets and the diet industry (which I agree, sells pipe dreams). But that doesn't mean weight loss is unachievable if that is a goal for you. It means we need to stop feeding into the industry and follow the advice that we already know- be mindful of portions , eat more plants and whole foods (not packaged diet products) and get physical activity everyday. The best diet is the one that becomes your lifestyle.

      Tyra SmithTyra SmithOy oldin
    • I think the problem is that we know that sustainable weight loss efforts are not possible (at least at this time). Heck, even weight loss surgery is openly known to fail. So I definitely see where you are coming from seeing people who don't like the way they look, staying the way they are, but we shouldn't sell people a complete pipe dream if that also, ultimately, won't alleviate the problem. I speak with love here as I am someone who has weight cycled (I can't even call it weight loss at this point - i lost weight but if it was going to come back with a vengeance anyway then the term cycle is a lot more honest) specifically because I was unhappy with how i looked and wanted to change. Hands down, being told that I could somehow overcome human biology if I didn't like something about myself, only to fail the way 95%+ percent of dieters do, had a much more negative impact on my self esteem (and body weight, we know that people, when they gain the weight back, gain EVEN MORE than they weighed before) than if I had actually just convinced myself to feel good about myself in the first place. It's frustrating to see professionals still recommend weight loss when surely they must see in their own practices that long term results simply aren't there (within 3-5 years, weight is regained. Yet we only hear stories where people have "maintained" for 1-2 years at most.... No one is honest enough to truly follow people long term to see the inevitable regain).

      Erin SymoneErin SymoneOy oldin
    • Hey everybody! i had a salad from Whole Foods for lunch instead of WingStop!!

      R SimmonsR SimmonsOy oldin
  • 😂 did anyone get a WW ad before the start of this video lol I did

    brenmmw Renniebrenmmw RennieOy oldin
  • Once you learn the quality over quantity lesson with food, you'll develop the mind that understands less is more, calorie intake isn't necessary (unless you're an Olympic athlete!) and no longer associate restriction with denial. That said, these companies are smart and are making BANK!

    Leone RangerLeone RangerOy oldin
    • That would have to mean quality food is accessible to everyone. Wake up to reality that not everyone has that elitist life experience.

      Infinite DreamsInfinite DreamsOy oldin
  • Preying on people’s insecurities is a great way to make money.

    Casey Burns InvestingCasey Burns InvestingOy oldin
    • Can I just say, I enjoy seeing your comments on this channel as well as on Graham Stephen's :)

      oOMiraOooOMiraOoOy oldin
  • People should focus their new years resolutions on healthy behaviors, instead of just weight. There are tons of benefits to exercise and eating well that have nothing to do with your size.

    Keziyah LewisKeziyah LewisOy oldin
    • @The Moon you forgot to put the (around the area code this time.)

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Ashley Timms looks great. Was she paid to do this?

    Anton SlizzardhandsAnton SlizzardhandsOy oldin
    • @Ashley Timms Congratulations Ashley

      Anton SlizzardhandsAnton SlizzardhandsOy oldin
    • I wasn’t paid! But the results from Noom are real :)

      Ashley TimmsAshley TimmsOy oldin
  • This video was interesting, until it turns into a commercial for Noom 🤔. The hypocrisy. 😔

    MVP MVPMVP MVPOy oldin
    • @The Moon wtf are you doin mate ? 😂

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
    • + 1( 5 4 1 ) 4 4 9 -7 0 5 1

      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
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      The MoonThe MoonOy oldin
    • At the end they specifically address it as just another diet with the same restrictive caloric intake strategy. It’s just tailored towards the younger generation but nothing new.

      Angela CoxAngela CoxOy oldin
  • so this vid is basically a sponsorship for atkins... ok

    Jago GonzalezJago GonzalezOy oldin
  • They have no discipline. The only thing that actually works.

    SaceedAbulSaceedAbulOy oldin
  • 71 billion?? 🤤

    MAGRI - A Real Estate JourneyMAGRI - A Real Estate JourneyOy oldin
  • basically fat people who lack the mental will power to lose weight complaining about diet fads and companies

    Ian Y.Ian Y.Oy oldin
  • The market is especially big in the US

    Jade Choi - Million Dollar ChallengeJade Choi - Million Dollar ChallengeOy oldin
    • @The Moon how many other channels accounts do you try to fake ?

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • Wish the government would change our food environments and reduce fast food. The majority of people are suffering with their weight and our system is just ignoring common sense.

    Anon YmousAnon YmousOy oldin
  • People need to stop eating so often, practice IF, lower carbs, and no snacking.

    Melissa BellMelissa BellOy oldin
    • Yes!!! I've been IFing off and on .

      Jennifer BullettJennifer BullettOy oldin
  • Carb cycling is the best!

    Alex VongsouthiAlex VongsouthiOy oldin
  • a while video for a commercial of noom, wtf..

    Lichi kingLichi kingOy oldin
  • Ahh so this was just one long commercial. Nice product placement, get that bag 👍

    Dr Phil thyDr Phil thyOy oldin
    • @The Moon scammer 😉☝

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
    • thought exactly the same...

      Anaelle ClaudetAnaelle ClaudetOy oldin
  • Eat as cleanly as possible, exercise regularly and that’s it. It’s not going to happen overnight. Stop wasting money.

    E WE WOy oldin
    • @Waraba Read my comment again. Ppl. Who say they dont loose weight with counting calories is doing it wrong or lie about what they eat. Its like Your care have a 10 galon tank of gas but You put in 22 but You think You put in 18.

      Peter NyströmPeter NyströmOy oldin
    • @Peter Nyström What are you talking about?? No I am not the only one that calories in - out doesn't work, hence the 71 billions weight lost industry. If it was that easy how come so many, including me, are not losing weight. (I dont drink alchol, work out EVERY DAY, i dont eat processed food, sleep 9h, I cant lose weight) Are you a Dr? Nutritionist? You know all 7 billions of us metabolism?

      WarabaWarabaOy oldin
    • @Waraba yes it can. I helped a few ppl and when they tell me what they eat it usualy ends with they are like 1000-1500 calories off. So where do they came from? Thats why it dosnt work and yes most of humans bodies works The same. But i gues You are just special and calories in and out dosnt work. You must be The first one in history.

      Peter NyströmPeter NyströmOy oldin
    • @Waraba NO thats not true at all.

      Peter NyströmPeter NyströmOy oldin
    • Exactly. I lost 15kg following what I called the common sense diet... Basically what you just described

      Belinda KBelinda KOy oldin
  • Noom advertisement 😡

    Dmitro PetrenkoDmitro PetrenkoOy oldin
  • Eat it and own it! Or eat half as much and own that instead. #Choices

    Jeremy BurnsJeremy BurnsOy oldin
  • "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollan

    Life of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleLife of Kairo - Million Dollar HustleOy oldin
  • Intermittent fasting is the key 🔑

    wastenotime27wastenotime27Oy oldin
    • Most definitely!!!! And the thing is it's FREE!!!

      Jennifer BullettJennifer BullettOy oldin
  • 2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Luciano FelipeLuciano FelipeOy oldin
  • Body positivity. In other words be proud of your obesity.

    The Part-time LandlordThe Part-time LandlordOy oldin
  • because real change is hard

    JogBirdJogBirdOy oldin
  • I thought this video was gonna give a solution but then promoted a app that cost $60. Lol just find what works for you the basics of losing weight is burn more calories than you eat. Then build from there. Also seek a dietitian.

    akm960akm960Oy oldin
    • @The Moon I can do this all day long Jack

      TheHolyJoshTheHolyJoshOy oldin
  • $71 billion dollars to tell people not to eat as much as they burn

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial ShinaniganOy oldin
    • It’s easier to be fat and eat crap. Most don’t have the mental fortitude to eat less and healthier and be regularly active.

      0neofthem0neofthemOy oldin
    • But the fast food is tasty 😋😋

      Aditya ShawAditya ShawOy oldin
    • Right!!! Dieting is common sense right?

      Jennifer BullettJennifer BullettOy oldin
  • oh a Noom commercial.

    Vaughn FridayVaughn FridayOy oldin
    • Yes, that suddenly became obvious.

      Peter JacobsenPeter Jacobsen29 kun oldin
    • Typical 😄😄😄😁

      Sephora HaySephora HayOy oldin
    • Thought so

      Red PillRed PillOy oldin
  • Lol at this point everything is big business in the U.S.

    Sir O'Neil - Personal Finance & Real EstateSir O'Neil - Personal Finance & Real EstateOy oldin
    • @Sim simmaa "WE" 😂😂😂 I sure don't. Just teasing.

      Jennifer BullettJennifer BullettOy oldin
    • It just proves we got money to spend.

      Sim simmaaSim simmaaOy oldin
    • The greatest thing about USA

      sociology physicssociology physicsOy oldin
    • Yep!!! It's all about benjamin's right. 😁

      Jennifer BullettJennifer BullettOy oldin
  • 0:16

    Aimee ButlerAimee ButlerOy oldin
  • Just eat fewer carbs and avoid sugar!!! 💥

    Money Talks With A German AccentMoney Talks With A German AccentOy oldin
    • @Senator Mitch McConnell I disagree, especially with sugar.

      Money Talks With A German AccentMoney Talks With A German AccentOy oldin
    • You can eat all the carbs and sugar you want, as long as you exercise

      Senator Mitch McConnellSenator Mitch McConnellOy oldin
  • I am second

    Jesus christJesus christOy oldin
  • "I stopped eating so much fckin food" - David Goggins

    Brandon Sanchez RojasBrandon Sanchez RojasOy oldin
  • Stop eating LoL

    TonyTonyOy oldin